world's greatest lover

The World’s Greatest Lover - Nearly forgotten Gene Wilder directorial effort

A comedy I believe we caught in the theater during our high school years. I barely remember it. There seemed to be a lot of 20s/30s nostalgia in the theater around this time (’Nickelodeon’, ‘Silent Movie’, ‘Paper Moon’, ‘Bugsy Malone’ etc etc), and this one feels like a Mel Brooks Talent Refugee Group got together with a half baked idea for a film. Gene Wilder plays a man who travels to Hollywood to participate in a talent search to find a new ‘Valentino’. Most of the comedy seems to revolve around mugging for the camera in the old ‘silent film style’.

2.5 stars out of 5

Released 1977, First Viewing December 1977

“I Am Not The Worlds Greatest Lover .”

This is a note I found from my ex boyfriend in one of my journals. We use to leave notes for each other to find when we got home from work or woke up. It took me awhile to find this because I was in such a dark place when we were together. I couldn’t write or make art. I didn’t have the courage to pick up a pencil or pen. I felt like all my energy was devoted into trying to bring “us” up as a couple. I wanted for us to grow so badly. I stopped focusing on my own growth. I gave up on my art and I just forgot myself completely. I’ve found so many notes he left behind and this one really hit me. We weren’t right for each other, but we tried.