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Poem Psalm by Wisława Szymborska, Polish Nobel Laurate, 1976

~ Earth/Terra: More important than homeland!!! 

“Oh, the leaky boundaries of man-made states!  How many clouds float past them with impunity; how much desert sand shifts from one land to another; how many mountain pebbles tumble onto foreign soil  in provocative hops!

Need I mention every single bird that flies in the face of frontiers or alights on the roadblock at the border?  A humble robin - still, its tail resides abroad  while its beak stays home. If that weren’t enough, it won’t stop bobbing!

Among innumerable insects, I’ll single out only the ant between the border guard’s left and right boots blithely ignoring the questions "Where from?” and “Where to?”

Oh, to register in detail, at a glance, the chaos prevailing on every continent! Isn’t that a privet on the far bank smuggling its hundred-thousandth leaf across the river? And who but the octopus, with impudent long arms,  would disrupt the sacred bounds of territorial waters?

And how can we talk of order overall? when the very placement of the stars leaves us doubting just what shines for whom?

Not to speak of the fog’s reprehensible drifting! And dust blowing all over the steppes as if they hadn’t been partitioned! And the voices coasting on obliging airwaves, that conspiratorial squeaking, those indecipherable mutters!

Only what is human can truly be foreign. The rest is mixed vegetation, subversive moles, and wind.“

~ Translated by Stanisław Barańczak and Clare Cavanagh

In 2011, 39 year old Prisca enrolled as a patient in the MSF HIV/AIDS project in Zimbabwe. She was diagnosed with HIV in 2008 and became pregnant by her second husband in 2010, whom she had met at the project. She named her daughter, Shamiso and gave birth in January of 2011. In Shona, one of the widest spoken languages in Zimbabwe, Shamiso means ‘miracle’. And a miracle she was. When tested, Shamiso’s tests came back with a result that truly shocked Prisca – HIV negative. Because of that, Prisca even thought of having a second child with her husband.

Now Shamiso is 5 years old and is a fully healthy and functioning child, even attending school. 

“I had not known about MSF’s HIV program before I went and got tested but when I tested positive, I followed all the instructions I was given, but I still thought my child would be HIV positive. I had lost all hope but I got assistance and through that, I was able to give birth to an HIV negative child.”

Exo reaction to you waking up with no make up on and bad hair

OMG yay! My first reaction, and i’m extremely excited ahah, thanks for the request anon and I’ll try to do my best,I kinda turned some of them into mini-scenarios, I hope you don’t mind.

Kai: You two feel asleep on the couch last night as you were watching a dog tv show that he loved it because it teached new tricks to do with Monggu.So basically you didn’t get to shower, brush your teeth or your hair before falling asleep , which resulted in caos the next morning.You woke him up, forgetting about your ‘condition’, after he opened his eyes and came back to reality , he looked at you smiling, to which you replied.”What?” , he started to stroke your hair “Nothing, it’s just that your hair it’s all messy-” You didn’t even let him finish and ran out to the bathroom. He yelled in cofusion “Jagi? I was gonna say that it looked cute” To which you replied from the bathroom.”Are you kidding me?” He just laughed at your reaction although he really meant it.

Tao: Given his honest  + maknae personality he will laugh at you a little bit but without hurting your feelings, and you knowing he wasn’t saying it as a bad thing , will point out that “you know, I agree with Sehun, you also look extremely weird with no make up on” To which he would be kinda offended.but you will also say; “That’s why we make a good team” 

Luhan: You were feeling horrible about everything that day, that hapenned once in a while.You had just woken up and looked at yourself in the mirror, with no makeup on.Right as you were about to start putting some make up on your bf came up behind you; “Jagi, morning, what are you doing? already putting make up on?” He said still sleepy.You said “I look terrible, I need some make up on me to look decent” “What? Are you crazy?” He hugged you from behind. “I think you have serious eye sight problems because all I see is the most beautiful girl in the world” You smiled sincerely and he said , picking your concealer off of your hand. “No make up day, hun? what do you think?” “Okay” you said it as he smiled at you. 

