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Yahudi Prof. Finkelstein,
Filistinlilere yaptıkları zulmü ve
İsraillilerin ikiyüzlülüklerini yüzlerine vuruyor!

Jewish Professor Finkelstein,
The persecution of Palestinians and
He hits the hypocrisy of the Israelis in their

🇵🇸✌Özgür Kudüs
🇵🇸✌Free Quds

Stop Genocide!!!
Terorist Israel👆

[ if there is ever anyone who is brave enough and strong enough to start a revolution, the world won’t ever know about it. But we will. And when that day comes we’ll all have to make a choice. Fight for freedom or live like a slave. ]
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Amazing Surprises - 1

I have been wanting to post this series for a while now, but I needed to finish all of the single stories for the members. But it’s finally here! Also this is the unedited version, so I’m soooo sorry if there are any typos or bad grammar parts in it, I just didn’t want to wait ya’ll any longer. I hope you enjoy!

(P.S. Oh my word! I have NOT posted in a while and I’m so disappointed in myself! I was sooo busy this past month, my family came into town, I went to a baseball game, I went to an old friend’s house. And I got distracted while watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Amazing show btw. I’m so sorry! And I hope this long ass chapter and series can make up for it for my absence!)

Summery: Taehyung and Y/N’s “secret” relationship was recently announced and the world is going wild. Tabloid’s and New’s reports are insane and causing a bit of stress towards both Y/N and Taehyung. But what will happen when Taehyung and Y/N have a bit of a heated moment and get caught buying something “suspicious”?

Genre: Fluff. Romance. Drama. Angst. Mentions of Smut.

Characters: Taehyung X Reader Ft. Other Members and Y/N’s best friend; Jihyun.

Words: 5,678

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“Hello! How are you today? Hello” The hostess bowed many times. I bowed a lot of times in return, both being extra polite to the other.

“Hello. I’m good, thank you” I bowed again. She waved her hand towards the couch for me to sit, and I did.

Today I was at an interview. Being a famous solo artist and actress it was a given I get asked to be on many interviews or talk shows. Although today was a special one. The hostess was actually my best friend; Oh Jihyun. We hadn’t seen each other in months. It was so nice to be able to see her, even if we had to keep our relationship under wraps.

I couldn’t stop smiling; Just being able to see her face brightened up my day. She seemed to be sharing the same feeling since she had to force herself to look at the crowd instead of me.

“Now!” She cleared her throat “I’m sure all of you guys know who this is? Am I right?” The crowd cheered while some even lifted up signs to support me.

I laughed, still getting used to the fact that I was now an internationally famous artist.

“Yes of course you all know her! She’s Y/N L/N after all” The crowd cheered even louder.

“Okay” Jihyun chuckled “Why don’t we get started?” She turned back to me. I nodded in agreement.

“Yes. Let’s do that Jihyun” God it felt nice to say her name again. Since I have not seen her in a while it was taking all my muscles and nerves not to give her a bone crushing hug.

“So. I have to ask. How is this experience for you? I mean going from a famous girl group to an even more famous soloist-And actress I might add-” Jihyun started. I chuckled at some of the whistles from the crowd.

“Well.. It has been nice actually. I do, of course, miss the days where I could hang out with my band members with no problem, but I do feel like this is what I should be doing. I love making my fans happy while enjoying my work” I answered, making sure to be careful of what I was saying.

“Yes. That must be nice-”


“-Well. Okay I have to get to the point because I’m pretty sure we’re all curious here” Jihyun started. I chuckled again, knowing full well what was about to ask. I have already told her all the details through text, but the crowd didn’t know that.

“So your relationship with famous artist Kim Taehyung of BTS made world wide news. Am I right?” The crowd cheered again and I laughed.

“Yes. It did. Actually I was very surprised it did. I didn’t think it would be as a big deal as it was” I admitted.

“Are you kidding? You’re extremely famous and so is he. To see you two together-I mean I speak for everyone- You two are a perfect match” I could feel the blush creeping up my neck. No one has told either of us that.

“Well.. I wouldn’t say exactly that” I nervously chuckled.

Jihyun ignored the comment and continued with her questions “So how is it like dating famous Kim Taehyung?” Jihyun rested her chin in her palm, clearly interested in the things she has already heard.

“Well it’s been nice. I have known him since before we both even debuted so it feels nice to be able to express my feelings towards him in public”

“Mhmm” Jihyun answers, waving at me to continue.

“He also drives me crazy-In a good way- He is so sweet and is always caring for me; He makes my day just by messaging me. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, he is always on my mind” I just now realized how cheesy I was sounding and awkwardly chuckled.

