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I want the fucking writers to do the same shit with Toby that they did with Mona I'm sure that in the fucked up world of rosewood they can do it

Me too. Toby grew on me… Watch it turn out that Noel’s not actually dead either tho lmao

One of those days when I just want the teen version of e v e r y ship. Muses not meeting when they’re grownups the world has already fucked up but when they were talking trash and getting high on the roof and discovering sex. ‘Borrowing’ cars and pretending to have all night study sessions that are actually supposed to be orgies no one is game to go through with so it ends up spin the bottle instead. True love that lasts three weeks.

The world is a tough/ fucked up place, so if you’re upset by a few home truths given to you by the people who love you, then you need to strengthen up because the world doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings and it also benefits on your downfall.. So guess what the fuck is going to happen to you outside if you aren’t strong mentally and physically.. If you don’t have someone around you who constantly reminds you that you can do better or shows you where you are fucking up, then unfortunately you’re surrounded by people who don’t give a fuck about your well being..

Someone saying that it’s nice having someone (Riley) who is positive all the time is basically the same as what was said in Yearbook

“We like Riley, we don’t care who plays her.”

They don’t consider who Riley herself wants to be. They only care that she’s positive for them.  They only care how her behavior affects them.

For real tho… Why are people stalking youtubers? Why must they go near their houses and look or ring their bells? How can “fans” and their parents do that. I can’t imagine how creepy it must be. 

(their) Words come too easily

They spit the very same words in different orders, so you lose your mind and follow their orders

They play on words to depict biased realities telling you that all is fine while your kids die starving. How can you keep believing them ?

They keep talking, lying, manipulating, eating like pricks while you bursting your ass just to make ends meet

They use words as swords. To penetrate your brain and destroy any inch of humanity that may remain

They have you surrounded with their hideous words so you accept and applaud their vicious world

Seems like nothing can stop them. Especially not your weak minds infected with their sweet venom

Ignorance is bliss. This is probably the reason why your life is a “miss” not a mess. They’re damn good at it I must confess

Play on words can reach your ears but I ain’t that sure about your brains

Thought you all had blood running through your veins

I must be wrong from now and then

Open your thighs and feel the pain

Tupac tried to warn you. And today you let those evil bastards hologram his ass. Look what they did to you