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Original caption: “World’s Fair Buses Help Speed War Effort. Sightseeing tractor trailers which were used to haul rubberneck parties around the New York World’s Fair grounds are now being used in the grounds of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company to speed the war effort by getting key men around the yard in double quick time. Shipyards of a necessity are cluttered up with much material, and numerous passageways would not afford a regular size bus neither overhead or side clearance. However, the ‘Shanghai Express’ as they have been nicknamed, easily negotiate all of the twisting or difficult portions of their routes. Here men are shown getting off one of the ‘Shanghais’ at a regular stop.” April 26, 1942
More than 100 people arrested over London arms fair protests | World news | The Guardian

“According to a parliamentary question tabled by Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green party and MP for Brighton Pavilion, the government’s Defence and Security Organisation has invited representatives of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Five government ministers are due to speak, including keynote addresses from Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, and Michael Fallon, the defence secretary. Exhibitors include representatives of the world’s 10 biggest arms companies.

Lucas told the Guardian: “It’s no surprise that so many people have been protesting against this grotesque spectacle.

“More than 100 people have been arrested because of their actions, but I have no doubt that history will judge kindly those who peacefully put their bodies in the way of an arms fair that sells weapons to some of the world’s most brutal dictatorships.

“This arms fair really is a dark stain on our country’s already tarnished reputation. It’s time that this festival of violence was shut down for good and the UK engages in peacebuilding rather than trying to cement itself as the world’s weapons dealer.”

Oxfam accused the government of double standards for hosting DSEI in London while taking part in the annual meeting of signatories to the international Arms Trade Treaty in Geneva. It made special mention of the £3.6bn of British weapons sold to Saudi Arabia to carry out the war in Yemen.

Sally Copley, Oxfam GB’s head of campaigns and policy, said: “Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, suffering from a borderline famine and hit by the world’s largest cholera epidemic, which shows no sign of abating.

“Yet the deaths, the destruction and the misery seem to count for nothing. Since the war began, not one licence to export arms to Saudi Arabia has been rejected by the government.

“When you are witness to the suffering in Yemen, it is hard to understand or excuse how the UK government talks the talk on arms control while it walks the walk of arms sales.”

Jeremy Corbyn issued a renewed call on Monday to halt UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The Labour leader said Britain was exporting far too many arms to countries that abused human rights and the time had come to do something about it.”