“Aww! That’s so sweet!” Jihyun exclaimed and the crowd cheered in agreement. I could feel my face get redder if that was even possible.

“Thank you..” I awkwardly thanked.

“So how long has it been since you last saw him? I mean since you two are both very famous you have to also be very busy. It must be hard to find a single day together and relaxe. How do you do that?” Jihyun asked the question I was dreading the most.

“Well..” I nervously cleared my throat “I actually haven’t seen him in a while-But we do skype and text a lot, so that makes up for it- I also get to talk to his members too and they encourage me a lot. It helps” I explain and Jihyun nods.

“That’s nice to have something like that”

“Yea. It is-”

“So how long exactly have you not seen him?” Jihyun pressed and I tried my hardest not to pounce at her. She was doing this on purpose and I knew it. She was so getting an earful after the interview.

“Uhm… Well.. I think it’s almost been a.. Year.. Wow. It’s almost been a year since I’ve seen him” The crowd dramatically gasps.

I chuckled “It’s okay. We talk a lot though”

“Well that’s good that you two at least still talk right?” Jihyun points out and I nod.

The conversation after that went pretty smoothly. Just like a regular interview there were some personal questions; Like what’s the craziest thing you have done with all the BTS members.

I explained that I had gone to an amusement park with them, and being terrified of heights, I had thrown up after riding the ferris wheel. Jihyun started laughing followed by the crowd joining in.

“Yikes! That has to be tough” She exaggerated. She would know though since she was there too when it happened.

After the interview I went straight to the dressing room. My schedule was packed for the day, which meant I had to quickly re-touch my make up and change for my next event.

After saying my goodbye’s go Jihyun-And telling her to come over some time- I left in the black van.

I thought back to when we were talking about Taehyung. Has it really been a year since I haven’t seen him? I would always watch him on TV and have always supported him during his comebacks. We just never really had the time to see each other face to face. I couldn’t get my mind off of that.

We pulled up into a parking lot. My body guard leading me inside the building without getting mobbed by fans and paparazzi.

I had a fan meeting/sign today and it was a pretty busy day, which meant I would probably be back late.

I walk into the venue, also sent straight into dressing room; Just some precautions before the signing.

After all the touching up I was led back stage. I waited a bit before the announcer finally introduced me. I walked out from behind the curtain.

I smiled and waved at the fans as I walked out. They cheered and smiled as well, a lot holding up signs to support me. I have been an artist for a while now so I was used to this, but just not quiet used to being alone.

I formally bow, greeting the fans. They would occasionally cheer now and then. Finally it was time for the questions.

I sat down in a chair, a large table full of cue cards in front of me; probably filled with questions from fans.

I picked one up, making sure it was appropriate before reading it.

“Who, other than V-Oppa, are you closest with in BTS?” I chuckled at the question.

“Well other than Tae.. I have to say either Seokjin or Yoongi. Jin, of course being my brother and all. Yoongi because he is my best friend; I met him even before Taehyung or any of the other members. The rest are like bothers to me” I answered. The fans cheered, clearly happy with the answer. I decided to quickly move on to the next question.

Of course it was another BTS question “When do you think you will be able to see Taehyung-oppa, or any of the BTS members next?” I read out loud. I thought for a while, wondering if there were any Music Shows coming up or if they were having a comeback soon.

“Well it all depends” I started “We normally see each other during Music Award shows, but sometimes we surprise each other” I finished.

The questions after those seemed to be similar. I guess I had it coming when Taehyung and I announced we were dating. BTS are in my life forever now and I would have to get used to it.

Finally the questions were over and it was about time for me to leave, but not before giving the fans a final speech.

I stood up from my seat, clearing my throat to get everyone’s attention “I want to thank you all guys personally-Not just my Korean fans but even all you international fans-You have all supported me during all my tough times and I am very thankful for that” I took a deep breath before continuing “To be honest after our announcement that we are dating, I thought a lot of you guys would hate me, but you stuck by my side. I am extra thankful for that. I hope in the future we can continue to-” A loud scream cut through the venue, followed by other fans joining in.

My eyes widened in shock, my eyebrows furrowing together. They wouldn’t normally scream and intentionally interrupt my speeches. So what were they screaming at.

“What’s wrong?” I decided to ask. All of the fans pointed behind me. I quickly turned around, scanning the room, but nothing was to be found other than the table and chair I left.

“I don’t see anything” I answered, turning back to the fans but as soon as I did they started pointing and screaming; “Look!” or “Right there!”

I turned around but once gain the room was empty. I was starting to think the fans were playing a trick on me until I suddenly spotted a camera in the corner of the room. My eyes widened.

