Chapter 3 Preview!

“Ahh, Newsies,” I remarked fondly from the doorway, a nostalgic smile playing on my lips. “A favorite of mine since my youth, even if Mr. Bale did leave quite a bit to be desired vocally.”

Harry’s gaze flitted over to me, eyebrows furrowed deeply. “Excuse me? I happen to think he’s doing a great job!”

I strode across the room and flopped myself down on the couch beside him, limbs splayed in every direction. “Sure, if you overlook the shoddy breathing, constant flatness, and overall lack of tone and warmth.”

He scoffed. “Sorry we can’t all be formally trained Broadway ingénues.”

“You are a multi-platinum world famous recording artist, though,” I pointed out. “I’d expect you to have more a discerning ear.”

“My ear’s plenty discerning! I just think he’s trying his best!”

“I never said he wasn’t trying! I just said that his best isn’t particularly good.”

Harry rolled his eyes, an exasperated look on his face. “What did Christian Bale ever do to you?”

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So, apparently it is CS AU week? Honestly, I don’t know the rules of the game or anything, so I’m just going to share my AU’s through the week. I will also try to share a few of my favorite AU’s to read as well!

First up:

Piano Man

World famous pianist Killian Jones moves to Storybrooke after a tragic accident takes away his wife and his livelihood. He tries to carve a new life out for himself and his daughter with the help of his brother, Liam.

(Beautiful graphic made by burntbrokensoul)