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MLB Baseball: Was 1991 Twins-Braves best Game 7 in World Series history? Not quite

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Was 1991 Twins-Braves best Game 7 in World Series history? Not quite

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As the Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins meet 25 years after their epic Fall Classic, here's a ranking of the 10 best World Series Game 7s in baseball history.

Published on July 27, 2016 at 05:24PM

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2. do you believe in aliens?5. talk about your crush or someone you love.6. what is your favourite dog breed?14. what is your favourite childhood memory?19. what is your favourite thing right now?23. what is your favourite article of clothing?25. what is your dream vacation?39. what is the nicest thing someone has ever said about you?

2. do you believe in aliens? Yeah I do actually

5. talk about your crush or someone you love. I don’t have one nor love anyone at the moment.

6. what is your favourite dog breed? I honestly have so many but I’ll have to say Pugs

14. what is your favourite childhood memory?Probably winning the World Series championship game when I was playing baseball.

19. what is your favourite thing right now? Music

23. what is your favourite article of clothing? Hoodie

25. what is your dream vacation? New Zealand so I can tour the shire and sets for LOTR or Tokyo because I love their culture and everything that comes with it.

39. what is the nicest thing someone has ever said about you? I honestly don’t know.

Don’t miss Beltrán’s incredible catch during his 1st World Series game [pics]

Don’t miss Beltrán’s incredible catch during his 1st World Series game [pics]!/BradMarston/status/393183748788744192

Amazing, it was.

Carlos Beltrán, outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, played in his first World Series game Wednesday night. He, and his wife, tweeted their excitement ahead of the game.!/ivanalenin/status/392378294743875584!/carlosbeltran15/status/393102737917104128



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July 18, 2016

TDiBH: (1999) On Yogi Berra Day at Yankee Stadium, David Cone becomes the 16th pitcher in major league history and the third Yankee to toss a perfect game when he beats the Expos, 6-0. In pre-game ceremonies, Don Larsen threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Yogi, commemorating his 1956 World Series perfect game. I’m back. Rays ML +124 1u/ Rays/Rockies o11 -135 1u: Neither Smyly or Anderson have…

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Once, in England, I saw a World Series game on the BBC, where they covered only the hits, runs, and outs. Baseball is a different game when you leave out the boring bits. So too, is traveling. One of the things that has surprised me is how urban and gray most of Japan is. With the exception of rice fields and other small-scale agriculture, every flat surface seems to be covered with relatively low concrete buildings that spread out in every direction. Hard to understand how the same people who created this monotonous, gray Japan could have preserved so many places extraordinary beauty. Overlord, Vol. 1 - light novel (9780316272247): Kugane Maruyama, so-bin: Books

5.0 out of 5 stars
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Best Fantasy Novel 2016
Overlord finds itself as the latest entry in the growing field of trapped in a game world series. YenON publishes other series of this type (Log Horizon, Sword Art Online, No Game No Life), so fans of their books will easily find themselves at home here. What sets this one apart is that instead of having a lead who provides all the solutions to ever problem with his epic skills as the fated human, we have a big bad raid dungeon boss of an undead variety who has no other allies except the ones he created who faces the challenge of trying to spread his guilds name while trying to be somewhat human. Easily he ranks high up on the list for leads that actually kill characters and at times one wonders if he is an antagonist but I think he stays somewhat human. This makes the book very interesting.The writing starts off a bit slow with little to no conflict provided beyond just detailing the world, but that sort of mystery provides the intrigue to keep people interested. Why is Satoru Suzuki trapped in this world? Are there are other humans here? How does this world have elements of Yggdrasil in it? Will the guardians of the floors turn back on him ever? All this and more are things that kept my interest and will keep my interest in the series.The cast is filled with great characters who have many rich interactions with each other and with the lead character. I cant wait for more time with many of them.Easily this is the best fantasy book of this year thus far.Quality wise, excellent paper choice chosen for this hardcover book helped to enhance the great colored artwork on the pages. so-bin has great art and the style works well with the paper choice, it truly feels like a ornate tome you’d find in any medieval setting.There were about four noticeable grammar typos though. Minor but noticeable. Go to Amazon

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Why you do this to me?!?
I absolutely enjoyed reading the series online, and i am thoroughly ecstatic to be able to finally purchase it in English and have a physical copy! I give the series a perfect 5/5 but the treatment it received on the shipping to me would be a 1/5. Good packaging but the back of the book sleeve had a scratched that goes from one side to the center, i would have hoped for better handling when it was being shipped out……. Go to Amazon

