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Steve Trevor + Backstory

As a follow-up to my musings about Steve’s childhood (to recap: Indiana boy born in 1882 to a military father and suffragette mother who grew up with a bunch of older sisters), here’s some more conjecture about Steve’s backstory.

The evidence base I’m using for these imaginings come from:
1. Steve is a male feminist fantasy, so no fuckboi traits allowed
2. Steve is good at soldiering; “sir” comes very naturally to him
3. You can do something or you can do nothing, and Steve’s already tried nothing
4. Pine’s description of the character: “rogue-ish,” “cynical,” “realist,” “worldly,” “charming”
5. History and stuff

Education (1900-1905): Steve is a smart cookie, so I can see him doing well in school and taking classes at Butler University, at his mother’s insistence that he learn a few things about the world before the army fills his head with nonsense. At around 19, Steve would enroll in West Point, the United States Military Academy. It’ll be the first time he’s lived outside the Midwest — and the first time he’s seen the ocean. His, “Why wouldn’t I know how to sail?” comment makes me think he got teased at some point in his life for not knowing his way around the water. He probably played football and got really into the Army-Navy rivalry. Hazing was a big issue at this time, with the older classmen wanting to teach the “plebes” a lesson. Integrating southern and black cadets was also an issue.

Abridged Military Career (1905-1910): After graduation, Steve would begin phase one of his military career. At this point in history, the US is caught between isolationism and imperialism, sending soldiers to the Philippines, Nicaragua, Mexico, etc. The last conflicts of the Indian Wars were also continuing. No glory, no honor. Steve grows disillusioned with the military. His father, though privately upset by imperialism, is nonetheless deeply disappointed when Steve takes a honorable discharge and announces his intention of seeing the world without a gun in his hand.

Rogue Explorer (1910-1915): Let’s say it’s around 1910 when Steve sets off to see the world. He uses his natural charm, his smarts, and his military understanding of supply and trade routes to become a smuggler — but only to fund his travels and fun. Steve is a ladies man because he genuinely loves women. He falls for them on a regular basis and knows his mercurial nature well enough that he only pursues women who know what they’re about and can teach him a thing or twenty. He isn’t a heartbreaker; he’s spot of fun to be remembered fondly.

Steve meets Chief first and the two from a strong bond (one that acknowledges the heavy cultural baggage they left the US with). Steve meets Sameer next, probably because Sameer needs that face of Steve’s to pull off a con. The two begin to work together and bring Chief into their group. They meet up, go off on their own, meet back up — they see the world alone and together. Charlie they meet just as WWI is kicking off. He’s a soldier in the British military, and their contact for sneaking in their smuggled goods. At first, the war is good for business. It’s the “do nothing” approach. Steve tells himself that smuggling goods is helping the boys on the front lines, he’s doing a service. Besides, the US is neutral. Why shouldn’t he be? Charlie re-joins the war effort first. Then Sameer offers his services to British Intelligence. Chief stays neutral, and they all understand. Steve, who can’t stand the horrors anymore, returns to the US.

Soldier-Pilot-Spy (1915-1918): Piloting was just in its infancy when Steve begins his soldiering life again, but he takes to it like a duck to water. The US won’t officially join the war until 1917, but years before they’re offering pilot training and recruiting all the officers they can find in anticipation. That picture of Steve was probably taken in early 1917. After proving himself a competent pilot and a capable officer, British Intelligence would come knocking at his door on Sameer’s recommendation. As a white man and an officer, Steve would get an office in London, a personal secretary, and a place at the table with the brass. His father might indirectly find out his son is now a spy not a soldier and have some thoughts about that ignoble line of work.

But Steve is good at it. He speaks enough languages (at least French and German) to be useful, and his natural charm makes him a valuable operative. He proves more than effective as a honeytrap. (see: scene with Dr. Poison). Spying is an ideal blend of his rogue-soldier dichotomy. While he’s proud of his success and emphatically does not want to suffer, he harbors a deep guilt that other men — better men — are bleeding and starving and dying in the trenches. He grows cynical and numb executing his duty. The armistice and the notebook recall him to life, giving him a mission that he can believe in. Diana, of course, awakens his idealism even further.

