Beijing 2015 - Day 9

A thrilling competition, to the very least. Three athletes going to the tie-breaker, that’s something I had never seen. In the end Derek Drouin took the title home with 2.34, after all three athletes failed the four attempts at 2.36. Perhaps the track wasn’t the best or the weather conditions (with rain earlier in the day) weren’t the most appropriate, since many athletes jumped fairly less than their personal bests. Indeed 2.34 is quite a small height to win the world championships. Still, the lack of the great performance was balanced by the thrill of the competition itself. It is also important to note that the Canadian team gets another great result and concludes in the best way their amazing championship, in which they have definitely stood out as one of the best team, with many young athletes with great talent.

So I guess that this is the final post and I have to wrap it up. These were amazing championships, with many great and historical performances, a world record, thrilling competitions and unexpected and surprising outputs. This is basically all we can ask from such an event.These are just a lot of words to express a very simple concept: I had a lot of fun, and I’ll be missing watching the competitions with ladeamurcia​. Perhaps the only thing that missed was a great (or even at least good) result by the Italian team (my homeland), which had its worst results ever. Only one Italian was in a final (Gianmarco Tamberi, 8th in the men’s high jump). The team was kind of saved by Pertile’s fourth place in the marathon and Palmisano’s fifth place in the 20 km race walk. Still, it is a disaster, not just in itself, but because it comes from an ongoing escalation of always worse results, year after year. Now we basically have to cheer for the athletes who train in Italy. Somebody needs to be thinking about this and about all the talents we have wasted in the past and keep wasting now, and also to the lack of funding and especially visibility this sport has. All of my friends didn’t even know about the world championships. It is pointless to complain about it every two or four years for a few days and then forget about it till the next event comes up. After these bitter comments I’ll come to the conclusion and say that it has been extremely fun to write about sports and especially athletics, I’ll definitely do it again in the future and I thank all of those who read and reblogged my posts.

Eaton Breaks Decathlon World Record Bolt Wins His Third Gold and GBR’s Mo Farah Takes 5000m Gold in Beijing’s World Championship on Day 8

Mo Farah It was a busy Saturday at Beijing with several finals. Ashton Eaton met everybody’s expectations and broke his own world record in Decathlon. The American dished out his greatest performance in the history of the event by scoring 9045 points, leaving his closest rival Canada’s Damian War… -

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Usain Bolt wiped out by cameraman on Segway when celebrating 200m gold

Justin Gatlin could not get close to Usain Bolt in the 200m final in Beijing – but it appears he might have had better luck if he had been on a Segway and armed with a camera.

Bolt streaked clear of his sprint rival to complete another double at the World Athletics Championships and when he was celebrating with the crowd an overzealous cameraman got too close for comfort, lost control of his Segway and swept the Jamaican off his feet.

The 10-times world champion did not appear badly injured by the incident, managed to see the funny side and was soon posing for pictures with his adoring crowd again.

“It didn’t actually hit me in my Achilles, it hit me in my calf area,” Bolt said. “It’s alright, I will get over it. Never a doubt [for the relays], never a doubt. I am just going to get it massaged, ice it up a bit and I should be fine.”

Bolt added: “The rumour I’m trying to start right now is that Justin Gatlin paid him off.”

The Segway had more of an impact on Bolt than main rival Gatlin, who was quick to look forward to Rio 2016. “I’m the oldest man in the field and still running, running pretty well,” said Gatlin. “It feels good to go against [Bolt]. I’m just going to prepare myself for next year, for the Olympics and come out even stronger.”

Questioned over Bolt’s joking accusation, Gatlin added: “I want my money back.”

Sizzling Schippers Steals Show on Seventh Day at Bejing’s World Championships

Netherlands’s Dafne Schippers justified her decision to leave heptathlon aside for full track participation. After winning the 100m silver last Monday, the Dutch woman ran a race of her life to win the 200m gold on Friday. But more commendable than her victory was the time of 21.63 seconds, w… -

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