world's largest democracy

  • Me on a date: So what do you think about Mohandas Gandhi?
  • Date: You mean MAHATMA Gandhi, the father of the world's largest democracy?
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: Sorry, i have to-
  • Date: I think his image is too deified when in reality he was a racist anti-black Hindu-centric sexist bigot, and his reception by the general public in India shows how the history of the land is based on erasure and oppression of minorities.
  • Me, slowly eating the breadticks, and ordering a wedding ring on my phone: Go on
Whenever the state wants, they suspend all laws and resort to wholesale violence. And once the population is suppressed, they restore to a kind of democratic mask. So that the rest of the population, who have not been victimized… they will not even understand. Only the victims will understand.
—  Satwant Singh Manak (“The Last Killing”)
Open Letter to Rajdeep Sardesai and to the Indian American Assholes

Fuck you guys.

I just saw this : Raw Unedited Footage of Rajdeep Incident at Madison Square

I am fucking appalled. 

You guys leave India, to fucking go work and earn money abroad so you can get a Green card or the European thing. And then you have the nerve to act like you are better Indians than an actual Indian who works in India?

Every fucking Indian who decided not to leave India is better than you lot. Indians who went to study and work there and decided to come back are better than you lot. But you, you’re a fucking bunch of selfish assholes who decided to fuck this country in the worst way possible. By abandoning it.

Yes whether or not you put money back here into the economy, you decided to practice law THERE, you decided to cure people THERE, you decided to teach THERE, you decided to fuck around THERE. 

While in a way it’s a good thing, because you’re pissing on the streets THERE instead of here, and you underarm smell is not longer within the borders of this nation, you have committed a crime that is not punishable by law. It’s that old term we heard back in school, “BRAIN DRAIN”.

If your aim is to learn something, then come back here and apply it, I have no problem with you. But enough of you fuckers just want to go there and hang out with white people. You want to have fancy-fuck accents and look down upon the people you grew up with.

If you want to get rich, do it. But don’t forget that there is an entire nation that you have abandoned because you want to be “cool”. So that your parents can tell their relatives that you’re now working abroad. “Mera Beta toh US mein settle ho gaya. Ab voh phone bhi nahi karta”, they’ll say proudly. Fuck you. 

I don’t love India, and I for one am no fucking patriot. But I am not in denial of the fact that this place needs help. Our country has always been run by the worst of people. We had an excuse for that earlier. We were helpless. But now we aren’t. Some of the best education is available here. Some of the worlds biggest companies are here. We are the worlds largest democracy. Our youth is very fucking enabled and very fucking connected. Then why the fuck would you “smart, bright” fucking idiots move to a different country to be treated like second class, pissed on, racially discriminated against citizens when the opportunities in our country increase everyday.

India has done nothing for me. Nothing at all. It has made my life harder. It has made me hate my existence and made me wish that I had grown up not looking at beggars, kids doing somersaults in the street, and the makeshift tents under every flyover I have ever crossed. But fuck, if I, and people like me, give up, who will help? Who the fuck is going to come down here and do something about it?

I went to Bombay recently, and I saw this one building that took a shit on all the hope I had in India. This really really rich guy, who’s dad once had nothing, instead of being humble and fucking good, decided to act on his inferiority complex and build a fucking house, 10,000 fucking stories tall. I’m not that rich. Nowhere close. But I’m pretty sure if I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t need to show it off because I’d be so full of myself anyway I wouldn’t give a fuck about what other people thought of me. But I digress, and if I go on about that guy, he’ll buy tumblr and shut down this blog. And he’ll say this : #FreeSpeechTereBaapKaHai ?

Back to Rajdeep Sardesai.

I don’t give a fuck about what shit you’ve been up to in your life. I don’t give a fuck if you’re corrupt OR if you’re a little fucking lamb. #RajdeepSardesaiIsALittleLamb (sorry). 

My point is this. You can say whatever the fuck you want. I’m not going to judge Modi here. But if you want to criticise the man go right ahead. He is the Prime Minister of this country, but he needs to be checked by the people as and when possible, as is our duty as citizens of this country. 

So please don’t stop. Not that I think you would. You have mighty big balls (Please don’t be offended ladies). You did not deserve to be abused in public and for what you went through I have tried my best to abuse everyone. You managed to keep your cool through most of it, except that bit in the middle but he had no business making it personal.

For you people specifically in the crowd that day and the faces we saw in the video. Boy oh boy, I hope you get struck by lightning. I didn’t understand the point of the “Modi Chants” while a live broadcast was going on. He wasn’t exactly playing cricket in front of you nor was he even there. I doubt he would’ve given a fuck that fifty people were calling out his name with twisted violent adoration. I mean why would he give a fuck you barely even fucking exist. Instead, you managed to become an angry mob, shout obscenities at a well respected journalist and then leaked partial videos of it online to ruin his reputation. 

I never had respect for people who decided to abandon this country and I never will, but you lot have managed to go a step further. You have set an example for people in this country who actually fall for your elitist “westernised” behaviour. And taught them that it is ok to take away whatever little freedom of speech we have left. Also you have taught them that your middle fucking finger should be stuck in front of every journalist’s face who’s opinion differs from yours. I think a deeper lesson that has been taught is that another person’s thoughts are never to be respected nor even heard. And narrow mindedness is something that we should strive towards.

I must end this, but I am a little sad that even when you fucktards left the country to go to a much more progressive and modern part of the world, you carry with you your old fucked up habits. And that you have learnt nothing there and you probably never will.

As I have said previously, Humanity is Fucked.

Thanks for listening.

If you share this Rajdeep Sardesai will aim for your nuts.

*I have the utmost respect for the US and Europe, this wasn’t directed at you guys in any way*