In Times of War - Part One

Summary: Steve and Y/N embark on a dangerous mission to figure out the truth behind Insight Corporation and its CEO, Alexander Pierce. But pretending that you’re in love when you actually can’t stand each other will prove to be a difficult challenge.

Warnings: Violence, swearing, character death, mention of cancer

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A/N: This is the first part of my entry for @marvelous-fvcks 3k writing challenge. My prompt was ‘Uh…there’s only one bed’ and the fluffy one-shot I had intended to write has now evolved into a full-blown series. This is an AU, roughly centered around the events of the Winter Soldier. Enjoy!

There was a dead man on his sofa. Alexander Pierce stopped on the threshold of his living room, a steaming cup of coffee in his hands. He had woken up not ten minutes ago and he still had pillow creases on his aging face, complete with mussed hair and stale breath.

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Come What May

Genre: Mafia!AU; One Shot

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader 

Words: 926

Summary/Plot: What happens, if the son of a world famous mafia Boss and a girl from a rival mafia group fall in love with each other? There was one rule: Never fall in love with another mafia member.

Warnings: Mention of blood and death, angst(?)

Our love for each other has been going on for almost eight Months. It was not allowed, but they found out that we have been together.

My death sentence.

I keep running through this huge abandoned building, an old factory, which is going to be destroyed soon. An actual meaningful place to me.

In the distance I am able to hear them, my „comrades“. They are trying to kill me. Our boss assigned them to kill me because I broke his number 1 rule. „Don’t fall in love with another Member of the Mafia, or else…“ he gestured his thumb to cut his throat. Showing that, if someone breaks his rule, they will die.

And unfortunately, I broke this rule. The most important rule in his Mafia. But I couldn’t stop myself. There was no other way, I had to love this man. His existence was absorbing my entire self.

His body is like a magnet, always pulling me to him. His kindness is making my heart jump through my whole body. His funny and dorky side making me laugh tears. His seriousness fascinating me. His touch burning my skin. His eyes captivating me into an endless trance.

I run through the many corridors of this huge building, trying to escape from the people, who are trying to kill me. I turn to the left to run up the stairs, leading to a huge hall. As I climbed the final steps I see him standing there at the other side of said hall. You can hear my loud panting echoing through the air.

As always he is dressed up in a white dress shirt, black pants and matching black shoes and holding his signature silver gun in his right hand, his light brown hair a bit messed up. Maybe he had to fight against someone. I was about run over to him, when…


I remember the time where we said our first „ I love you“’s. Even though he hasn’t said it out loud. But the feeling of his words was exploring. It was at our secret location. The empty rooftop of the abandoned fabric. The sky was filled with millions of stars and a marvellous moon, shining as bright as my love for Kim Taehyung. The son of the world famous Mafia Boss, King Kim. No one knows his real name, only his relatives.

He stared into my (Y/E/C) and i just stared back, into his intense sharp brown eyes. Formed like those of a tiger.

„I never knew I could feel this for someone. You made me realise that there is a world outside, a world without guns, blood and death… a world with peace, beauty and love.“ He took a deep breath.

„Thank you“

My heartbeat was increasing, hammering against my ribs. The most beautiful words I have ever heard. I felt like I was in a trance, hearing someone say these words, to me. Never ever in my life would have happened this, if I hadn’t met him. Taehyung can’t be real, he has to be a dream, an illusion my heart has made up to feel some love. My whole wimpy life, I’ve waited for someone, who is going to love me for who I am. For this moment, the world seemed like a perfect place.

I reached out my hand to caress his soft cheek, feeling his smooth hot skin. It feels like I am touching the clouds. „Tae..whatever may come, I will love you… until the day I die.“ I whispered into his ear. He took my hand and pressed his lips into mine, giving me a sweet loving kiss, soon to be replaced with a deep passionate kiss. His other hand kept stroking my back, leaving a hot trail of flowers on my skin.

We promised to always stand at each other sides even though we could not be physically present. We have our ways. I will never leave him, come what may.

Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped running. Maybe we would have made it out of this, alive, being able to live together, starting a new life. Together.

Lying in his arms, once again, I stared into his beautiful eyes. The eyes I love so much, rethinking the beautiful moments we shared together. My blood staining his white dress shirt, tears flooding his eyes, running down his cheeks until they fell onto my forehead. I didn’t want him to cry, everything I wanted is to see a bright smile on his beautiful face. Tears like these didn’t suit him. „(Y/N)… please, don’t leave. Stay with me… I will find a way out… “ he whispers through his loud sobs.

„Please… don’t cry Tae… try to be happy. You need to be alive, I promise you that a long and beautiful life is waiting for you. Other than this here…“ I whispered back with a smile, blood filling my mouth, giving me a hard time to speak.

As I closed my eyes, I began to realise that because of him, Kim Taehyung, I started to live again. Back in the day, when I met him, my life got a reason. A reason to live. His love for me made me alive. I only existed because of him.

If I get one last wish granted before I go, I wish to exist in the world, where Taehyung and I will meet again, being allowed to love each other, with no rules.

… and no death.

Title: The Moon (Part 1.)

Character(s): Negan and Luna Grey (fictional).
Summary: Luna, a shy and timid woman, encounters Negan who is the complete opposite. Negan tries to break her out of her shell, but will it work? It was going to be tough, especially since he reminds Luna of her late husband… And not in a good way.
Word Count: 2,014
Warning: This is based solely off of TV!Negan. I have yet to read Comic!Negan, so the characterization you read here will be inspired through JDM’s acting. I hope you enjoy it regardless!

Originally posted by marythenurse

Luna had dark brown, shoulder-length hair, icy blue eyes that could make a person sympathize for her, and she was tiny. Not only was she tiny, but she was timid. Shy. Quiet. She had always been this way, even before the world ended and the dead began to roam the Earth.

She had been alone for quite some time now. She never really did get along well with others. Many assumed that her introverted nature was her way of thinking that she was better than everyone else, when it was the opposite. Luna never had the self-confidence that many other people had. She never thought she was good enough. Even in the old world.

At first glance, one would guess that she used to be a teacher or an accountant or any job that didn’t require much physical effort. Luna didn’t mind though. She may have been quiet, but she sure had thick skin.

Luna had been scavenging an abandoned grocery store when she heard the sound of an engine approaching. Instantly, she placed her hand on her Glock 22 that was strapped to her hip. She held it with two straight arms, crouching down stealthily.

Don’t kill. Don’t kill. Don’t kill.

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Take a moment

Imagine, regardless of your beliefs, that in 2010 a machine released a series of waves that rendered all guns and bombs (including missiles and those alike) useless. Imagine from that point that everyone accepted a world without guns, without war. Imagine all the news stories that we’ve heard that would disappear, all the tragedies, all the death. This isn’t about gun control, this isn’t about hunting, this isn’t about anything but a world where guns just didn’t exist. A world where loved ones would still be around to celebrate their birthdays, to see their friends, to live. 

Take a moment, just a tiny moment, to think about that world and how different it would be from the one we’re living in today. 

dream-niffler  asked:

If there were less guns, there would be waaaaay less gun related violence(its kinda common sense...) its odd of you to say we can rally against violence when you're obviously a huge supporter of guns...

Your point makes sense. But it doesn’t work.
Less guns from where? there are 300 million guns in the US. Less than .01% of them are used for violence. When does shaving off some of that completely legal and harmless 300 million start to make a difference against crime and murder? Well it would make much more sense to target the criminals and disarm them. But consider that a gun can be made from plumbing parts.

This gun was made in prison. It is a multi-shot shotgun.

The problem isn’t that simple. One cannot create a world without guns by taking them. That only creates a world with armed criminals. Or people that choose other means to their destruction, like explosives, or going on a stabbing rampage. If someone is sick, and evil, they need help. 

“its odd of you to say we can rally against violence when you’re obviously a huge supporter of guns…”

This is honestly a disturbing misconception. I hate the evil in this world as much as the next reasonable human. I just prefer to be armed legally should i ever have to face it….