I had to swap the Salt Lake City gig for the FC trip to Brooklyn since the only way I was able to get my mom off my back was by telling her I wasn’t going to go :(
but the silver lining is I get to go to the last two gigs of the tour with @sunrise-has-gone!!!!!

After some googling and collecting ideas for the “famous autistic creators” post I realized one thing - there are a lot of autistic people out there, and have always been. That’s why “autism epidemic” is nonsense, and that’s why autism prevention or compulsory autism “cures” (like conversion therapy) are also nonsense.

Autistic people have always existed and made a huge impact on science, technology, art, culture and the entire human civilization. You cannot erase us from the history of humanity. All autistic people matter.

Absolutely not. I’m not even looking. He’s too special. It’s not even once in a generation. It might be once in 10 generations that someone like Michael comes along. I don’t think you’re going to be seeing another Michael.
—  Michael Phelp’s coach Bob Bowman on whether there’ll be another swimmer like him. This gave me goosebumps.