I scanned the room again and sure enough there were cameras on each of the corners in the room. This was a hidden camera prank.

I turned towards the fans again, a new determination building up inside me “What do you see?” I ask. I expected them to say something like “Camera’s” or maybe point out something I was missing in the room, but that was definitely not what I heard.

“TAEHYUNG!” They all screamed. My heart dropped and I stood there speechless. How could they be seeing Taehyung? He was back in Seoul and this is Busan. I think I would have known if my own boyfriend was in town.

I laughed “You guys are joking right?” I asked them but they all shook their heads. My stomach was starting to hurt.

“W-Where do you see him, because I don’t see him?” I quickly ask, turning around towards the “not so” empty room again.

I turned my head to look at the fans and they all pointed behind me again. I whipped my head around but there was still no one.

“What are you all pointing at?” I ask in frustration.

Immediately they all screamed “THE TABLE!” I jumped at the sudden noise, awkwardly chuckling. I decided to just go for it and walk towards the table.

I hesitantly walk around the table a couple times. There was a cloth over the table, so if he was hiding he would be under it.

I hesitantly reach down, lifting up the table cloth. It wasn’t until the cloth was completely off the table that a person jumped out, making me squeal at the sudden action.

Immediately I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I look up and sure enough I was faced with the box smiling idiot Taehyung. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my stomach did flips.

“Oh my god! Taehyung!” I screamed. As soon as I wrapped my arms arms around him fans started screaming, either cheering for us or just plain excited that Taehyung was here.

I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Was this all a dream? Were these pair of arms someone else’s and I was hallucinating? Or was it really my Taehyung?

These thoughts kept swirling in my mind, that is until Taehyung whispered in my ear “I missed you love” That was it. I knew it was really him. Tears filled my eyes as I nuzzled my face into his chest, my grip around him tightening just to make sure he wouldn’t let go.

It has been a year. A fucking year since I’ve seen him and I just couldn’t believe this was happening.

I could feel the soft rumbling of Taehyung’s chest as he chuckled. God I missed that laugh. He gently turned around so he was facing the fans, chin resting on top of my head.

“I think it’s about time for us to leave. It was great seeing all of you guys, and I can speak on behalf of both Y/N and I that we are very happy for your support. We love you guys!” He spoke for me. The fans cheeres one last time and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay! Goodbye for now!” Taehyung waved. I managed to pry myself away from Taehyung, wiping away my tears. I waved at the fans as well while Tae led me towards back stage.

Taehyung had his arm around me the entire time we were walking towards the dressing room. I had a couple people congratulating for a good job, but my only concern was the arm wrapped around my shoulder or rather the person it belonged to.

Taehyung and I finally reached the dressing room. He quickly opened the door, peeking his head inside to make sure no one was there. When he came back with a big grin I only assumed there was none.

Quickly Taehyung pulled me inside. I didn’t even have time to register before he was pinning me against the door.

He starts kissing me everywhere. My cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead, chin. Everywhere but my lips.

“Taehyung~” I whined. He stopped kissing me and gave me a smirk.

“What?” He nonchalantly asks.

“Kiss me”

“I am”

I roll my eyes “On my lips you meanie!” He laughed at my insult, shaking his head in the process.

“Not yet” He answers with a playful pout.

I groan as he moved his mouth to my neck. I would lie if I said I didn’t already enjoy this but I needed to kiss him myself.

One of his hands that was near my head moved down to grasp my hand, lacing them together. He kisses down my jaw, my earlobe, my neck, and to my collar bone and goes back and forth between those. Occasionally nipping my skin making sure to leave a mark.

“Taehyung~” I sing song again.

“Hmm?” I reach down, brining his face up to look at me. He was giving me another stupid grin. I can never resist him.

“Kiss me” I breathed out, barely a whisper. His smile faded, eyes flickering back and forth between my eyes and lips. Our lips just barely brushing against each other. What was he waiting for?

Just before anything more could happen there was a knock on the door. Taehyung and I quickly jumped away from each other, startled by the noise.

“Y/N. Taehyung. I know you’re in there. I’m sorry to interrupt but we really should get going” I head a familiar voice explain and my eyes widen.

‘You brought Jin?’ I worded to Taehyung and he nodded.

Quickly I opened the door and sure enough there was Jin, leaning against the door frame and grinning like a mad man.

This day just keeps getting better and better. I immediately jump into Jin’s arms, he chuckles as he wraps his arms around me as well.

“Oh my god Jin! I missed you!” I squealed and he chuckled again.

