world's best captain

bucky was 24 when he joined the army

steve was also 24 when he enlisted in the army and still 24 when he became their supersoldier

bucky was 27 when he died, 7 days before his 28th birthday

steve was 26 when he died

steve is 26 when he wakes up in 2011 and 26 during the battle of new york

steve is 29 when he finds out bucky survived and 29 during shields collapse

steve is 30 when he takes on leading the avengers full-time and, a few months later, he is 30 years old and standing in a flying city talking to natasha how that would be a good place to die


It’s a lot to ask to wager so much suffering on blind faith. 

Well, it isn’t entirely faith. We’ll have the right people in place to lead us through it and hold the world together while it finds its balance.

[rough trans] - Kenta commented on Eunki’s ig post

Kenta (rkm0855): Let’s meet up again quickly ㅋㅋ

Eunki (eun_doitz): @rkm0855 best couple of 2017 is us is us*

*t/n: a lil twist on nayana’s lyrics, the romanji is ‘ulhae-ui best couple uri ya uri ya.’


Jonathan Toews prevents a Penguin player from getting to Patrick Kane and gets called for interference

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This morning while in Disney I joked that if the Ghost fam went to Disney they’d wear these shirts and then my AMAZINGLY TALENTED FRIEND DREW IT and my life feels complete.

AP-5 taking a picture of a bird. Hera holding Chopper’s hand. Kanan’s sunglasses. Zeb and Rex’s dole whips. The Ghost shaped lamp!!! Zeb’s flip flops!!! Sabine and Ezra!!!!

Art by the AMAZING @shaunarustart @ShaunaRust on Twitter ❤️❤️❤️

  • Reporter: Connor-
  • Leon: *glaring* -is the greatest player in the world. He's the best captain ever and we have the best chemistry. Our chemistry is amazing. Also we're really good friends off the ice, for sure. I'd make a joke about playing against him except it hurts too much. Hey, do you think Connor would consider German citizenship or playing for Team Europe? He's just so fast man, I'm just trying to keep up and be the best player I can be so I can be better for Connor because he deserves everything in the world, you know?
  • ____
  • Reporter: Leon-
  • Connor: *beaming* -is so big and strong, have you seen him? He's so big and has such a presence on the ice, throwing that big body of his around. He's the most underrated player in the world ever. Make sure you mention that okay? He's so good and strong, you know? He's unbelievable. He doesn't get enough credit. I should probably talk more about him so people know how awesome he is. I love Leon. There is literally nothing I don't love about that guy.

Marks and Rec: Misc #380

(Captain Brofist, he’s our hero! :D I picked out the planeteers from the characters in Legend of the Brofist. Seemed appropriate, haha.) (Dialogue from Captain Planet.)


Literally everyone knows how much these two love one another, even strangers. Colonel Phillips, Dr Erskine, Peggy, the doughnut man at the enlistment center, Gabe, Falsworth, a whole bunch of soldiers…they are that obvious. I imagine that all of Bucky’s family knows as well and Steve’s mother knew before she died.