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I just want to clear some things up about Solas

I’ve seen a lot of comments like, “Why can’t Solas just let the past go?

And “If Lavellan isn’t enough of a reason to not destroy this world, then what’s the point?

The short answer is it’s not about the lost empire of the elves, and it’s not about Lavellan.

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I see the Tony Stark fangirls claiming that Tony can’t be bad because he’s done good thing but I don’t think understand you can be the worst fucking human being in the world and still do the occasional good deed.

Just because you pay for college students projects to get done doesn’t mean the fact you brought a child to a battle zone gets forgotten, it just means you helped some college kids out while also smuggling a fifteen year old boy out of the country so you could have him fight complete strangers who have more experience, powerful and older then him.

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“I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money!” Like BITCH ME TOO! But I’m not gonna make everyone else miserable because of it! You don’t have to be the worst human being in the world to make money. Think about someone other than yourself for once and just be tolerable!!

You & Me

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“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

(Swearing Involved)

Previous Parts:

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Part 17! FINAL PART~



“I know but i’m here for one reason and that’s because I want to be with you… If I leave this house it’s to talk to Lia about wanting to end things between the two of us… When i’m with her, I don’t feel the same when I am with you…. The chemistry is just not there… And I love you.” Yugyeom says wrapping his arm around your waist pulling you closer and you couldn’t help but to smile.

The two of you were about to kiss till.

“LIAR!” You heard shouting coming from the front door and there you see Lia rushing in with tears in her eyes.

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I missed it. 3 hours and 17 minutes ago, 10 years ago, the doctor was calling me inside an office to tell me that my dad has passed away. I kind of still remember that moment, I was trying to keep it together and putting on a cold mask, trying to be rational and don’t start crying right there. I remember saying “i don’t know what to do now, what do i do know?… i can’t believe it… i just can’t… this can’t be happening” on repeat. I remember the doctor was trying to be sympathetic telling me they couldn’t do anything else to save him and I kept agreeing with him. I told him that we brought him with an ambulance full speed the night before because his fever was too high and nothing could bring it down and I can remember there was some music playing on the radio in the ambulance and the siren was loud too and i was touching my dad’s chest and i could hear his breathing and it was an awful noise. It was hard, it was difficult for him to breathe and he was hurting so bad because the cancer had spread all over, inside his bones and the meds he was talking weren’t strong enough. 

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Ties that Bind pt. 7: Shattered to Pieces

The Sequel to Never Say Never

A/B/O Dynamics

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Angst, cursing, sadness…just a lot of emotions.

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“What are you talking about?” Bucky asked you grimly.

“Bucky, just please…go, leave me, I don’t deserve you,” you said with your voice quivering. Bucky came closer and rubbed your head tenderly,

“What are you saying, doll?” his heart started beating faster, “Are you okay? What happened? Is someone putting you up to this?”

You pulled away from his hand and started sobbing, “Don’t make this any harder. Please just go. Go be with Frankie. Sh-She loves you too, you know…Sh-she probably would’ve been stronger and—and I, I don’t…”

“Y/N, calm down,” Bucky said, “What happened?”

You kept muttering to yourself while crying. Bucky pulled you out of your nest and held you tightly in an attempt to calm you down. As his scent enveloped you, you did feel calmer, but at the same time you felt the sting of the horrible thing you did. Bucky hushed your crying and kissed your forehead until you weren’t hysterical any longer.

“What happened?” Bucky said. He was starting to panic, but didn’t show it. He had never seen you so shaken before not even after Wilcox.

“I did something wrong,”

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"Seduce Me" Crack
I do not own any of this :v

So, erm, I kind of made a “Seduce Me” crack
@thebunnyofevil happy birthday from a great fan of yours <3
@jonahscottva @thechristopherescalante @ethannakashimava @alejandrosaabva I’m not going to say anything because I don’t want you all to think I’m a crazy fangirl (as if this video was not enough proof) but I really hope you like this :v

EDIT: I’m the worst human being of the world because I tagged Jonah without knowing his birthday was also nearby and that was so rude omg ;-; He and he’s work are very important to me and I wished I could give him something special for his birthday as well but I forgot completely and I’m so embarrassed :c So please consider it as a gift for him as well. And for the entire SM crew because you all are so fucking awesome.

