I just got an Idea for another (somewhat) Mii App!

Remember Cafe World and Bakery Life games on Facebook? 

I frigging loved those games (though Cafe World got a little too claustrophobic with all the tasks it was giving me…)

I’d call the App “NintenCafe” Your Mii would be running it, your customers can be your Friends on Miitomo and some random Nintendo Characters, You’d get Toads, Inklings and Random Animal crossing villagers you named it!!!

You’d start off your Cafe with a Miitomo theme (and any flooring and wallpapers you have unlocked can be used in your cafe, if you have any other Nintendo Apps they’ll also be unlock either as Wallpaper/Flooring or Deco!)

As for the tutorial you can expect Nikki or Erica to guide you on what to do (though I have a Mii who’s an OC of mine named Anna, she runs a Bakery/Cake herself, but I’m getting off topic!!!)

But the game won’t go that stale that quickly, there’s a goal each week for the NintenCafe! Say you’d have to impress a certain Main Character of the Franchise? You’d have to level up to earn the certain food and decorations to meet your goals!

Mario’s your next Critic? Hope you made a lot of Toads happy with your special dishes for him (and maybe Peach for a bonus reward) To come and visit!

Samus is coming?! Better get those dishes in time! She’s had a hard day! So you better blow her away with how good your skills are!

All the “Critics” will have a certain level of difficulty (I like to think Samus is high on that bar) So if you already served Mario, he might come back again to make it easy for you, but if you level up higher…you might have to impress Bowser next!

But will it all be free to play?

Ah well the game itself will be free but there is a matter of making your Cafe extra nice (and speeding up your dishes) which can be used with real money or your My Nintendo rewards, Which this game is sure to reward you for tasks for your Weekly Challenges!

Phew! Welp I might come up with a few more ideas later but that’ll do for now, if you read all of this then thank you for taking your time to read my idea!

Thank you~