world's best driver

“I’ll eh… I’ll go with Cas.” Dean had been quick to offer when Sam had suggested splitting up to work through their long list of suspects.

He’d nonchalantly tossed the Impala’s keys to his younger brother as if it was no big deal, and although Castiel had looked extremely surprised, Dean hadn’t missed the way blue eyes were instantly lighting up at that suggestion.

Sam had shrugged as he’d handed them a list with five addresses on it, and Dean had chosen to ignore the knowing smirk that his brother had flashed him before they went their separate ways.

So perhaps Cas wasn’t likely to receive any awards for world’s best driver, and his old Continental was nothing but a monstrosity on four wheels. The ancient radio was playing awful country songs, and in any other situation, Dean would’ve commented on it for sure. The weather was warm, and even with the windows rolled down, Dean felt like he was about to literally melt.

And yet, when he glanced sideways at Cas, he knew that there was no place else he’d rather be. Cas who looked a little tired, but at ease; he appeared to be on the same page as Dean, simply happy to be here, even though here wasn’t exactly paradise.  

And Dean couldn’t stop sneaking glances at him every ten seconds or so, smiling to himself whenever he found that Cas’ crooked smile still hadn’t vanished either. He kept that up until Cas caught him in the act, meeting Dean’s gaze with a curious stare of his own, taking Dean’s breath away.

Being in love with your best friend was both exciting and exhausting, that much Dean had learned.

“What’s on your mind, Dean?” Cas asked, his tone calm and pleasant, letting Dean know that it was an invitation to talk, but by no means a command.

You.” Dean blurted out his answer without thinking, cursing his big mouth right after, horrified at what he’d just confessed in some wave of temporary insanity.

Dean wished he could blame the heat.

Cas said nothing, his eyes on the road again, his face not giving away much.

When the angel didn’t speak up period, Dean got anxious, and attempted small talk in the hopes of making the moment less awkward.

“So uh… Something on your mind, Cas?”

At that, Cas’ lips slowly quirked up into a gentle half-smile, much like the smile that had been there before.

“Yes…” Castiel replied quietly, out of the blue reaching for Dean’s hand, all but giving Dean a heart attack when their fingers intertwined effortlessly for the first time ever while terrible music played in the background. “You. Always you.”