“A large group of individuals will also qualify at 2019 worlds, including the top 20 all-arounders not on qualifying teams (these spots are nominative, meaning they go to the athlete and not to the federation) as well as anyone not part of a qualifying team who wins an individual event medal for a maximum of 12 there.What if everyone who medals in apparatus finals is on a qualifying team or qualified through the all-around? Those 12 spots go back into the mix for all-arounders. For example, say the gymnast ranked 97th was the 20th to qualify for an individual spot and the gymnast ranked 98th is super sad because she missed out by a tenth. But then we go to event finals and all 12 are part of qualifying teams! Bam, that opens up another 12 spots for all-arounders, so our sad 98th-place gymnast is now thrilled.In this Olympic year, it turned out only one gymnast — Hong Un Jong — went to the Olympics through event medal qualification, so the other 11 spots held for medalists went to all-arounders, with Ailen Valente the last to qualify. But what if Larisa Iordache had medaled on beam in 2015? Only 10 extra all-around spots would’ve opened up instead of 11, and Valente would have missed qualifying.To sum it up, there are 20 guaranteed all-around spots at 2019 worlds, but there could be as many as 32 who end up qualifying through the all-around there if no one ends up qualifying as an event medalist.“

@imliterallygarbage Hi! I have a question about this section in your “Clearing Up the 2020 Confusion” article. Since all arounders like Ailen Valente qualified to the Olympics by being in the top 31 all arounders from non qualifying teams, I was wondering why Larisa Iordache wasn’t able to qualify to Rio this way since Romania didn’t qualify and she was a top 20 all arounder from a non-qualifying team then? Was the spot non-nominative then? Or were the spots only for gymnasts who were there as individuals and didn’t have teams like Ailen Valente being from Argentina where only 3 girls were sent? Thanks!

blj2007  asked:

Post your top 5 favorite pics of Harry, please and thank you.

Britt?!? Wha…? Do you have any idea how painful this was to do? I’m talking lasting damage here!  *hits button for pain relief*  But I managed to narrow it down to just 5….@{@  @blj2007





and #5

I wouldn’t have done this for anyone else…..LY! XXXXXX

*Will shout you in a few days….once I’m discharged from intensive care……:’’(

I’m at the top of world and I feel it
But it’s not enough for me


World Championships 2017 Preview: Top 6 Men

Yuzuru Hanyu: Let’s Go Crazy | Hope and Legacy
Javier Fernandez: Malagueña | Elvis Presley Medley
Shoma Uno: Ladies in Lavender | Balada para un Loco
Nathan Chen: Le Corsaire |  Polovtsian Dances
Patrick Chan: Blackbird | A Journey
Boyang Jin: Spiderman | La Strada

I had a dream where I was watching an alternate version of the movie Moana.

Moana’s island was a more advanced civilization and had ancient looking towers on it. People were still not allowed to leave, but Moana’s dad was a much more tyrannical leader who would punish those who attempted. He was the only one with the ability to sail, because he could control a magical manta ray he enslaved to be the engine of his ship.

Moana was curious about stuff, and wanted to explore some of the ancient ruins on her island and the outside world, especially the top floor of the tallest tower, the one she wasn’t allowed to visit.

One day, an explorer from another island appeared, and she kept him hidden and safe from her dad, knowing he would kill him or force him back into the sea. The explorer convinced Moana to come with him to explore the tower. They go through the different floors, discovering secrets and avoiding traps, until they reach the top floor.

There they discover Maui, who was trapped there for a thousand years. Maui attempted to leave the island a thousand years ago along with a bunch of kids, but was captured by Moana’s ancestor. Since he was a Demigod, and couldn’t be killed, Moana’s ancestor opted to trap him at the top of the tower along with all the kids.

A thousand years later, he is still there, helping raise the descendants of the kids who were trapped there with him, who developed a small society. The explorer wants to help free Maui and the people who live at the top of the tower, but Moana is afraid of her dad. Maui sings a song to her to help convince her to stand up to him.

