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Compilation of Jackson’s pre-debut interviews as a fencing athlete

Jackson: My name is Jackson. I am a fencing athlete. I will participate in Sabre fencing in the Youth Olympic Games. I am currently in the 11th grade of American International School.
Jackson: I started practicing fencing when I was 10. I first represented Hong Kong in 2008 at Italy’s World Youth Championships.
Jackson: I competed this April in Asia’s World Youth Championships. I placed first in Asia. That’s why I’m able to go to the Youth Olympic Games. I have a lot of confidence I will be able to enter the top 8. But my main goal is to enter the top 4 and receive a medal.
Jackson: The most memorable competition was this year’s World Youth Championships. Knowing that I achieved my goal and I’m able to go to the Youth Olympic Games, and that I was the first from Hong Kong’s southern district to enter the top 10 in the Youth Championships.
Jackson: My hobbies are playing basketball, swimming, and dancing. My favourite movie is ‘The Hangover’.

Jackson: Hi everyone. I am sabre fencer Jackson Wang. 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics Games exclusively on Young Post,

Nicholas: So we’re at Singapore airport right now. The very moment we qualified during the Asia Championships, Jackson hugged me and started talking already about what it’ll be like in Singapore / what we’ll do. Now we’re finally here.
Jackson: We’re finally here.
Nicholas: We’re extremely nervous right now, extremely excited. Hong Kong, fighting!
Both: Fighting!

Camerawoman: Okay, begin.
Nicholas: I’m afraid it won’t be pretty.
Jackson: That doesn’t matter for this. Let’s do it together on the count of three. 1, 2, 3, open!
Nicholas: Wow it’s so pretty!
Jackson: Wah~~
Nicholas: Let me see if it fits.
Jackson: Why’s it like this?
Jackson: It looks like it’s good quality. Oh my god. It’s really okay. It’s really okay. Where’s Youth Olympics?
Nicholas: It doesn’t have it. This is our Youth Olympics /holds up shoe box/
Nicholas: These pants.
Jackson: Pants, pants, pants, pants!

Jackson: (ending part) Mom I’m on TV! /blows kiss/


Climbing to Celebrate Your Differences with @kailightner

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“#hellomynameis Kai Lightner (@kailightner) and I am a 16-year-old climber from North Carolina. I first began climbing at the age of 6 — I always got in trouble for climbing things I shouldn’t have, and rock climbing was a solution for me to release energy. When I climb, I’m able to just release everything from my mind — I feel in control of everything that’s happening around me.

Since I’ve started climbing, I’ve won nine national youth titles, a youth world championship title and the 2015 adult national championship, but I hope to become an adult world champion. It’s really exciting and a privilege to be a role model for people that are younger than me.

In my community, it’s not very common to like rock climbing — the fact that I’m excelling at it, I feel, is really different. But it could be inspiring to other people. I think it’s okay to be different, and we shouldn’t associate different with uncool.”

Tonight, let's cheer for Finland!🏆

Finland’s team has been phenomenal. We will be up against Russia in ice hockey youth world championships final!

We already beat Sweden so basically we have won but let’s cheer for our team and hope for the best!

Go Pikkuleijonat! 🏒💪👊

Australian Jake Stein wins Octathlon at World Youth Championships with new record

Stein dominates Octathlon with All-time best

Jake Stein, after two days of sweat and toil in conditions which ranged from showers to sunshine and sometimes strong winds, was deservedly crowned Octagon gold medallist and did it in the best possible style.

The 17-year-old Australian posted a score of 6491 points the best ever performance by a Youth and bettered the 6482 tally which won Cuba’s Yordani Garcia the 2005 title in Marrakech.

Behind him Fredrick Ekholm of Sweden and Felipe Dos Santos from Brazil took the silver and bronze medals moving into third and fourth places in the 2011 world lists with tallies and PBs of 6127 and 5966pts.

Stein whose marvellous consistency saw him lead the competition from the third of the eight disciplines finished the final two with another brace of solid displays.

Indeed in the first the Javelin Throw Stein was in rampant form when raising his lifetime javelin personal best by over nine metres to 57.56m with his first attempt then with his third and last, to an exceptional 59.65m.

That saw the Aussie put himself with a score of 5756 points into a huge 399 point lead ahead of Ekholm whose throw of 45.31m took his tally to 5357 with third placed Evgeniy Likhanov of Russia with an effort of 49.39m raising his to 5189.

In the final event the 1000m with black clouds shrouding the stadium and rain imminent, he like every other competitor in his group set a PB to round off the action with a time of 2:52.93.

Likhanov was denied third place by 43 points when Dos Santos running a very quick 2:44.38 moved up from seventh position.

1500- 4:23.85 which converts to a 4:43.25 1600m time which means I would of PR’d and I’m so excited! I raced at the Steve Scott Invite at University of Irvine to get a fast 1500 time in hopes of being able to qualify for World Youth Championships and I think I did just that! Can’t wait for my road to state to start this Wednesday!

Okay, so about the new Haikyuu chapter and Kageyama’s invitation to the training camp. I don’t know what this is about either, but to me it seems like this is some kind of training camp for the Japan’s under 18 volleyball representative players for the Youth World Championship, the thing Ushiwaka is (was??) in, you know?

So this might mean Kageyama gets to meet all the super aces before nationals even start and that’s how the new teams and characters are going to get introduced to us readers.

Also, I think this is about a separation between Kageyama and Hinata. Yes, they defeated Shiratorizawa and all, but I think to win the nationals they still have to improve a bit more. This could happen by Hinata and Kageyama both learning new things by themselves. I mean, this suddenly gives room for so much character development! And not only for those two. Just imagine how much we could see of Sugawara if Kageyama wouldn’t be training with the team for a while!

Yeah, but who knows what will happen. I mean, we don’t even know yet if he’s going and who else would be there and where and when and how long and all that stuff. I can’t really say why, but I have a weird feeling about this and I definitely can’t wait for the next chapter.

This is the unification flag representing both all of North and South Korea. The flag is supposed to represent a united Korea. It was first used in 1991 when North and South Korea competed as one team in the 41st World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan and the 8th World Youth Football Championship in Lisbon, Portugal. The flag was also used during the 2000 and the 2004 Olympics but competed separately in events. As of right now it has no official status.