“I missed you too sis. How have you been?” Jin and I parted, arms still wrapped around each other as we spoke “I’m assuming good due to that hickey right there” He grazes my neck with his finger and my face goes red, replacing his hand with mine to cover it up.

I nervously clear my throat, ignoring his comment “I-I’m good. Great actually now that you guys are here. I have been getting surprise after surprise today, I mean I even saw Jihyun today” I answer referring to the previous interview I had.

“Oh, well don’t tell Jungkook that; He has been wanting to see her for a while now but nothing is working due to their busy schedules”

“Jungkook is here?” I ask, glancing behind Jin to see if there was any other BTS members hiding.

“Yea. Actually we’re all here” Jin points out finally letting me go.

“Seriously?” I look back and forth between Jin and Tae.

“Yea. We have a surprise concert happening near by. We obviously know you live here so we thought we could stop by. Is that okay?” Jin asks, giving me an evil smirk.

“Are you kidding me you idiot!” I playfully punch Jin’s chest “It’s more than okay! You guys can stay at my place and we can have a party every day!” I started getting excited.

“Okay, we’re not girls” Jin started, raising his hands up in defense “We’re staying at a hotel just a block from your house. Taehyung can stay at your place if he wants” He explained

I looked at Taehyung and he nodded “Okay, well you guys need to come over any time you can; This may be the only time I get to see you guys for a while” Taehyung and Jin hummed in agreement.

“Alright. We have a van waiting out back. It’s big enough for all of us but we don’t have enough time so we should go now” Jin explained and Taehyung led me out the hallway.

When we reached out back, al the members were hanging around next to the van. God it felt nice to see their faces. They all turned towards us when they heard the large door open.

“Y/N!” They all exclaimed. I smiled at them and waited as they all started walking towards me.

Of course the first one to reach me was Yoongi. He engulfed me in a bear hug. I wrapped my arms around him making sure to hold him tight.

“I missed you” I hear Yoongi whisper close to my ear. I chuckle. Normally Yoongi isn’t one for cheesy comments, but when he is he’s always discreet about it.

“I miss you too Yoongi” I answer and Yoongi let’s me go, looking at me for a minute before moving on for the next person to hug me.

It was Hoseok. Hoseok and I weren’t best friends but considering he was my sisters husband, we were still close.

“Hey bro” I smile at him and he brings me into a tight hug, just barely cracking my ribs.

“Hey Y/N! It’s been too long!” He exlaims.

“Oh Jeez Hoseok! I missed you too but I can’t breath” I gasp. He quickly let go and awkwardly laughs.

“Sorry” He apologizes, scratching the back of his neck.

“It’s okay” Hoseok steps aside for Jungkook. Jungkook was like a little brother to me, considering he was dating my best friend, I felt like I was responsible for him in a lot of ways.

“Jungkookie! Hey kiddo” I excitedly greet, immediately reaching up to give him a hug.

“Hey noona. How are you?” He returned the hug, giving me a chaste kiss on the forehead when we parted.

“I’m good. How are you and Jihyun?” I ask and Jungkook’s face falls.

“Good.. I just haven’t been able to see her; We’re both really busy”

“How about this. I’ll get you a date with her and you can hook me up with some of your banana chips?” I gave him a quirky smile with an eyebrow raised and his eyes lit up.

“Deal!” He answered. This is exactly why I felt responsible for him.

After that it was Jimin and Namjoon. Of course Namjoon, Jimin and I were close, but in a different way the others. I would go to Namjoon when I needed help with my college stuff or Jimin if I needed help with my vocals or dancing.

Finally we all loaded into the van. Unfortunately having an “overprotective” brother meant I would sit in the passengers seat, far away from a certain boyfriend and in eye level with a certain brother who was driving.

“So I have bad news for you Y/N” Jin started, turning to look at me during a red light “Since our show is in four weeks we have to go straight to dance practice after I drop you off” Jin sighs and I sigh.

“It’s okay, I understand. Make sure to come by when you’re done. Unless it’s midnight then come in the morning” I mumble the last part and Jin laughs.

“Got it” He answers “But there is good news” He started again and my attention is brought up again “Taehyung doesn’t need to go since he did extra practicing at home. Our choreographer said he can take a few days off” He explained and I felt a burden lift off. I would lie if I said them leaving for dance practice didn’t kill me.

“Sounds good” I masked my disappointment.

After a bit of a drive we finally arrived at my apartment complex. Taehyung and I hopped out of the van, waving at the members as they left.

Taehyung and I quickly ran towards the building once they were out of sight. I was catching speed when I could see him in the corner of my eyes just before he passed me. I was starting to think this was a face.

We finally arrived at my apartment, out of breath as I unlocked the door. I walked inside and dropped my bags on the floor. I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. As I was pouring the water I spoke.