Imagine Jensen finally confessing his feelings for you

(Gif credits to their owners)

Here is the last part of this set of Imagines! Be sure you’ve read the previous parts before reading this one!

Previous parts:  1    2    3

Special thanks to @kbrand0 for always being there to help me!! <3

The celebration had been pretty awesome. You couldn’t believe that was the end. You had only been in the show the past five seasons but they’ve been really intense. When you first started there you were just an inexperienced actress who wanted to build a reputation, now you have grown as a person and as an actress. You had made a lot of good friends and, in the process, you had found and married the love of your live, Chris. The fact that he couldn’t make it to be there with you would’ve made you sad if it wasn’t because you were surrounded by a lot of people you loved.

Nonetheless, there was still a little something that concerned you more than anything: saying Jensen was acting weird was not even close to the reality. Every single one of your workmates had come up to you telling you how much they were going to miss you and the awesome job you had made in the show. Every-single-one but Jensen. That wasn’t the first time you had noticed him being distant. In the last years your relationship had got colder to the point he would just say “hi” and “bye” to you, and every time you tried to ask him what was wrong he would just run away with any excuse. It was ridiculous, and you were ready to do whatever it took to change the whole situation.

You were waiting at the bar for another drink when you saw him leaving the place. The feeling that something was really wrong took over you and the decision of running after him was unavoidable.

Right after Jensen had entered the room where your coats were being kept you ran towards him and closed the door behind you. He turned his head to see who was following him and before you could say a word he begged:


“No,” you were determined to find out the truth, “tell me what’s going on”

“Y/N… leave” he repeated, sounding this time like he was threatening you.

The previous feeling of determination was fading away with every answer.

“Jensen, please-”

“Leave!” he shouted not looking at you.

You turn around to do what he was telling you, about to give up, but instead you took a deep breath, closed your eyes and turn around again. This time, you were pissed:

“You know what?” he didn’t answer, but you could clearly see him clenching his jaw, head down.

“Jensen, you’ve been avoiding me for years. YEARS. Look, you can do whatever you want, OK? But if you are going to act like I don’t exist… at least you could give an explanation! WHY?” you yelled.

“I can’t tell you,” his tone as irritated as yours.

“Cut the crap!! You can’t tell me? You won’t even look at me and you can’t tell me?”



“I can't”


“Because I’m in love with you!”

You felt like your heart wanted to get out of your chest, not only because of what you’ve heard, also because he had punched the table in front of him so hard he had scared you. He turned around and looked at you with a freezing gaze, full of pain and regret.

“What? Now you don’t talk?”

“I-I don’t know w-what to say… A-are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” he grunted.

Glancing down you couldn’t help an ironical chuckle.

“You’re laughing?” he asked, clearly annoyed by your reaction.

“Yes,” you answered looking into his eyes, “yes I do, because it feels better than crying,”


“Jensen, do you remember the first time Chris asked me for a date?”

“I don’t understand-”

“Do you?”

“Yes! And it hurt like hell when you came to my trailer asking me if you were looking good for another man!”

“I’m not talking about that time Jensen, I’m talking about the very first time,”

He stopped and tried to remember.

“You said no,” he whispered.

“That’s right. Do you remember why?”

“Because you were in love with someone else”

The realization hit him like a truck as he raised his eyebrows and nodded, trying to hold the tears.

“It was me,” he muttered.

You smiled and nodded too, but you didn’t feel happy at all.

“So you were in love with me too?” tears rolled down your cheeks.

“I never had the courage to tell you… if I only knew…”

“Jensen, I-”

“No. Please don’t say anything. I know how much you love your husband and whatever you tell me now… I don’t want it to have any impact in your marriage.”

“Yeah, that’s true. He worked his way through my heart and I fell for him. But-”

“Y/N, please… don’t go on. I know my place, he’s your husband and I’m just…” he couldn’t continue.

“He’s not just my husband, Jensen. Maybe this is not the best moment to tell you this, but I prefer you to know it because of me instead of someone else, or the media,”

“No…” he mumbled again shaking his head trying really hard not to cry.

