world you can carry on


“Hey hey Ruby!” The dark haired giggled as she gave a gentle poke on the other’s belly. “I just called called my girls and gave myself one week of rest, so how do you feel of some vacation? And with your speed, I am sure you can carry me to anywhere in the world~”

pistachiozombie  asked:

Just to let you know you've become a huge inspiration to me! Your art makes me want to overcome depression and continue drawing. I hope all good things come your way ♥

If ever you need to talk, vent, or anything in between, don’t be afraid to talk to me UwU Not one person can carry the world. And thank you! OuU

HP + Dutch music - Wolfstar with “Pak maar mijn hand”

Pak maar mijn hand,
Stel niet teveel vragen.
Je kunt niet als enige de wereld dragen.
Pak maar mijn hand,
Laat mij de weg leiden, er is geen probleem.
Als je keer op keer jezelf wil bewijzen.
Maar je kunt het niet alleen.

Translation: Take my hand

Take my hand,
Don’t ask too many questions.
You can’t carry the world on your own.
Take my hand,
Let me guide the way, it’s no problem.
If you want to prove yourself time and time again.
But you can’t do it on your own.

How do you.

how do you not fall apart every time there is a new announcement on Facebook or Instagram or twitter. 

How do you not get angry when you see stories of beaten kids or mothers murdering there babies.

How do you not cry when you hear a child’s laughter. Or see a happy family of four walking down the street towards you.

How do you stop the ripping of your heart after every Negative. 

How do you stop hating yourself for being so darn mad at the world because everyone else can but you cant. 

How do carry on when you know it may never happen

how do you carry on. 

GGG Spotlight Member

This week’s GGG Spotlight Member is: Maura! 

Get to know your #GaggedGirlGang: Maura

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fave Color: Sky Blue

Fave Dessert: I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world so I love all kinds of dessert. But if I had to choose, the cookie dough cookies from Schmackary’s would be #1 on my list. 

Fave Book: Anything with a strong female lead!

Fave Movie: A Chorus Line (If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely adore A Chorus Line)

Style Icon: Oh there are so many! Blake Lively, Carrie Underwood, Gina Rodriguez and of course Courtney Reed are just a few! 

Fave Choker: Gravity and Call me a Princess! 

Fave Quote: “Negative people are negative because they CAN’T and are insanely jealous of those who CAN. So, be positive and show the world that you WILL!” -Carrie Underwood

Three Wishes You’d Love to Have Granted: 

1) To live in New York & be on Broadway! 

2) Telekinesis. I’ve always wanted to be able to read minds.

3) I wish that everyone would just love each other. There’s too much negativity in this world, and I feel like I wouldn’t need to wish for anything if everyone worked hard to spread kindness! 

Fave Thing About Being in the #GGG: Being a part of the #GGG is SO important to me because I love being in a positive environment where I am constantly inspired by the most incredible group of women to always be myself and follow my dreams! 

We love you, girl and we’re so happy to have you as part of the #GGG!!!

~ Headcanon Time ~

Jordan: “What? You think I can carry all of this with just two hands?” (in case you couldn’t read my writing)

Being the daughter of the Genie, Jordan can magically grow out multiple arms to do things like multitasking, carrying heavy objects, doing tricks on AuraTube in the safety of her own lamp, etc. However she rarely does this while on campus grounds unless absolutely necessary, since magic is forbidden in Auradon. (Jordan would scoff at this and complain how stupid of a law it is. “I’m a freakin’ genie! A supernatural entity born with magical powers, hello? What do you expect me to do with it? Not using it? Ever?”) 

Any student who accidentally lay their eyes on “spider-arms” Jordan would absolutely freak out at the abnormal sight. The only people who would be impressed by that is Freddie and Ally since they’re both fascinated with anything coolly bizarre. 

Freddie: “Hey Jordan! Do that spider arms thing again!”

Ally: “Spider arms! Spider arms!”

Jordan: “Look, I’d rather not get in trouble for it like last time. (Also is that what you guys are calling it now?)”

Ellen Degeneres made a joke about how speedy and strong Usain Bolt is. If you’re more mad about that than the fact that black kids are 21x times more likely to get killed by cops than white ones, then, eh, perhaps *you’re* the problem.

Seriously: How was her joke remotely racist?

I don’t get it. 

The point was: “Well, you’re the fastest, toughest man in the world. You can carry me anywhere!”