“So what did you want to do? I have tons of movies we could watch. I have popcorn and snacks, we could have like a movie night?” I suggest but there was no answer.

“Babe-” I felt a strong hand grasp my shoulder, yanking me around to face them. I smiled when I noticed who it was. I didn’t even notice Taehyung was right behind me when he was.

He grabbed the glass out of my hand, carefully setting it on the counter. He placed both his hands on either side of the sink, trapping me in his arms.

I glanced down and noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I snorted “You work fast-” I was cut off yet again when Taehyung crashed his lips on mine. It was a slow and passionate kiss yet very sweet. My stomach did flips. I had been missing this.

Once Taehyung was done he rested his forehead onto mind “I haven’t seen you for a year.. All of you..” One of his hands landed on my waist, slowly skimming down “I think 'working fast’ is an understatement on how I feel right now” His lips were back on mine.

Hid hand that was on my waist reached down to my thigh, lifting it up to his waist. I got the hint and jumped up, wrapping my other leg around his waist. He used his other hand to support my other thigh, making sure I wouldn’t fall.

His lips left mine, skimming down my neck he started nipping over my older bruises, making darker ones. I would need to use makeup to cover that up.

I combed my fingers through his hairs as he kissed down to my collar bone. I bent my head back allowing him more access.

Taehyung turned around in the kitchen, slowly making out way towards my bedroom.

Two Weeks Later …

I woke up to bitter cold nipping me on my bare back. I turned around in bed, blindly reaching out for a warm body that was not there.

I groan, peeking an eye open. Sure enough Taehyung was not in bed. I decided to get up, slipping over Taehyung’s oversized shirt falling just below my butt.

I lazily walked out of my bedroom. The closer I got to the living room I could start to hear faint noises coming from the TV. As I entered the living room a yawned escaped my mouth. I tried rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“Hey sleepy head” I opened my eyes again to see Taehyung staring at me. He had a stupid grin plastered on his face.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing. You’re just too cute when you look like that” He answered, outstretching his arm for me to come to him.

I sighed as I made my way towards him. I plopped down on the couch, immediately cuddling into his chest. His arms wrapped around me, and he brought the blanket that was on him over me.

I draped a leg over his that was on the coffee table. I rested my hand on his chest as I watched him flip through the channels on the TV.

There wasn’t much to watch, that is until I saw him quickly switch past a channel with his band on it.

“Wait! That was you guys!” I tried grabbing the remote out of his hands but he lifted it out of my reach “Taehyung~”

“No I don’t want to watch that; It’s cringy watching myself like that” He explained, narrowing his eyes at the TV.

“So what? I wanna watch it” I was finally able to grab the remote out of his hands. I quickly switched through the channels again.

“No!” Taehyung dramatically shouted, attacking me in the process. He lifted me off of him so I was now laying on my back, him on top of me.

“Taehyung you’re crushing me!” I gasped.

“That’s the point! Then you can’t change the channels” But it was too late. I had finally found the channel, watching in content with Taehyung on top of me, his head turned away from the TV.

I noticed it wasn;t a concert or fanmeeting, it was an interview. Even better.

“So I need to ask you something” The interviewer asked, pointing towards Taehyung. I smiled, interested as to what he would ask.

“So we all know about your relationship with Y/N-” The other BTS members hooted and clapped. Some who were close to Taehyung patted him on his back.

Meanwhile the Taehyung with me was hiding his face in my neck, afraid to watch it. I rested my hand over his open ear so he couldn’t hear either, occasionally playing with the strands of his hair near his ear.

“Taehyung on the TV nodded "Well then I have to ask how that’s going?” How does it work? I mean since you both are busy and all" The interviewer finished.

“He talks about her a lot!” Jungkook answered for him.

“And he calls her a lot too!” Jimin added.

“He never lets me talk to her when he calls her though” Jin pouted. I chuckled knowing full well he was lying; Jin would always steal the phone from Tae, running off into the closet so he wouldn’t find him. We would end up having hour long conversations before Taehyung can find him.

“Hey, Hey! He asked me” Taehyung pointed out, the rest chuckling “Y/N and I are doing good actually. I met her before we debuted so we have been best friends for a while now. I finally got the courage two years ago to ask her out; Probably the best decision in my entire life” I smiled even larger. The other members made kissing sounds and saying “Oooh"s

"That’s really good! So how would you describe her?”