You pressed one hand to your belly and kept going, “He’s the father of my child…”

He couldn’t stop the tears and run one hand down his face as an act of desperation.

“Jensen, listen, someday…”

“Please don’t do this… Don’t say all that shit about finding a woman who will be perfect for me…”


“No,” he cried, “just do me a favor and let me stay away from you. Please,”

You sobbed, hating yourself for hurting him so bad as he came closer.

“Good bye Y/N,” he wept as he kissed your forehead before leaving the place, “and congratulations for the baby. You’ll be a great mother.” If only he had known. It could have been his child you were carrying. He could have had everything he has ever wanted, if he only would have told you.

When he closed the door you let yourself cry out everything you had been holding back. You felt like the worst human being on the world, but you can’t run away from your heart.

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To Being Friends [Narry]

Summary: It continues something like this, with Chinese food and thoughts of a stolen kiss and there’s still a kid involved but Harry kind of likes it. (Or a sequel to the kid!fic no one asked for.)

The next time Harry sees them, he’s just walking into the building on his way home from school, and he hears them first, the quick patter of Charlie’s feet slapping against the floor. Charlie comes peeling around the corner next, without Niall in sight, and he looks like he’s making a break for it, even more so when Harry can hear Niall shout from the elevators, “Charlie! Come back!”

Harry doesn’t hesitate to grab Charlie off the floor and shut the lobby door behind himself just so that Charlie doesn’t run out into the cold but he looks ready for it, in a nice blue puffy jacket that makes him look a bit like a snowman.

Still, Harry holds Charlie close to his chest, even though he’s wriggling and feverishly trying to get back to his escape. Harry just wouldn’t feel right letting Charlie loose on the room.

It’s not long before Charlie finally gives up on running away, and that’s when he starts pulling at Harry’s scarf instead, concentration drawing his eyebrows tight into a frown as he looks up to gauge Harry’s reaction. Harry tries to smile as best he can.

“Yes, hello there!” Harry says, and the words come out in a strangled voice because his scarf is tight around his neck but Charlie just grins toothily as Harry chokes. Harry tries tucking two fingers into his scarf to free his throat and he ends up grimacing more than anything else when he doesn’t succeed.

Luckily, Niall comes around the corner moments later, a big duffle on his shoulder and a harried look on his face, but it smoothes out a little when he sees them, just enough that Harry thinks he’s done the right thing.

Harry heaves Charlie higher in his arms and cocks his head to the side, “I think you’ve lost something, Niall.” Harry jokes, but it’s ruined a little when his voice comes out the slightest bit hoarse.

Harry won’t admit it, but it’s not entirely because of the scarf tight as a noose around his throat.

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I’m already the most hated human animal roadkill in a lot of fandoms so nothing new here sis!.

It’s not something a lot of people can achieve tbh.

Russell Brand and why it's cool to hate him.

It’s currently very popular to dislike Russell Brand as he tits around the country shouting things like “Everyone should be equal”, “Working class mothers shouldn’t be kicked out of their community” and “Little old men shouldn’t be arrested for feeding the homeless”. I can see where you’re all coming from, his views are disgusting.

The reason for all the hatred aimed at Russell from almost every angle recently, seems to be that he’s “gone too far now”. Yeah, because we like our anarchic celebrities to be entertaining, like when Jarvis wiggled his bum at Michael Jackson. Cheeky little Jarvis. But if they actually try to change things and cause a scene… Well that’s just not on. He’s upsetting the status quo and people can’t cope with it.

The Daily Mail are loving this current trend, as they’ve been trying to cut him down for years due to him representing literally everything that they want to delete from the planet. They even recently did a feature on him and the Andrew Sachs thing, just to remind everyone as much as possible that he’s evil.

Russell Brand is not evil. He’s a bit of a tit, which he would fully admit and very much has admitted many times in the past.

If you watch his Trews videos, you would see that all he wants is for this planet to be fairer. He’s very optimistic about changing things, which is maybe what people hate the most.