Lay: He won’t be bothered at all with it. He will even tell you you looked even prettier like this.And give you a little lecture about how makeup is bad for your skin and you don’t need to wear it.  “You are really being selfish baobei, you look so pretty without make up on, just look at it!” He would put you in front of a mirror. “Wake up like this more often, for me?” 

Sehun: You two were laying on bed and he woke up right before you and started staring at your sleeping figure.You openned your eyes slowly and noticed his gaze on you. “What are you doing” you asked him smilling.Immersed on his thoughts he looked at you and trying not to get caught by admiring you, he just answered. “ah.. nothing, just noticing how you look weird with no make up on” He said looking far from your eyes, you knew that everytime he did that, he was lyieng.So instead of being mad you just replied “Well, you don’t look that good yourself so.. I’m not worried” “Wait, what?” He said hurrily looking at himself on the closest mirror as you laughed.

Xiumin: Being very mature I don’t even think he will notice that much of a difference really, he will just think it’s a natural thing and be kinda happy that you feel confortable enough to be around him ‘bare-faced’. He had always knew you were amazingly pretty, with or without make up on. 

Kris: He was going to pick you up so you two could have a morning date, but you totally overslept and by the time he got to your house, all you could hear was him at the door so you quickly got up on your pjs and ran to open the door, not bothering to look at yourself in the mirror.You opened the door for him “Kris i’m so sorry, I overslept” He said it was okay and entered your house.After that he looked at you and said “that’s a very refreshing look you picked up for our date” You looked at him in confusion. “Huh?” And saw your reflection in the mirror.You turned around to put another clothes on as he said,teasing you. “You’d better change your clothes because my gf can’t be seen like this” After you were ready and about to head off you looked at him and said. “You’re the worst” To which he replied. “Well, you are dating a fashion icon you know” That made you angrier. “You still looked very pretty though” He said it with a smile,trying to melt you. 

Baekhyun: I think he will tease you a little bit, knowing of how much you cared about your image. He will be like “Oh my, where did my girlfriend go?” and pretending to be scared, stuff like that, which after a while make you kinda sad and right as he notices he stops and looks in your eyes. “hey, don’t be like that, I was just kidding, you…look…amazing…either…way” He will say between giving kisses at every inch of your face.

D.O: He will notice at first since this is a first and stare at you without saying anything, kinda analysing over your face for a good 3 minutes.You get irritaded with his silence and says “Do I look that bad?” to which he will say. “Absolutely not, how do you manage to always stay this beautiful? Are you even human?” Making you blush.

Chanyeol: As soon as he wakes up , he will notice you have no make up on, which he would make a note out loud. “You have no makeup on.” Since he didn’t really reacted to it you pushed your head down a little bit. “What are you doing?” He would poke you “You look great , plus, have you seen ME without make up on? not an angel sight” He will say making you smile a little. He will jump out of bed, being the energetic guy he is, “here, I’ll show you” He will say picking up a make up remover from the bathroom. “Get ready” You will look at him amused as he takes his make up off. “And please don’t scream” He will say making you laugh loudly, with that sound he will laugh with you. 

Chen: He won’t even notice till you point out and sigh. “Ah, I should lock myself up on a prison for looking like this” He will laugh at your comment and shake his head at dissaproval. Saying  “can I go with you? I can make you hot cocolate there and we can be together forever, making fun stuff without the world bordering us, watcha say?” 

Suho: He will probably be bumped for you not wanting him to see you without make up on and with weird hair, at least at your eyes. “Nah” He will say ‘locking you’ between his arms not letting you run to the bathroom.”Don’t even think of putting make up on or even brushing your hair, my beautiful is gorgeous as she is, no props needed it” He will kiss you after, making you blush and saying. “I should brush my hair though, or else all that fancy shampoo you got me will be good for nothing” He will let you go and say “fine, but NO make up” “Fine” You will say making your way to the bathroom. 