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It’s great as far as plot
The book came today but I read it last year. It’s great as far as plot. Book 1 is the foundation of everything to come so it’s not especially thrilling. It’s rather short compared to most American novels but that’s due to national differences in their standards. Treat this book as an introduction into the morally ambiguous dark fantasy of Overlord.The book itself is fairly decent quality. It’s not some collectors edition Tolkien hardcover, but it’s definitely up to standard. The illustrations are great. I’m planning on buying all of the hardcover volumes as they come out. No complaints.As for amazon’s shipping I was slightly disappointed. My copy didn’t have any damage but it probably should have. The book was just tossed into a small box with a small amount of rough brown paper to keep it safe. When I was opening it the book was sliding all over the place. Maybe that’s a testament to the durability of the book? Go to Amazon

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The overlord of game light novels
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MLB trade rumors: Floating around .500, Yankees and others need to be sellers

We all remember last year’s Blue Jays, 50-51 after a loss on July 28 and eight games back in the American League East, making big trades to turn their season around and winning the division by six.

We all remember the 2014 Royals, 48-50 after a loss on July 21 and eight games back in the American League Central, storming back to take the division lead in mid-September before settling for a wild card, then rolling through the American League playoffs to win the pennant before losing a heartbreaking seven-game World Series.

These teams are the reasons that you don’t want to give up in baseball, because if there is talent on your roster that has underperformed, a late spark can make all the difference. Right now, there is one month left before the trade deadline, and three months left in a six-month season.

MORE: Worst in-season trade for every AL team

What we don’t remember is the 2014 White Sox, who beat the Royals on July 21 to get to 48-52, one game behind Kansas City, then went 25-37 the rest of the way. We don’t think about last year’s Orioles, who were 50-49 after their win over the Braves last July 28, tried to improve at the trade deadline, and wound up finishing 31-32.

We’re deep enough into the season now that most teams have shown who their true selves are. Last year, the games on July 1 left 13 teams somewhere between five games over .500 and five games under .500. Three — the Blue Jays, Mets and Rangers — went on to make the playoffs, and for each, it required importing a superstar.

If you’re in that kind of position and not willing or able to pay the price to get a franchise-changing player on the level of David Price, Troy Tulowitzki, Yoenis Cespedes or Cole Hamels, your best bet is to start looking to sell. The sooner that decision is made, the better the chances of taking advantage of the market to exact the maximum price for your talent, and the better to get in position to be buyers the next time around.

As close as the Yankees may be to the wild card in the American League, they likely do not have the trade chips to land a true star, and need to focus on getting younger anyway. New York is better off selling high on the expiring contracts of Carlos Beltran and Aroldis Chapman, while exploring other deals to boost a farm system that needs help. A total teardown is neither necessary nor expected, but this is a pretty clearly mediocre team that will only hurt itself going forward by grasping at straws the way it did a year ago with an ill-fated trade for Dustin Ackley.

The Pirates, without the financial might of the Yankees, also need to see the writing on the wall for 2016 and start thinking about 2017. Neftali Feliz, David Freese, Matt Joyce, Mark Melancon and Sean Rodriguez all are free agents after this season, and it would not hurt to consider dealing Jon Jaso, Francisco Liriano, Juan Nicasio and Jon Niese. Recognize this as a year where things just haven’t gone right, but know that the core of the team is good enough to get back to contention next year, with this being a rare opportunity for a low-revenue team to reload in the midst of a contending window.

SN 50: Top 50 players in Major League Baseball 

The Mariners also need to make a calculation on what they can do this year. While Seattle had a strong start, June was a mess, and now the question has to be whether the Mariners can expect, realistically, to be better at the end of the year than the Astros, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Royals, Tigers or any of the current division leaders. It seems like a stretch, and while Jerry Dipoto did a nice job rebuilding on the fly over the winter, if the goal becomes to make 2017 and beyond when it happens for Seattle, the best move is to bid farewell to Joaquin Benoit and Adam Lind, and see what other deals can be made.

This probably should apply to the White Sox, too, but Chicago is in the territory of in for a penny, in for a pound. The Tigers are in similar territory, but Detroit at least has the return of J.D. Martinez to look forward to.

The picture will come into even clearer focus as July moves along. Every team needs to remember the lessons of the forgettable teams, and know that if you’re around .500 halfway through the season, there’s probably a reason for it.