I’m vehemently left wing. At the very core of my beliefs, I want to get rid of the government, get rid of world borders and just bloody start again. I am aware that this is a stupid and impossible ideal, because I’m not a very optimistic person. Russell seems to believe it can happen, which is great and I support because that sort of belief will, at best, get you some of the way there or, at least, just piss off some right wing pricks.

The problem with the Russell haters is that they’ve made their opinion almost entirely based on reports from the media. The media, if you haven’t noticed, aren’t very big fans of Russell.

If, like me, you have listened to hours of his podcasts in the past, watched everything he’s done on TV, seen all of his stand-up and watched all of his YouTube videos, you would know that he’s a self-aware, funny and kind hearted person. He admits that he’s got a massive ego, he admits all of his faults and he’s incredibly intelligent, without the help of a posh school or a wealthy family.

I believe that everyone has become so indoctrinated into the current climate of the media, with its bland stars who have nothing to say and are attacked when they do say something a bit controversial. It’s been YEARS since we had a big star who was shouting their mouth off about how unfair the system is. The reason it’s been years is that the media has been controlled to not let those people in. And now the public have become used to that. They’ve almost been trained to dislike people like Russell Brand. People that only want to help and change things to make life fairer for normal people. Surely the fact that he’s doing all of this rather than running around Hollywood making comedy films for millions of dollars anymore shows that he’s taking this seriously. He could have just ignored it and carried on being Russell Brand the celebrity shagger and controversy courter. He’s basically given that lucrative image up for something he believes in.

I find it astonishing that somebody trying to make things better and help people is being attacked more than arseholes like Dapper Laughs or even Jeremy Clarkson (who, admittedly, are being attacked too, just not in the same personal and massive way). They are the people making things worse, dragging us all down to an unaccepting world that will never grow or move on and just stagnate until that asteroid that we all deserve comes and smashes us all out of existence.

Russell doesn’t claim to be perfect, he doesn’t claim that he’s the model of human that we should all try to be. He just believes that we should all have equal rights, that this planet belongs to all of us and that we’re all living in a world that is controlled and run by the very worst human beings. If you disagree with any of those things then I suggest you ruddy well open your eyes.

Lonely People, You Are Not The Worst In This World

People are romanticizing loneliness too much, making it sound poetic and beautiful and you would believe it at first until you’ve come to the point when you want to talk to somebody but all what’s in your phonebook are just letters and numbers or wanting to go somewhere with someone but ending up going there alone and sure, you’ll tell people it’s nice, it’s solitary—that it’s an amazing experience but later that night when you’re lying down on the bed good for two in that rented cabin somewhere, you ask yourself if you’re the worst person in this world because of all the seven billion human being in this planet, no one chose to be with you there but you’ll scratch that thought because you’ll tell yourself that you don’t need anyone to be happy but somewhere in the back of your mind, someone’s whispering that it wouldn’t hurt to have some company.

C: my mom is mad shady and demeaning to me and sees nothing wrong with it (doesn’t see it at all actually). Her favorite reasons/excuses are “i’m grown and you’re not” or “I’m the adult/mother and you’re the child.” Disregarding the fact that I’m a human being with feelings and a voice and wanting respect just like you. But they don’t matter and I have no right, room, or say on anything for the simple fact that I’m younger? Got it.

I really wish when she confronted me (or I come to her, which I rarely do cause I get no closure or anywhere) about how I feel about her I could easily explain how I feel without shutting down and not having my mind together. But I might be successful in this if she wasn’t hostile and raising her voice (even though I’mbarely talking loud enough), passive aggressive, saying things to me that she would throw a fit about if I said them to her, and making me feel like shit for my honest feelings. It’s like if I don’t do things the way she wants them done or up to her standards or if I “hurt her feelings (even though she’s been hurting mine for years but why should she care? She’s grown),” I’m basically the worst daughter/human being in the world and I honestly regret being born and contemplate running away or killing myself. Like I start to believe I’m a mistake and why she didn’t abort me and get rid of me when she had the chance? I also start to take back the things I’ve said and cry and beat myself up about it, even though those were honest feelings. I let people make me feel guilty about everything so easily, even when I didn’t do wrong. I won’t be free of this mindset about myself until I graduate and relieve her of her burden (me).