And that’s where the dream ended.

Bernie's Medicare for All

Bernie is doing what the rest of the Democratic Party should be doing now. Focusing on helping people live better lives.

Let’s trade Trump’s Tax breaks for himself and his fellow billionaires and instead give every American the same insurance he and his fellow politicians and every other industrialized nation in the world already enjoys. The top 10 “best countries for happiness all have the same insurance:…/worlds-happiest-countries-u…/index.html

So do the top 10 countries for business…

And who has the best healthcare in the world? America isn’t even in the top 10 but all of them that are all have Bernie’s type healthcare.…/countries-with-the-best-health-…/

Give your family and yourself a break from the brutal and archaic healthcare system we live under.

Support Bernie’s Medicare For All and be happier healthier, and do better.

Watch the live stream today at 2pm ET:

(INTERVIEW) 170825 How EXO's 'The War' Came Together: A Song-By-Song Breakdown With the Band, Its Producers & More

A behind-the-scenes look at what went into making summer’s hottest K-pop album.

From the frenetic synths of “Going Crazy” to the dreamlike melodies of “Walk on Memories,” EXO’s latest album, The War, held nothing back from fans. Pulling inspiration from funk, reggae, EDM, trap and more, then weaving it all together through top-notch production, it proved a logical progression in their sonic journey and a summer-friendly successor to the group’s darker previous album, Ex'Act.

With The War, EXO topped Billboard’s World Albums chart for two consecutive weeks and went on to sell over 1 million copies globally, proving that the EXO-L fandom is sticking around for the boy band’s evolution.

Learn what went into the hottest K-pop album of the summer from the members themselves and some of the producers behind its hottest tracks.

“Ko Ko Bop”

Chen: [The members and I] wrote the lyrics separately and worked on putting the lyrics together for the song afterwards. We worked on the song using a special method, where we gathered all three of our lyrics for the song and selected which lyrics would suit the song the best. I don’t think I have any regrets or wish that it could have better since it’s the best result produced through all the effort that our members and other various writers have put into the process. Through the lyrics, I wanted “Ko Ko Bop” to have people shake off all their stress and enjoy themselves just as who they are.

Baekhyun: I felt that a lot of our fans were unable to fully enjoy our concerts or performances because they’re conscious of what others would think. Since “Ko Ko Bop” is a reggae and EDM genre and it’s easy to groove to, I wanted my lyrics to have people to become more carefree, release their stress and dance away with the music.

“Touch It”

Chen: My imagination provides the most inspiration for the lyrics. For “Touch It,” I played out the lyrics in my mind as if it is like a scene from a movie when writing it. After completing the draft, I worked on it by fixing awkward pronunciations by singing along the lyrics with the music. This helped me figure out more suitable and comfortable words that would enhance the groove when listening to the song.


Chanyeol: Usually it’s common to work on the lyrics based on a demo guide, but for the song “Chill” I worked on the lyrics with an empty track without demo lyrics. I think that’s part of the reason why the lyrics were able to come out pretty naturally.

👉 Read more on billboard’s website


World Championships 2017 Preview: Top 6 Ladies

Evgenia Medvedeva: River Flows in You | Extremely Loud and Extremely Close
Anna Pogorilaya: Por una Cabeza | Le Dí a la Caza Alcance
Maria Sotskova: Butterflies are Free |  At The Manilovs
Kaetlyn Osmond: Sous le ciel de Paris | La Bohème
Mai Mihara: Rondo Capriccioso| Cinderella
Carolina Kostner: God of Thunder | Nisi Dominus (Cum Dederit)

Draco wanting to support Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament but not daring to do so because there was no Slytherin champion.

Draco slowly realizing that he and Harry were both under pressure to constantly succeed.

Draco wishing Dobby wasn’t treated quite so badly but it was expected of him to think otherwise so he compromised by shouting and name calling but never hitting him.

