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[What planted the seed for you to be politically outspoken, activists, and advocates? What are you excited about this year with World Child Cancer?]

“I think that’s how my parents raised me, you know? I think they raised me to be a citizen of the world, and to be politically conscious, and to look out for anyone who’s less fortunate, and to sort of fight for justice in whatever form. That’s just  p a r t  o f  w h o  I  a m .

I’m really excited. World Child Caner continues to grow. I think we’re going to do, I think, another t-shirt campaign soon. So, yeah. It’s just such a great thing I’ve been able to be a part of and I’m really proud of the work they do everywhere.”

Official shout-out to Mama and Papa Balfe for raising such a strong, kindhearted, intelligent, generous, amazing woman. May we all strive to be a little more like her every day 💜

This post isn’t just about Netflix cancelling the get down. That’s what led to it but it’s about much more than that. For years we’ve been asking for our tv shows to have good poc rep, lgbtq rep, complex female characters, proper depictions of mental illness and trauma that wasn’t just a plot device. In response we got the get down, sweet/vicious, pitch, emerald city. What do all those shows have in common?? They got cancelled after a single season because of low ratings (and whatever fucking reason Netflix used to justify canceling tgd). Tgd was one of the best shows in recent memory,depicting characters we never see in the media (black and brown people that weren’t stereotypes and had hopes and dreams and were complex and weren’t sidekicks). It wasn’t perfect but every episode was bursting at the seams with love and devotion and respect.everyone involved knew what it meant and wanted to do it justice. Pitch, sweet/vicious and emerald city were massive fuck yous to the patriarchy. A show about a black girl breaking the glass ceiling. A show about a rape survivor and her friend going after rapists on their college campus. A show where the villain is literally a manbaby that’s jealous of the powerful women around him. These are feminist masterpieces. Emerald city had a main character that was black and had gender dysphoria. But rather than watch these shows, we as a society chose things like 13 r*w, Riverdale, skam etc. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure skam is great and Riverdale had some bright spots (Josie and the pussycats, Veronica, Reggie). But 13r*w was disgusting and harmful and exploitative nonsense that you all devoured and adored. Even when you were told how dangerous it was or how it made suicide a plot device you ignored us. Maybe you’d rather watch your white faves commit revenge suicide than see poc fight for their dreams in a broken system. Maybe the problem is that we as a society are just lying when we give a list of demands. Maybe we only do so because it’s cool and not what we actually want to see. I hope neither option is true. I know I’ll cherish all of these shows. I’ll watch them and tell everyone I know to watch them.


    As you well know, right now, the most important worldwide event for the LGBT community is taking place in Madrid and the city council has released this beautiful video asking Paris for a very special favour.

   Here you have a link to the Twitter account of Madrid City Council, where they’ve shared this same video with French subtitles and right below you’ll be able to find the English translation because this beautiful message needs to be shared in every language! 

Enjoy this wonderful week! Be proud! Have fun! Keep on fighting!

Dear Paris, it’s me… Madrid

I’m writing to you because there’s something I want to ask you, I need your help. Paris has always been the city for the ones who are in love, the city of dreamy sighs and the “yes, I do”. And that’s why we all think of you as the city of love. And that, my dear Paris, is what i want from you. I’d like you to lend me your title. That’s it: “Madrid, the city of love”… can you imagine?

Very soon, our streets are going to be filled with guests from all over the world and believe me, that is something we are really prouf of. It will be our pride to become their home, their family, their friends, their companions, their neighbours. Our streets are going to be filled with smiles, winks, applauses, hugs. Our houses, our bars, our squares, our eyes, our hearts will also be filled with love. We are expecting an unprecedented amount of love per square meter.

And you can’t even imagine how happy we are about this because if there’s something a city needs to be filled with, that something is love. This love has nothing to do with names or social conditions and it doesn’t follow convention. It’s a kind of love that is diverse, free and proud, just like we are, just like Madrid.

Paris, dear friend, we’re asking you to lend us your title as the city of love during the celebration of the World Pride 2017. Whoever you love, Madrid loves you so… will you let us use that beautiful title of yours?

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why is every single copy of Computer City slightly out of tune / time. literally every copy i've found, including album rips

This was actually discussed a few years back but Computer City and Electro World and a few other Complete Best era songs are purposely detuned. Most likely just a phase Nakata was going through. Here’s an in-depth explanation about it.

I will do my best in my new town, so I hope you will live well too.
- From a worried Ankha

Ankha left my town, we didn’t even get to say goodbye. It was genuinely upsetting.