An albino vulture, the only one known in existence and just the second ever seen, sits on his perch at the World Bird Sanctuary in St Louis, Missouri.


ok so there was totally an armadillo at work today! Because of the current, wildlife related exhibit, the World Bird Sanctuary is bringing in animals every weekend. Today was Russel the Armadillo, and his pen was set up literally right next to my kiosk. So very, very entertaining.  longs story short, I had no idea armadillos were so cute. More videos to come.


armadillos are actually surprisingly cute

(i actually sound like that? jegus.)

Birds of a feather • When I first nested here 110 years ago, St. Louis was not for the birds – at least, not yet. Sure, the eagles stopped by every winter, but they always mocked my jaunty bow tie and taste in footwear. Finally, I found friends in Fredbird, the raptors of the World Bird Sanctuary and fowl of Shaw Nature Reserve. These days, we’re everywhere – in fiction, in the movies, in a gorgeous new education center and, occasionally, the rafters of Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. My featherless colleagues at Go! magazine offer a variety of places to enjoy my friends and me in our natural habitat.