“Well… She’s funny.. Sweet.. She is always worrying about my health, telling me to eat and stay healthy. She’s makes sure that I tell other members as well. She can always cheer me up even when I’m at the worst of worsts. She is a very good cook-Which is an up side considering I can’t cook at all- She has the most beautiful smile in the entire world. Her eyes are gorgeous. She just makes me all happy inside. I don’t know it’s just really good” Taehyung finished. I could almost feel a tear slip past my cheek. He had never once told me any of this. Of course Taehyung is a very affectionate guy, but when it comes to sharing his feelings, he normally bottles it up afraid he will say something wrong.

Taehyung groaned in my neck, clearly embarrassed.

“That is so sweet!” The interviewer exclaimed “So when was the last time you have seen her?” He suddenly asked. You could tell the air in the room the members were in became tense. Taehyung shifted in his seat.

“Um… I think.. It’s been about a year..” The crowd became silent, a couple gasp being heard amongst the silence.

“Really? A year? Wow that’s a long time. So you guys are maintaining a long distant relationship?” Taehyung nodded “Oh. Well that’s awesome that you two are still going strong. I applaud you”

“Thank you”

“So are you planning on seeing her anytime soon; Surprising her or just visiting” The interviewer pressed on.

“Actually I already have something planned. I was planning on surprising her for our anniversary. I was-” The TV was suddenly shut off. I looked up and realized Taehyung was sitting up now and managed to grab the remote out of my hands.

“Wait! Wait! I want to see what you were going to say!” I shouted.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise then babe!” He sat down next to me. He frowned when he noticed my glassy eyes and wet cheeks, hovering over me again to examine my face.

“Why are you crying?” He brushed his thumb over my cheek to wipe the tears.

I sniff while chuckling “I don’t know… I’ve just never heard you say anything like that.. It makes me feel good..” I trailed off. He gives me a warm smile, leaning down to kiss my nose.

“Well every word is one hundred percent true. I don’t know what I would do without you” Taehyung leaned down again, placing a soft, sweet kiss on my lips.

Suddenly my stomach felt wrong, not exactly in the best way. It started churning and a bad familiar feeling built up in my stomach. I immediately pushed Taehyung off of me, running towards the bathroom.

“Oh god!” I yelled on the way. As soon as I made it to the toilet I instantly started vomiting. I didn’t even know I had anything in my stomach.

I could hear Taehyung’s heavy footsteps running into the bathroom. He sighed and pulled my hair back in a pony tail, rubbing small circles on my back with his free hand.

After I was done choking to death I was able to brush my teeth. The entire time I thought back to what could have possibly make me throw up. Did I have a stomach virus? Maybe the flu? It made no sense; I felt completely fine otherwise.

Through the reflection of the mirror I can see Taehyung leaning against the door frame, giving me a questionable look. He was probably racking his brain just as much as I was.

“So..” He started “Was kissing me that bad for you?” Taehyung playfully pouted and I chuckled.

“No! Of course not. I don’t even know what’s going on; I felt completely fine before and I still feel completely find now..” I explained while rinsing my mouth.

“Huh..” Taehyung finished “Do you happen to want something to eat? You should probably get something in your system” He suggested and I shrugged.

“What’s there to eat?” I walk out of the bathroom with Taehyung on my heels. Walking into the kitchen, I hop onto the counter while Taehyung rummages through the fridge.

“I could make you some eggs.. Or better yet; ramyun with eggs. Your favorite” I scowled. The thought of ramyun suddenly didn’t sound to appetizing.

“No. I’m really not in the mood for that” I answer. Taehyung closes the fridge and stares at me dumb founded “What?” I ask in confusion.

“You? Not in the mood for your favorite meal? You always want ramyun with eggs” He walks closer to me, standing in between my legs and wrapping his arms around my waist “What is going on with you?” He asks.

“I don’t know..”

“Have you started your period?” I chuckle, playfully hitting him on the chest.

“No you dork! I’m actually a week late..” I trail; A thought suddenly occurring. I thought back to two weeks ago.

“Tae?” I start and he nods “Did we use a condom…?”

~To Be Continued~

Friendly reminder that Robin chose Barney over Ted in the Final Page Part 2.
The main reason why Barney chose this exact date was to confront Robin and make her choose between Ted and him once and for all.
There have been two options for her:
Option 1: She chooses Ted, stays in the car and accompanies Ted to one of the biggest days of his career. That would have meant setting Barney free and allow him to move on without her.
Option 2: She chooses Barney, agrees to just be friends with Ted by getting out of the car and not being his plus one on the opening day of his first building. Her ending up on her favourite spot of New York City on top of the World Wide News Building.

