world's figure skating championships

Well, since you guys insisted:

  • Katsuki Yuri: age 23. He retired from professional figure skating two years ago, in order to raise his son, Katsuki Kenjirou (now 2), whose mother is no longer in the picture.
  • Victor Nikiforov: age 27. Divorced single dad, who is raising his ex-wife’s son, Yuri (5), from a previous marriage. He’s still in the competitive figure-skating world, but after having won 5 consecutive world championships and 5 Grand Prix finals, he’s bored, with no one to challenge him. He’s stagnating all by himself at the top of the figure skating world, and he knows it.
  • Yuri Katsuki is also bored. He lives in Japan with his parents, helping out at the onsen during the day, while his mother looks after Kenjiro. And he loves his son, and he loves his family and friends. But he finds himself missing the thrill of competition. He wants to go back to the figure skating world, but at this point, that’s out of the question for him. He has to look after his son, and help out at the onsen, no matter how much his parents assur him it’s okay. And not to mention that he doesn’t have a coach. He can’t very well go back to the US to train under Celestino again, after all.
  • Yuri still skates in his free time though, because skating is his passion and there’s nothing in the world that can make him give it up. So when he sees Victor’s program “Stand By Me,” he’s enchanted. And he decides to try skating it. Because it’s beautiful, and it’ll be a fun way to challenge himself, now that he doesn’t have his own program to practice, or any tournaments to look forward to.
  • When he finally perfects the program, he decides to show it to his friend, Yuuko. Unbeknownst to him though, her daughters film him and upload the video, which promptly goes viral.
  • Victor sees the video, and his curiosity is piqued. He doesn’t recognize this Japanese skater, and he finds that strange - how is someone so talented not a professional? On a whim, Victor decides to pack up his and his son’s lives and move them out to Japan.
  • Victor shows up at Yu-topia, child in one arm and dog in the other and somehow, somehow convinces Yuri to go back to the professional skating world.
  • Victor had originally only planned to stay at Yu-topia until he found an apartment or somewhere to live for him and his son, but the Katsuki family is so nice to him, and they all adore Yurio. And surprisingly, Yurio is pretty well behaved with Yuri’s parents.
  • So eventually they come to an agreement - Yuri’s coaching fee is paid by way of food and board for Victor and Maccachin and Yurio. Mama Katsuki now looks after Yurio as well whenever his father is busy, and at first Victor had wanted to pay her for it, but she refused his money, saying it would just be included as part of the coaching fee.
  • Kenjiro follows Yurio around everywhere, babbling and giggling, toddling along on chubby feet. He’s so clumsy, he trips every five steps. Eventually, Yurio just huffs and rolls his eyes, and holds his hand everywhere they go, to make sure he doesn’t fall and hurt himself again.
  • Sometimes, they’re allowed to go to the ice rink with their dads to watch them practice. Kenjiro is absolutely enchanted by how amazing and pretty his daddy is. Yurio pretends not to be impressed, because he’s seen so many talented people back home in Russia. But really, he’s just as amazed as Kenjiro is.
  • Kenjiro is completely fascinated by the ice, but he’s still way too small to even start learning skating. So one day, Victor ties on his skates, and brings Kenjiro out onto the rink with him. He only skates a few laps around the outside of the rink as they watch Yuri practice, but Kenjiro is just so excited and totally having the time of his life. And Victor is completely smitten with him.
  • Yurio pretends he’s not insanely jealous about it. He has no reason to be, after all - he already knows how to skate. But when Yuri is taking a break from practicing, and when he looks away from the heartwarming scene of Victor and Kenjiro, he notices Yurio standing off on the sidelines, stubbornly not looking at the rink. Not wanting him to be left out, Yuri skates over and sweeps the child into his arms, ignoring Yurio’s startled squawk, and his protests that he’s too big for this kind of thing. Yurio just smiles and readjusts Yurio’s koala grip, and effortlessly glides over to where Victor and Kenjiro are still making their laps. Yurio hides his face in Yuri’s chest for for the first little bit, refusing to look up because he can’t wipe the shy, excited smile off his face.
  • When Yuri and Victor have to go to China, Yurio kicks up a fuss until he’s allowed to go with them. Kenjiro is still too young to go, because he’s still at the age where he needs constant attention, and Yuri and Victor as busy as they are, they won’t have time to look after him. He stays at home with his grandparents. It’s the first time since they met that Yurio and Kenjiro will be separated for such a long period of time. Yurio won’t admit how much it gets to him.
  • Yurio shares a bed with Yuri at the hotel. Victor whines about it for half an hour. He doesn’t know which of them he’s more jealous of.
  • Yurio watches Yuri’s performances together with Victor. He doesn’t even try to hide how amazed he is after Yuri’s free skate program. And he actually somehow manages to make it to the kiss and cry area even before Victor does.
  • Yuri smiles, big and soft and sweet, when he sees Yurio waiting for him with stars in his eyes and beaming a smile as bright as the sun. Yuri holds his arms out for a hug as he skates towards the five-year-old.
  • “Did I do good, Yuratchka?” he asks, and Yurio takes a running leap into his arms.
  • “You did good, daddy!”

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Sent shivers up my spine 😭 😭 😭  it’s so beautiful

“I’m tired of seeing Hanyu fans blaming Orser for his failure at Worlds, saying he should leave TCC and that he doesn’t give him enough attention. Get off your high horses, no one is perfect and a skater can have a bad day/be injured etc. And Hanyu himself said afterwards how supported he felt by all his team. Stop over speculating over nothing.”


Yuzuru Hanyu in 2014

“As one person, and as one skater, I feel lucky to have had so many experiences.” (via ice-kingfisher)  

Thank you, Yuzuru, for an amazing year filled with lots of memories. I can’t wait for what is in store for you in 2015. And please, get well soon!