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Dr. Ilaria Moneta, Italian pediatrician currently on a MSF mission in the Central African Republic

“One of the patients who touched me the most is an 18 months old boy who was suffering from pneumonia and severe malnutrition.

He was very weak when he was admitted, but improved significantly during his 10 days stay with us. You know, it’s not good for small children to stay that long in a hospital. But this little boy recovered remarkably, and towards the end of his stay he was so much better, always giving me a big smile when I would come, grabbing my hand, wanting to engage.

But yesterday he came back for his follow up appointment, and he worried me. He lost a lot of weight in a week – that’s not good for a such a young child. I could see right away that he was not well: he didn’t recognize me anymore, he was sad, he was like another person. I wanted to hospitalize him again to keep an eye on him, but we couldn’t. They live in town, so at least they don’t have to travel far to come to us. They didn’t come back today, so he must be doing OK. I hope so.

The reality of pneumonia can be very scary and dangerous. Each year, it takes the lives of nearly one million kids. There’s a vaccine to prevent it, but it’s too expensive for many countries to afford. That’s why we need #Pfizer and #GSK to drop the price to $5/child for all developing countries and humanitarian organizations. #AskPharma

ISTANBUL — Airstrikes on rebel-held areas in the Syrian city of Aleppo destroyed a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders, the aid group said Thursday, killing at least 14 patients and staff in the latest attacks that have all but unraveled a cease-fire accord.

A separate airstrike killed as many as 20 people, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, amid mounting worries among international relief coordinators and diplomats that Syria’s conflict could be moving onto dangerous new ground with Aleppo as a pivot point.


Why travel to Ecuador

You can say more than a thousand reasons to travel to this country in South America, but I want to highlight is the opportunity for the traveler to visit this country.

It is among the few places in the world without leaving their border has mountains, volcanoes ( some active ), beaches , islands, stunning waterfalls, amazing wildlife, a particular food, and for alleged special mentions of the Islands Galapagos and the Ecuadorian Amazon .

It is among the few countries in the world that blends its history, customs, culture and mixed with the modernity of the XXI century. Can we talk about the historic center of the capital Quito , their lavish churches in Cuenca, Gardens of the City of Ambato, the city that is the great city of Guayaquil, Malecon 2000 , their houseboats in the river Babahoyo and so endless examples that highlight the different attractions , each different from the other but are part of the same nation . A country where you can do a myriad of activities with family , friends and even meet new people, because the people are open and friendly .

A country of cold mountains, warm beaches, thundering waterfalls, large cities, ultimately a colorful country.


Razones por las que viajar al Ecuador

Se pueden decir mas de mil razones por las cuales viajar a este país ubicado en América del Sur, sin embargo lo que quiero destacar es la oportunidad que tiene el viajero al recorrer este país. 

Es de los pocos sitios en el mundo que sin salir de sus frontera posee montañas, volcanes (algunos activos), playas, islas, impresionantes cascadas, una increíble fauna y flora, una gastronomía muy particular, y por supuestos las menciones especiales de las Islas Galápagos y el Amazonas Ecuatoriano.

Es de los pocos países en el mundo que fusiona su historia, sus costumbres, su cultura y la mezcla con la modernidad del siglo XXI. Podemos hablar del casco histórico de su capital Quito, de sus fastuosas iglesias en Cuenca, de los Jardines de la Ciudad de Ambato, de la urbe que es la gran ciudad de Guayaquil, del Malecón 2000, de sus casas flotantes en el rió Babahoyo, y así un sin fin de ejemplos que destacan las diferentes atracciones, cada una de ellas diferentes a las otras pero que forman parte de una misma nación. Un país donde puedes hacer un sin fin de actividades con la familia, con los amigos, e incluso conocer gente nueva, porque su gente es abierta y amigable.

Un país de montañas frías, de playas calientes, de cascadas ensordecedoras, de grandes metrópolis, en definitiva un país lleno de color.

