Fallout 4 workshop/building tip: Use the shack foundations to build huge, realistic concrete walls. 

I didn’t even think of this until coming across Youtube videos of some absolutely AMAZING settlements. I’m talking so amazing you can’t even recognize the actual place anymore. It’s crazy. Towns, cities, massive buildings… and you don’t need mods to make most of this stuff, just creativity.

I haven’t spent a ton of time with the settlement features yet, but I’m about to. This is like Minecraft HD.

The Pied Piper and The Dark One


Hey @lizzexx 
I just finished reading the Bedtime Stories, and I just wanted to say, it’s perfect, seriously it’s one of the best series I have ever read, I’m talking about fics in general.
I loved Piper’s characters, I have always been a fan of dark characters, and she is literally my perfect character. Dark, powerful but also broken, she will do what no one else dares to, doesn’t take shit from anyone. 

Really love the stories, you are an amazing writer. 
I had to make this “covers” edits, I really love Piper and Rumple together.

Love you xxx  

I’m really glad you enjoyed the story and Piper so much! :) And the pictures are beautiful, thank you! :’) I really like how you captured their different personalities and personas, the humanity in them in Rumpelstiltskin and Rose Red, the power of their darkness in the Dark One and the Pied Piper, and who they are to each other in Rummy and Pip. It’s lovely :’)

This bird has no chill. He sits like this all day, every day. He has two buddies that ignore him a lot of the time, but then sometimes they sit and just look at him like, “dude, get over it you wanna be threatening we get it now be quiet” I have named him ZeroCool. #project366 39/366 (catching up)

Verse: Lands Blessed by Seraphim

Verse: Zestiria verse/crossover AU
Tag: AU: Passion illuminates the world
Faceclaim: default

Description: Though not a member of it’s direct lineage, Richard is a member of the royal family who lives in Pendrago. Second cousin to the late emperor’s fallen sons, he has watched the struggle for the throne claim many of his relatives. His uncle and father both work as members of court in the palace, though Cedric manages much of his father’s duties while he is often ill. Above all else Richard wishes to see peace between Rolance and Hyland and a bright future for the kingdom but the struggles of impending war, fights over the throne and frequent attempts on his life cause malevolence to begin to gather about him.

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A fear submitted by Hector to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!
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Girls like dinosaurs too—your thoughts needed:

Hi all! I’m developing ideas for a product line for all dinosaur lovers, and I’ve noticed in the past that dinosaur products tend to ignore girls. If you are a girl and love dinosaurs, I need your help—both input to help me make my products more inclusive, and thoughts to persuade manufacturers of your interest. If you would like to help, please reblog your answer to the two following questions, and spread the word to your dino-loving friends:

A) Why do you love dinosaurs?

B) As a female dinosaur lover, did you feel underserved by dinosaur products and marketing? If so, how?

*PS—Please do not describe a specific idea you have for a product, as I do not want to steal your ideas [and will not be held liable for any similarity].  I’m looking more for general thoughts about what’s missing in commercial dino products/marketing and how girls can be served better.

caerrigor asked:

Have you ever seen people explain why they think Kylo Ren is a whiny entitled MRA dudebro? Because I feel like I've only seen them take it as read and go from there.

The closest things I’ve seen to reasons are

Reason 1) He tells Rey she needs him to teach her, even though she kicks his ass. Mansplaining!

What I haven’t seen acknowledged: by the time of the duel with Rey, he’d been stabbed in the shoulder. And had a bleeding wound in his side from a generally fatal weapon. And had inflicted enormous emotional trauma on himself by way of his totally fucked moral compass. And had just fought someone else. And was winning the fight when he made the offer and waited for her to think it over, rather than shoving her into the abyss of death under her feet.

It’s not that she didn’t legitimately beat him! But people act like she trounced peak Kylo Ren with a hand tied behind her back rather than winning a hard-fought duel under favourable conditions. (Same thing goes for the Mary Sue people >_>)

Also, the people insisting on “you need a teacher” = mansplaining have presumably never seen The Empire Strikes Back. This is the standard emotionally-compromised-Darksider party line. There is nothing gendered about it, or about anyone’s treatment of her. That’s a wonderful breath of fresh air–or would be if people didn’t seem incapable of even imagining a world where a young woman doesn’t grapple with misogyny at every turn.

Rey’s story is not Girl Fights Sexism. It’s a young woman getting a classic, pure, sparkly Hero’s Journey with all the bells and whistles, and nobody quite knows what to do with that.

Reason 2) As Leia’s son, he’s quasi-royalty and comes from a position of immense class privilege, and feels entitled to valuable items that actually belong to other people. Or to no one. 

What I haven’t seen: any acknowledgment whatsoever that Leia’s status is inextricably bound up with the genocide of her people. Nor have I seen any distinction drawn between his class privilege as an Organa and his sense of identity as a Skywalker. His entitlement is never remotely linked to class. It’s concentrated on the legacy and possessions of his natural grandfather, a former slave from a poverty-stricken desert controlled by gangsters.

As we all know, believing you have a right to inherit the belongings of your dead grandparents is basically like burning money in front of homeless people.

Reason 3) He was supposed to be Darth Vader Mk 2, but isn’t an invincible (?), inscrutable badass expressing nothing (??) but icy displeasure.

Rather, he broadcasts his bewildered cultist angst instead of suppressing all emotion but rage as a Dark Lord ought. He’s coming apart at the seams and admits to it, which is impotently whiny, but also something to do with school shooters. And not, say, a struggle with his indoctrination. He never succeeds at anything except freezing a laser in midair, psychically holding people immobile, sensing a random stormtrooper’s emotional upheaval, telepathically extracting information, deflecting blaster bolts, knocking someone unconscious with a thought, holding his ground when shot by the bowcaster of death, and trashing an uninjured combatant in a duel. He even cries about having to murder his father, the wimp.

Also, he has a young, vulnerable, moderately unconventional face and lustrous helmet-defying hair. VADER WAS BALD AND SCARRED AND PREMATURELY AGED, OK.

It’s almost like being young, half-trained, and not actually Darth Vader were integral to his character or something. 

I have a thing for fictional characters that can go from being a cupcake to the most deadly person you’ll ever meet.
Pop punk problem #37
  • When you wanna eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner but your parents just don't understand why