world's largest things

is your sign more HGTV or Food Network?
  • Aries: Food Network-they'll watch the shows for a long time and then try to make something, only to set the kitchen on fire
  • Taurus: both- these guys have that Instagram lifestyle that everyone envies, and they watch the shows and magazines closely to stay on point
  • Gemini: HGTV-they like playing around with how things look, and they're always moving the furniture around in their room
  • Cancer: Food Network-these guys love cooking comfort food for all their friends
  • Leo: HGTV-come on, these guys want to be surrounded by really cool, luxurious things. Their house was probably in Million Dollar Houses, tbh...
  • Virgo: HGTV-these guys are always finding some way to organize the house in a way that is also trendy and aesthetically pleasing
  • Libra: both-these guys devour the reality shows, especially Cupcake Wars, HGTV Star and Chopped, but they also remember certain techniques to use themselves
  • Scorpio: Food Network-they're currently catching up on a Food Network show with some snack from the Food Network magazine
  • Sagittarius: Food Network-these guys know all the new food trends before the rest of the world, and they win all of the reality shows on the channel because of it
  • Capricorn: HGTV-they like seeing different houses and all their selling points, much like a realtor/broker
  • Aquarius: Food Network-they like those shows that aren't in a conventional kitchen-think those shows where some interesting TV personality or actor travels across the country to eat and learn how to make the biggest banana cream pie or the world's largest portobello cheeseburger-insane things like that
  • Pisces: Food Network-after binge watching all the sweets related shows on the channel, they're inspired to open up a bake shop in their basement, but they probably watch HGTV occasionally to see how to design their café

Food That Is Bigger Than Food

Any time food gets too big to eat, it becomes entertaining. One curiosity for me is looking at abnormally large fruits, vegetables, or animals. When you start to explore this universe, you’ll find that it’s a place filled with record-breaking pizzas, lasagnas, burgers, and other foods that would taste better if they were proportionally sized to your mouth. The process of making and growing these overweight items is a waste of time, a waste of food, and a waste of everything but your attention. But there’s an endless supply of videos on this theme, and this small selection is an attempt at singling out the pointlessness of it all. Enjoy.

Picking the World’s Largest Watermelon

It’s been almost three years since I found this video, and it’s still one of my absolute favorites on YouTube. It’s the kind of thing I look for all the time and almost never find. If you really want to be transported to a hot summer day in Hope, Arkansas, you should watch this at home, on the big screen, with the volume turned all the way up. The best moment comes when they drop the first watermelon they try to pick and it cracks wide open—without hesitation, everyone in the picking party begins feasting on the wreckage. Stay tuned until the end, when they drive the watermelon to some nondescript loading dock and the entire town arrives to weigh the beast. 

World’s Largest Fried Egg!

I don’t think that I have to convince anyone that this video is disgusting. Before watching this, I didn’t think that you were supposed to fry an ostrich egg, but as soon as she actually started frying it, I knew for a fucking fact that you’re not supposed to. Even though I am fighting the urge to throw up, I appreciate the effort behind someone thinking, Oh, that’s something you can do, and just doing it.



it’s how you feed farm animals pellets at a petting zoo. that’s what that is.