JonJon, 33 years old from the US

I will never forget the MONTH I had pneumonia. It started on a cold Tuesday night in early December 2010. At the time I thought I was coming down with a cold, and by Thursday I was fully convinced I caught a bad flu. Little did I know by that Saturday morning I would be admitted into my local hospitals ER and diagnosed with streptococcus pneumonia. 

I had a high fever, my vision was blurred, and time seemed to slow down with every breath I took as I struggled to fill my lungs with air. I literally felt like I was drowning, and I felt helpless. As the doctor put me under to calm me down, I remember still gasping for air to let my mom that I loved her and my family. I truly believed I was going to die.

I woke up days later from a medically induced coma, intubated to a machine that was breathing for me. I found out that my lungs had filled up so much with infection that only 1/3 of my right lung was capable in taking oxygen. For the next two weeks it was a battle between pneumonia and me.  

I was taken off the machine and released home just before New Years Eve. Since I was bedridden, and deprived of solid food and water for a few weeks, I was left frail, and I could barely walk or stand on my own. My lung capacity was next to none and after I spoke a sentence I was out of breath as though I had been jogging for miles. Slowly but surely I made a full recovery. 

I was thankful and blessed I made it through that experience, and I always say I would never wish pneumonia on anyone.

The reality of pneumonia can be very scary and dangerous. Each year, it takes the lives of nearly one million kids. There’s a vaccine to prevent it, but it’s too expensive for many countries to afford. That’s why we need #Pfizer and #GSK to drop the price to $5/child for all developing countries and humanitarian organizations. #AskPharma

“Do you dream, Commander? When you look up at the night sky, and you see the brilliance of the infinite shining back at you? Do you feel the same awe, I wonder, as our first ancestors did; before cities, before towers, before Ghosts and Light and Dark?

Do you feel the same awe as I do?

You call us pessimists. Cowards, even. But I am full of hope. Full of belief. Full of compassion. 

And full of certainty as well. 

It is not for myself that I would leave the Heliopause behind, for I know that I will never live to see my goal. I do it for the sake of those to come; those who may one day take up our mantle - not as Guardians, not as soldiers - but as humans.  

Every one of those stars is as full of promise as we are. Every one, full of potential. Every one, a reminder of the Light that shines in all of us. 

I dream of a world without borders. I dream of a world free of darkness, free of decay and despair.  I dream that when the stars twinkle, the Fleet twinkles back.   

Infinity calls to us, Commander - to all of us. And it is calling us home.”

- Arach Jalaal

How Do You Say ‘Hope’?

For International Mother Language Day, 21 February 2016, we asked 10 young people from around the world how they say ‘hope’ in their native language, and what’s their hope for the future. 

The 10 young people are a mere fraction of the thousands of bloggers from all corners of the world who regularly contribute to UNICEF’s Voices of Youth blog. Voices of Youth is a community of bloggers with their finger on the pulse, sharing their honest views and inspirational stories on a daily basis. To read the latest posts and become part of our community, visit

Tamaou - Alfa, 21, Guinea

I hope that Africa will soon defeat poverty and lead the world towards prosperity. I hope that my children will grow up in a tolerant world without violence and boundaries to their creativity.

Pag-Asa - Mariel, 20, Philippines

In the future I hope to have a world without discrimination. A world with no labels and only a single word to describe ourselves - “Human”. 

أمل - Imen, 26, Tunisia

My hope for the future is that people will live in a peaceful, healthy and green world. A world where love and compassion are our mutual language and young people are the leaders of change.

Tshepo - Itumeleng, 25, South Africa

Hope is having an optimistic attitude towards life and can be directed towards certain aspects of oneself. I have hope in humanity and hope that Africa will develop and move past its conflicts.

Esperanza - David, 20, Costa Rica

For the future I hope to continue with my education and become a changemaker. I hope to reach those in need so they will have a fair shot in life.

Lekwaŋte - Diane, 25, Cameroon

In the future, I hope that I will become an international consultant in project management. I hope that I will have a spouse by my side, as well as a big family.