Draco wishing he could watch the World Cup from the top of the stadium but never daring to mention so because being in the Minister’s Box is a glorious honor.

Draco spending days locked up in his room when his father’s friends came to the manor.

Draco dreading to come down for dinner because you never know if He will be at the table.

Draco being terrified of You Know Who but forced to speak his name.

Draco feeling physically ill when confronted by Voldemort but accepting the position because he is the man of the house while Father is in Azkaban.

Draco crying in his room at night because his forearm burns.

Draco wearing long sleeves because he has a constant reminder of what is being asked of him.

Draco vomiting as he flees the astronomy tower.

Draco feeling so relieved that he collapses upon hearing that Voldemort was defeated.

Draco still having to uphold the now tarnished family name.


how everyone found out about wolfstar
  • remus and sirius were totally dating
  • and at first it was a secret because not everyone needs to know
  • but sirius really wanted everyone to know that remus was his
  • because the Ravenclaws in the year below them were constantly flirting with him
  • so in class one day, sirius yells “Oi, Moony, can I borrow a quill?
  • and remus kinda glares at him from the other side of the room as he sits next to some random Hufflepuff
  • and remus just says, quietly, “you know sometimes you make me so mad but other times you make me feel like im on top of the world so I don’t know what to do with you
  • but because the class was silent, everyone heard
  • and then sirius just smiles and goes “well im your world so get on top of me
  • and the whole class just gasps because damn that was smooth
  • and thats how everyone found out about them as a couple
Accidentally Exposed - Josh Dun Smut

A/N: Thank’s for 500, here’s a long ass Josh Dun smut to celebrate.


Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Type: Smutty smut

Word Count: 4.6k

Warnings: Blood, nudes, sex, the fun stuff


Originally posted by jcsephsdun

“I understand,” you say through gritted teeth. “Thank you for the consideration.” 

You push the end button and throw your phone onto the carpet of your apartment frustratedly, wanting to scream but also crawl under the covers and cry your eyes out.

You were a newly graduated student from a photography college and had big dreams to have your own photography company, but that wasn’t going so well to say the least. Right out of college, you moved straight to the heart of California, hoping to land as much as an internship with a company. Your resume was online and on many websites, but you barely got offered jobs, to which you weren’t even interested in. And when you applied to companies, you were rejected. Since you had to pay the bills, you had landed a job as a bartender, earning less than minimum wage to pay for your rent. You were past the state of angry and sad. You were loosing hope and money at rapid pace. 

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anonymous asked:

Do Japanese people understand the meaning of soulmates? Because I saw some tweets and people were confused and even disappointed. Like wtf? Anyway can you please write your own understanding of being soulmates?

I’m probably not the most qualified to answer this, so maybe @fencer-x wouldn’t mind chiming in a bit? But from what I know and have seen it looks like the concept of soulmates in Japan isn’t that different from the West. I don’t really feel comfortable getting into how extensive the Japanese understanding of soulmate is.

For what it’s worth, I have seen zero negative response on my TL. So, I’m not sure where those people are coming from.

As for me, personally? I feel fandom, as a general whole, not just any specific fandom, has sort of taken the idea of soul mate and made it something concretely romantic. However, the concept is that of someone who perfectly completes you, is your other half, and while that often has a romantic end, it’s not in the definition. A soul mate can be a romantic partner, most often the concept is used romantically, but it can also be a best friend.

Have you ever heard the What’s A Soulmate? audio? That’s basically my perfect definition of a soulmate.

As for Kubo’s use of soulmate and it being related to the rings Yuuri and Victor exchanged, that’s a pretty heavy romantic implication. The ring exchange scene itself is already clearly romantic and to try and say it’s just friendly is pretty ignorant, imo, especially with the knowledge that there is no discrimination of love in the YOI world. To say, on top of that, that those rings are a symbol that Yuuri and Victor are soulmates? That’s the romantic concept. Flat out. They are two pieces of one whole, souls meant for each other, a perfect union.