It didn’t matter that she was mad at Barney, it didn’t matter that they tried and failed. All that mattered in that moment was that she still had feelings for Barney, enough feelings for her to “make an ass out of herself”.
If there weren’t any feelings involved from Robin’s side, she would have set Barney free, even if that would have meant Barney and Patrice being happy with each other. This wasn’t about her hatred towards Patrice, all of this was an act of jealousy proving she does have feelings for Barney and not for Ted.

Preference #28 - You Fight And Break up (Louis)

Louis was furious with you and you’re not sure you had have ever seen him this angry before. It made you feel helpless and small as you sat on the couch, your face held in your hands as silent tears streaked down your face. Louis was stalking around the room, yelling at the top of his lungs, his voice hard and tight as he berated you on how utterly stupid you were. The words hurt but you knew they were more out of anger than how he actually thought of you.

The truth was that you had hurt him; unintentionally of course, but you hurt him none the less. You’d made some backhanded comment to your friend that you were worried he still had feelings for his ex girlfriend Eleanor and suddenly it was world wide news, everyone from the press to the fans dragging Louis’ name through the mud over cheating rumors. Eleanor was currently also in another relationship, which dubbed him home wrecker as well.

You hadn’t meant for any of that to happen, it had just been something that slipped out when your friend asked how you and Louis were; you hadn’t thought that there might be someone listening in on your conversations, waiting for something juicy to gossip about, it hadn’t even crossed your mind. So you sat there and took everything that Louis threw at you, the guilt sitting in your stomach like a block of cement.

Louis had been livid when the article appeared, he’d stormed into his apartment, throwing the magazine down in front of you harshly and called you a fucking idiot; he said that you shouldn’t have been discussing your personal life in earshot of other people and that you should have been more careful. He asked how he was supposed to explain the article to management, the other boys and even Eleanor. He finished off by throwing his hands in the air, saying that dating you had obviously been a mistake before he was storming down the hallway, slamming the bedroom door shut behind him.

You bit your lip as you looked up to where he’d been standing only seconds ago, the tears still running hot over your cheeks as you took a shuddering breath. You’d expected him to scream at you, maybe not talk to you for a day or two but you hadn’t expected him to say that, not over something that had seemed so innocent at the time. You stayed where you were sitting and cried it out for a while longer, wishing you could some how go back a few days and never mention it to anyone, after all it had been your insecurity.

After composing yourself a little you stood, hesitating as you wondered on whether Louis had actually broken up with you or not, whether you should stay and try and work it out with him or just leave. Technically you weren’t really living with him so there were only a few things you had here, but you also hadn’t spent any time in your own apartment for months and the thought of going back there only made you feel numb. Deciding on maybe not pushing the issue even further you grabbed your bag and car keys and left the apartment, closing and locking the door behind you.

Written By Bree xx

A New World


The day was almost his. The invasion was going perfectly. He had inadvertently created a force to oppose him, sure, but he was confident that the Avengers were too new and fresh to challenge him fully. His brother was taken care of. The thunder god had been locked away, easily trapped by his affection for the mortal woman. Only Loki knew his location. The scepter was such a boon, taking in the most powerful of the world leaders and putting them under Loki’s direct influence. A world wide news video had been shown just an hour earlier, where the President was seen welcoming their new leader, bowing and kissing Loki’s hand as royalty. He needed no special title. He was Loki, and he was the new ruler of Earth.

Now he was in the home of the most powerful billionaire, with the portal on the roof letting in his army of Chitauri soldiers that were positioning themselves along the borders of the city. The alien soldiers were told not to cause damage, but they were without question, an invading force. Loki watched as the bright red armor, which could fly no less, alighted on the landing pad, and he smiled to himself. Meeting and converting Tony Stark was integral to his plan. He would do it, one way or another. He had been given very useful information by his pawn, Clint Barton. It was a shame he had lost the beta. He would have to seek him out again another time, when this was over. The archer had been very valuable. 

Now Loki showed off his alpha swagger, the scents of the tower being categorized automatically, as he entered the tower and came face to face with the delightful mortal who had figured out Loki’s plan in record time. He was quite impressed, actually. Oh yes, he had many uses for Tony Stark. 

Daddy’s treat - !Dan

Anon: Could you do a Dan daddy kink where y/n breaks a rules and Dan has to punish her please!!!!

A/N: So I twisted this a little bit in who has the kink, also I’m not exactly sure if this is what you are after, I hope it’s alright. Here you go honey! x

Warning: Smut , Daddy kink, Dom Dan.