Hoffnung - Pia, 18, Germany

My hope is that mankind will stay alive to witness all of future’s wonders. I hope that people will recognize the potential of love and use it to create peace as an everlasting mission.

අපේක්ෂාව - Thamara, 21, Sri Lanka

My hope for the future is a world without borders. I hope for a world that breathes the same air, free of hatred, segregation and prejudice.

Lespoir - Yeshna, 17, Mauritius

I’m optimistic for the future, working to change things like extremism, racism and gender inequality. We will surely succeed in creating the world of our dreams and hope is what keeps us going.

Keito - Gerald, 24, Liberia

My hope for the future is a world in peace and unity. A world where there is love across all races, cultures and religions.

Garry 35 years old from the UK

On those two night flights home, Bangladesh to Turkey, and onwards to London, something wasn’t quite right.

Turning the key into my door later that day, I realized why. I moaned to my wife about how offices in warm countries always choose the parched iciness of full-blast air-conditioning: I always catch a cold there, and today I’d brought one home. It’s a special, nasty kind of cold too. It never starts with a gentle runny nose, but with a presence somewhere deep inside your chest.

I did what I usually do. I ignored it. This one felt like a slow-burner, though. For want of a better description, my lungs felt itchy, as if the virus wasn’t sure it wanted to grow and come out. I wasn’t coughing, though. I was barely sick.

Some six days later, I sat down at my desk to write an email.

I’ll never forget the next second, because there was no other feeling like it. It was like getting smacked in the temple with an ice pack, the ice then seeping into my skin and coursing through my blood. I shivered uncontrollably. I could barely steady myself up the stairs. “I’ll work in bed,” I thought, but could barely focus my eyes on the screen. So I closed them, and an hour of delirium ensued: something to do with Bangladesh, mixed with the thriller series I’d watched the night before.

When I came to, my body craved ice water. The thought of going back down the stairs; moving my trash can so I could get to my freezer; opening the freezer; then the drawer; then cracking open the ice tray; was almost unbearable. After several minutes, including a break halfway down the stairs, I got there.

Two days later, I messaged a doctor friend to say: “Three days with fever, no need to see my doctor yet right?” And he said, “Nope. Wait a bit longer.”

The next day was similar - until the excruciating, sharp stabbing sensation in my right side. Every cough turned into a gasp of pain.

I called an Uber, cancelled everything else, and made my way to the hospital. The driver dropped me off and wished me a nice day.

The next bit unfolded like a dream. I was given some drips. The wheelchair man pushed me along to the X-ray department. “You have pneumonia, a nasty one,” a doctor said. A few hours and four infusions later, I was given a box of antibiotics and sent on my way. The choreography was truly impressive. I’m glad I was taking the drugs before the next episode: when I started coughing blood. At least I was taking something, and over a few days felt much better.

I joked with my doctor friend, the one I messaged, that he’d been careless telling me not to see my doctor. His reaction was along the lines of, “Well you’re still alive, aren’t you?” But, as an afterthought, he asked to look at my x-ray himself, in case he could recommend a follow-up check. A few days later with no news, I gave him a call.

“Did you get hold of the X-ray?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “You’re fine. You have very sexy lungs.”

The reality of pneumonia can be very scary and dangerous. Each year, it takes the lives of nearly one million kids. There’s a vaccine to prevent it, but it’s too expensive for many countries to afford. That’s why we need #Pfizer and #GSK to drop the price to $5/child for all developing countries and humanitarian organizations. #AskPharma

March 1826.

It took a few weeks for Feuilly to realize why he had avoided properly talking to Combeferre since he had joined their small group. The truth was that he was, against all odds, slightly intimidated by this young man who looked a little bit like an absent-minded professor, with his disheveled clothes, small glasses, sharp words and softer, gentler ideas behind them, his bag perpetually full of books and his hands absurdely clean.

