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I hate when Deadpool fans strip him of what makes him so great they make him into this boring run of the mill cis straight male

Deadpool is at least not straight at all I mean look at his relationship with Spiderman he openly admits to having a crush on him and liking him and the fact Deadpool cross dresses a lot he loves wearing dresses

So yeah…calm your jets and stop erasing what makes deadpool deadpool

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Zayn Malik left one direction to be a normal 22 year old to be out of the spotlight yet he’s been papped now more than ever, there are news stories about him and his love affairs with other women and it also leaked that he’s working on a solo career……shady much


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Everything you call a first world problem is probably also a third world problem.  Wifi not working properly?  Third world problem.  Can’t find the right colour shoelaces?  Third world problem.  Don’t have all the ingredients for that recipe?  Third world problem.  Lost a contact?  Third world problem.

Readjust how you think about the third world because you’re showing your ignorance.


Please, do not take out your anger on us. Is it wrong to like a show?
It was never meant to be discriminational, racist, or hateful towards any nationality of any sort. It was meant for fun. For entertainment. And, it still is.
Please do not lose light of the fact that this anime was meant to be lighthearted, not literal. Himaruya never had the intention of insulting nations, or their decisions and wars of the past.
If you think that this show is racist, please also take note that there are even worse things out there. 50 shades of grey (yes, I know it isn’t an anime or even a show) endorses rape and non-consent. It takes something meant to be intimate between two people, and maims it. It is truly sad to see.
For those who think that we are Nazis who support war, we are as human as you are. We know the devastating toll that war can have on a country. We do not want that to happen. Its scary, and dangerous. Sure, you might know people that like this anime and support Nazi or war-like actions. But, that does not mean it applies to the rest of us. We do not enjoy seeing people getting pursecuted for their faith, or nationality.
The characters of this show were meant to be shown in their most stereotypical form. That way, we can all have a laugh at our own country and realize that yeah, we are known for some pretty funny stuff.
It is a way to bring people together. To inspire them to learn more about the world around them. To create beautiful pieces of art. To meet new people and form new friendships.
Yes, there will always be a dark side to our fandom, and really, what fandom doesn’t have one? It is just how things are.
If you read through the entirety of this post, please just know that we are not heartless people who love to see destruction. We are just like you, who love to embrace the anime community. We would love to explain in more detail why we like this show! And yes, there will always be bad parts that we cant cover up with some sugar. But all shows are made by people, and no person is perfect.

Please, embrace ours, but more importantly, your imperfections.

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