Troy Terry, shootout hero.

Almost Half of Canada watched at least part of the World Junior Hockey Championship on TV (population of Canada - 36.46 million people)


They met at a Hockey Canada practice for the World Junior Championship in December 2003. Crosby was 16. Fleury was 19, the most recent first overall pick, and had already played for the Penguins. They were relative strangers, Crosby said.  “Well, I knew he was the first pick,” Crosby said, smiling.

After that practice, Crosby shot pucks into an empty net as Fleury huddled with coaches. Crosby sauced a softie toward the cage.

“All of a sudden, ‘Flower’ took, like, five shuffle steps, dove and swatted it away,” Crosby said. “I was like, ‘He really doesn’t like getting scored on.’

Finland celebrated a hockey championship like only Finland could: in freezing temperatures with a lot of alcohol and some bare butts.

The word “brave” gets thrown around a lot, but going nude when it’s below zero out to celebrate your country winning a hockey tournament is certainly that. And also, awesome. As we wrote after the Finns won the 2011 World Championships, “Ain’t no party like a Finland fan party because they’re naked.”

Now that we have a strong knowledge of how the Finns celebrate hockey titles, we can’t help but want to root for them in every competition going forward.