Enjolras and Courfeyrac had embraced his presence as if they had been unknowingly waiting for him to fill a missing spot at the leading table, Bahorel argued with him on daily basis - a proof of affection if any - Joly (and, Feuilly supposed, Bossuet too) had known him for a long time and even Grantaire - even Grantaire seemed to genuinely appreciate him.

Combeferre had been with them for almost two months, and Feuilly and him had never spoken properly. It was absurd.

“May i ask what’s the book is about?” He asked that night, sitting next to Combeferre. “Courfeyrac said you threatened to hit him with it if he bothered you again while you were reading.”

Combeferre startled slightly, but then smiled at him, amused.

“And yet you’re here, despite the risks,” he answered.

“Courfeyrac has been known to exagerate,” Feuilly pointed out with a small grin.

Combeferre snorted, and then he pushed the book toward Feuilly: “it’s a fascinating book on the possibility of an union of all nations in the future.” He said, his voice betraying an edge of excitement. “A world without borders, where every land belongs not to a king but to humankind in its entirety -”

“A fascinating idea,” said Feuilly, glancing at the book seriously. “But which could turn so easily bad, don’t you think? I cannot help but think of empires, of destroyed peoples, who might have heard the same words…”

Combeferre leaned over the table, eyes sharp and interested.

“I heard you speak about Poland last week,” he said. “Is that what you mean? Because I don’t think the author means to imply in any way such thing-”

“Ah, no!” Exclaimed Bossuet suddenly - Feuilly hadn’t noticed he was close and neither had Combeferre, if his small jump on his chair was of any indication. “Combeferre said the Word to Feuilly!”

“Bouh!” Exclaimed Bahorel and Grantaire in a joyful chorus, though their grins were nothing but full of anticipation.

“The Word?” Repeated Combeferre, raising an eyebrow at Feuilly.

“They tease me for having broader interests than France,” Feuilly said pointedly. “It’s my firm belief that there hasn’t been a greater crime in our time that what happened to Poland.”

Combeferre blinked, looking thoughtful, and then he moved the book away ever so slightly: “I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts on the subject.” he told Feuilly, sounding genuine.

Feuilly smiled and said “well -”

anonymous asked:

Dude why do you support the EU when they and Germany completely trashed Greece? Like can't you see it's a dampened form of imperialism

*deep breath*

tldr: no,

long pls read: guys, can we please stop misusing the word imperialism around this goddamned website?



