world's smallest gun

I want to beliiiiiieeeeeve...

That when Megatron was in the middle of recruiting ‘bots for his cause (you know, in a time before his fanaticism went and drove him daft with power) that he had already managed to master mass displacement and used it as his ace in the hole during the recruitment rallies ((and to further emphasize his point decided to choose the smallest weapon he could possibly manage, which at this point was a Nebulon gun.)) 

Megatron: “Hey guys, check this shit out!” *transforms into the world’s smallest gun*

Every bot in the place: *collectively looses their minds*

Just think about it, in a time where Energon was starting to deplete so rapidly that it was beginning to be rationed out in some of the poorer states, seeing the leader of a fledgling resistance simply being able to utilize such an energy consuming body modification basically meant that they had Energon out the whazoo and honestly starving bots couldn’t just pass up on an opportunity like that now can they???