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Been wanting to do some fanart for this guy ever since I met him in Nuka World. Finally got around to it.

I remember I was pissed at him for mocking me as I ran around the Kiddie kingdom, but when I finally saw him I was like “Oh no, he’s cooool!” Also, he’s really sad. So I gave him some slack.

Waterfalls shine with glory during the autumn months, and Moss Glen Falls in Stowe, VT is one of the finest locations in the entire North American landscape. 

Artist : Nancy Rubins -  Photo by Erich Koyama

 The Nimbus Platform | Berndnaut Smilde 


“actually i was kinda killing acid betty off. it was just hard to get jobs in new york. since rupaul’s drag race, there’s a lot of drag queens and the field is basically saturated. so i decided that i was gonna move myself into the art world and start doing art gallery shows and do more photography work and so i started to stop doing the acid betty stuff. so she technically was dead… but she’s baaaaaack”