  • er, were you around last year when I spent two full weeks if not one month trashing germany/merkel/christine lagarde for what was happening in greece? I 100% wholly thoroughly thought it was shitty/horrible/disgusting, I signed every petition I could on the matter, I put money in that fundraising to pay for greece’s national debt even if I knew it was never gonna succeed and I also thoroughly made sure everyone I talked to knew my opinion about it. is the EU perfect? no. like hell it is. I mean, look at the refugee policy or the austerity policies that have pretty much crippled my own country for now. I know the EU can suck. I also know the EU has to be re-thought and it needs updating and now I think the higher ups also got the deal but.
  • it’s not fucking imperialist.
  • first, the greece situation also happened because of what their own corrupt government did in the last twenty years - go look at it - and because they could thanks to the reagan/thatcher shitty af economical policies that they pushed in the eighties that made everyone think state supervision shouldn’t be a thing when it comes to loans/investments in a country LOOK AT HOW THE FUCK IT TURNED OUT. it was a 50/50 blame thing because the greek government fucked up and put itself in the situation it was in and the EU instead of acting with some sense ended up punishing the regular people who lived there and had no responsibility for that situation, and it was horrible. still, it wasn’t the EU GRATUITOUSLY fucking greece over because they could. was it before the 2008 crisis? spoilers: no.
  • second: do you know what being in the EU means? If the above wasn’t clear…
  • free trade market. do you know what it means to have a free trade market? so much that the british are desperately trying to access it for free now that they said they wanted out. it’s convenient for everyone and for places that export a lot (ie: italy) it is because it means there’s incentives to buy stuff.
  • a common currency. if we still had the lira, we’d be fucked. the euro was the best thing that happened to europe as a whole in the last twenty years and no one convinces me of less. it means that we’re a stronger economical block against the US and Russia and whatnot, it means that you can afford a better life than you could before the euro, it means I don’t have to change my currency wherever I go and I have an immediate idea of how much I’m spending or how much I’m paid in comparison to other countries. you imagine if every state in the US had a difference currency?
  • also the EU finances a lot of projects everywhere in the continent that couldn’t be afforded otherwise. it finances the fucking metro in naples. it finances university projects and gives money for PhD research and gives out study grants and being in it is also what allows some countries to have completely free education and most of others to keep the prices affordable for everyone, and sorry but I do believe that if you want an education you shouldn’t have to sell a kidney for it.
  • free movement of people: man, this is a globalized world. I want to travel. I want to meet people. I want a chance to work somewhere else if I want to. you know what that means? that if I want to go live in germany I can without getting a visa, that I don’t pay extra taxes for it and I’m considered the same as a german citizen, if I want to go study in france it’s the same. that incentives people to travel and the more you travel and see the rest of the world or at least your continent the less bigoted and the more tolerant you’ll grow up. that’s fucking fundamental. I grew up with the schengen treatise. I’d be fucking devastated if we closed the borders again and stopped the free circulation of people in this continent. closing borders and going back to tend to our own garden is not the way to go if we want to get anyfuckingwhere. and if it means I get a bunch of eastern european/community immigrants come into my country looking for a job/a better future, then I’M GLAD THEY’RE COMING. I really fucking am.
  • repeat: the 90s were a fairly good period to grow up in wasn’t it, but never mind. I grew up in a world where I was a european, I lived in italy which was a european continent, I didn’t need visas or passports to go anywhere else, I could travel wherever I wanted in the continent as if I was that country’s citizen, I don’t believe in closed borders because the only way to encourage integration, confrontation and prevent conflicts - why do you think there hasn’t been a war in between EU countries (let’s not count the balkans) since WWII was over and we had the longest period of peace in the entire history of the continent? Spoilers: because the fucking EU was there promoting an idea of having things in common and opening up the borders instead of fighting each other
  • and I’m way too invested in that idea to give up the EU because if you have to be in it then you can’t just have advantages.
  • also, the EU isn’t fucking imperialist. as long as your economy isn’t fucking up the rest of the union’s it generally can’t give two fucks about what you do in your own country. why do you think B was elected thrice? because if the EU was an imperialist power I can 100% assure you that angela merkel or anyone else who was in charge at the moment and hated his guts because he was an embarrassment to all of us would have never let him get re-elected. greece was an economical fail. not a political fail. it became that was because it was an economical fail and believe me I’m the first person to criticize that they went and fucked things up further with them the moment they elected a government that might not necessarily dance to the music christine lagarde & germany played, but it started from the economics.
  • the EU forces no one to be in it. if you want to be in it, you have to apply. if you want to leave, you can ask for it as we all seen lately. no one was forced to be in the EU. everyone who’s in it wanted to be in it because it’s convenient and automatically boosts your economy the moment you are inside it.
  • seriously, it’s not imperialism. watered down or not.

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tldr: there’s plenty good reasons to be in the EU, criticizing it from the inside if you want it to change is better than being on the outside without any power and I’d quite like to keep on living in a world without borders or people who think building walls between countries is a good idea. the last time it was a good idea it was probably when emperor adrian built one in between england and scotland, but I think that time’s passed.


Been working all evening on adding more Liam necklaces to the store. The sleepy mouse one HAS to be my favorite, look how cute!! All items made and sold to benefit 1dfansgive charities, these all obviously benefit Doctors Without Borders. Especially timely as they are helping with the tragedy in Nepal. Amount donated is available in each listing, varies from $8-13 on these, depending on material costs and difficulty in producing them.

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Wow thanks everyone, a lot of stuff is sold. You can click on “sales” on the left sode of my shop (under the picture of me) to see what items I have made and sold. You can also click on the custom order tab to have a similar one made or design your own item with me!