The signs and their true strengths:
  • Aries: When you've lost everything, everyone will finally see how much of a survivor you are. You weren't born in vain, you have the right to live and something in you will always refuse to give yourself up. Even if you have to start from the beginning – you know that every single moment you live matters. You run through walls if you have to and that's a good thing. You will always be able to start from nothing.
  • Taurus: No one can burden themselves as much as you can. You can carry the whole world and never drop a thing. You can go on and on for years and even if you are tired to death, you will endure, always. Because you know it will be worth it in the end. When everyone has left, you are still there to receive what you have earned. Your endurance and patience is unbeatable.
  • Gemini: Humour is the umbrella of the wise and no one knows it better than you do. The world can crumple around you, but something in you will always realise how ironic and hilarious life is. You might be a cynic sometimes, but that doesn't mean you gave up. Even if you laugh at things people don't understand, YOUR understanding of the human world will probably always be better than theirs. You know it's pointless to give up.
  • Cancer: People keep making fun of your feelings, but they don't know how powerful and consuming they are. The pure force of the true love you have for some people and things is like a tsunami. Your love is unwavering and many people will never know how extasic and exhausting it is. Only you can hold all of those emotions without breaking down or lose yourself. You can achieve and change everything with the strength of them. Use them and never be used be them.
  • Leo: Trying to kill you is exactly like trying to kill the sun. You may not know it, but you are one of the bravest people around. No matter what happens to you – you will always have a fire burning in your heart. Your whole existence is radiant and you are able to chase away every shadow. Your honest and fierce spirit will never be completely gone. Nothing is larger than your heart and it will survive.
  • Virgo: No matter how chaotic, dirty and confusing the world gets, something in you will always be pure and untouched. Even if you feel completely mad and desperate, your mind will never be destroyed beyond repair. You know EVERYTHING can be understood and as soon as you understand something, it cannot hurt you. Not truly. Something in you will always be able to purify your own body, mind and soul.
  • Libra: You will never stop searching for harmony. It's like magic; the way you are able to always find something beautiful in this ugly world. You will find the missing link to everything and transform the nastiest things, ideas and people into something precious. But you are not as passive as people think you are. You know that sometimes one has to fight for peace. You just do your own way; silent but fair.
  • Scorpio: If someone chops off your head, you grow another one. No one knows how you do it, but you completely are above life and death. No matter how often you are hurt, beaten and killed – you will rise again. You are one of the people who has to go through the worst, but you survive more than most do. It doesn't take matter to create new life and you know that. Your soul and will power are enough.
  • Sagittarius: No one knows it better than you; everything is possible. People voluntarily limit themselves and you aware of that. If your destination is Orion, you will walk the whole way, if you have to. There's always something you can do and if no one else finds a way – you do! You may not know it, but deep down you will forever believe that it isn't to late yet. For nothing.
  • Capricorn: No one is as tough as you are. You are made of iron, stone and diamonds. Nothing can ever truly break you, even if the whole world is against you. You can conserve your soul and energy and survive the darkest, coldest winter. And if you have to bend the knee you do it. And if you have to climb the largest mountain you do it. You know that it doesn't matter HOW to do it, just that it has to be done.
  • Aquarius: Your true spirit is free and wild and no one will ever make you a slave. You knock down the whole world, if it has you trapped. To light to catch, to special to pin down – it's impossible to take away your freedom completely. You would spit into your captor's cup and would sooner destroy the whole system that protects you than be a prisoner of it. The only true freedom we'll ever have is our mind and you know that. That's why you'll never give up on your own thoughts.
  • Pisces: There's no filter in your heart and mind and everything keeps pouring down on you. You can't escape it, even if you try. You feel double the pain and the pain of others as they were your own. And that's why you HAVE to be much stronger than most people. The fact that your are still here shows the truth of it. The whole world seems to use you and yet you still want to be there for everyone. That's pure strength.

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ngl i was inspired @nipponiwazaru‘s batch of drawings here ft. dana carrying people

Maximoff Hale: 20-yr-old philosophy major, swimmer, and son of Lily & Loren Hale

“He stands like he’s in his twenties, exuding quiet maturity that makes you pause. Makes you think, you can carry the fucking world, Maximoff Hale. Problem is, no matter how much he likes responsibility and being treated like a grown-up, we can’t forget that he’s still a kid. Lily and Lo don’t want him to carry the world. They just want him to be twelve and have fun.”

This blog immediately unfollows for Dean hate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