My thumb pressed over the same button, again, and again, and again. Channel after channel, there just seemed to be nothing of interest on TV. Like, I’ve already seen this episode of game of thrones, I’ve already watched that season of bones, and I sure as hell had no interest in watching the daily updates of world wide news.  I groaned and turned off the TV, tossing the remote to my right and then lay back onto the sofa, facing the ceiling, Dan had opened up the blinds this morning so the sunlight was flooding the room. As I closed my eyes, I felt the sun on my skin, I could feel the coolness of a silhouette standing in front of me, blocking the all the warmth. I opened my eyes and looked over, a wild Dan had appeared. 

I sat up and patted one of the seats next to me, inviting him to come and join me, he took his spot and faced towards me with one arm resting on the head of the sofa and the other dragging over the fine skin on my thigh, sending a current right through my body. I looked at him with a smile and inched myself closer to him. 

“Hey you”

“Hey you yourself, How’s my gorgeous girlfriend”

“I’m better now that you’re here”

“Oh, is that so now?”

Dan brought himself closer so that he was invading my inner space bubble, but for him I didn’t mind. Dan’s arms snaked around my waist and then in one swift motion, he pulled me up onto his lap. I giggled like a little girl and wrapped my arms around his neck, my fingers slowly  moving around the little hair he had at the back of his head, I kissed his cheek and moved my lips towards his ear, talking in a hushed manor. 

“You know, Phil isn’t home for hours”

Those words just seemed to be magic, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I felt his member spring up in his pants, trying to wriggle itself free. I looked at Dan and smiled whilst he seemed to be a little embarrassed I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him into my lips. One of his hands cupped under my ass ass the other was used to hold my back. I could feel myself growing hornier by the minute, both of us were becoming careless. I slipped my tongue into Dan’s mouth and then out of no where, Dan grabbed my ass, causing me to create a major mistake.

“Oh daddy!”

Dan instantly stopped and placed his hand on my chest. I knew i’d messed this up. See, I had a secret, one that Dan didn’t know. well that would be until now. I had a major daddy kink, but I could never find somebody to trust enough with one of my deepest sexual kink. I looked at Dan and my eyes widened, he looked just as shocked as I was.


“I uh. I mean’t Danny, Yes. That is what I meant.”

I looked away from Dan, trying to keep my composure, but the heat and redness in my cheeks was completely blowing my cover, I felt so embarrassed. Dan used his hand to delicately trace my jaw, pulling back focus so I was looking into his eyes. He placed his hand down so that it was resting on my thigh, He was thinking about what to say, I could see the cogs turning in his mind. Dan and I have only been together for about a year and a half, we were still learning things about each other, but I felt like this was a pretty big thing. 

“So, You’re into that? The whole daddy thing?”

I took a breath and looked at him with my rosy cheeks, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel if Dan wasn’t okay with this, I should have just kept it hidden. Damn impulse. 

“Uh, Yeah”

“Okay, so like, you want to please me?”

“Well, yeah”

“Punishments, the whole kit and caboodle?”

I nodded, I wasn’t really sure what else to say, I mean, Dan seemed a little uneasy, like he didn’t know how to work with my body all of a sudden. He sat there for a little while in silence, it was actually starting to worry me after a few minutes. This wasn’t okay, I knew it, he could just say so. After a little while longer, a smile washed over his face. Dan looked towards me and started to rub my thigh.

“So. Daddy gets whatever he wants?”

“You want to be my Daddy?”

“You know what. Yes, Yes I do. And since Daddy gets what he wants, Daddy wants a strip tease”

I looked at him completely stunned.  I wasn’t expecting this kind of response from him, much less to want a strip tease, I wasn’t that kind of person that stripped for fun and Dan knew that, but I guess what Daddy wants, Daddy gets. I positioned myself so that my legs were on either side as I sat on his lap. I was really grateful for the fact that I decided to wear a button up shirt today because it was going to make it so much easier to tease Dan with. I pushed myself up on him a little so that my breasts would measure up to his face and used my fingers to let loose the first and second buttons. I decided to push it and go for a third so that he could see more cleavage, perhaps making him want more. 

If cleavage wasn’t enough, I bit my bottom lip as my hands worked up to my hair, it was time to take out this messy bun that was sitting. In one swift motion, I took the hair tie between my fingers and pulled it out, letting the hair flow around me in a messy fashion, hopefully this was sexier from his point of view. Dan’s hands rested on my thighs, slowly creeping up, His hands were so warm and obviously I wanted more, but he told me to strip, and that’s what I was going to do. I pushed his hands off my legs and got up off of his lap, he looked at me curiously, his eyebrow raised and his eyes, darker than before. I walked over to the stereo we had in the living room and turned it on, swaying my hips from side to side, taking off the rest of the buttons one at a time, standing directly in front of Dan. 

I stood there with my shirt now open, I could see Dan’s eyes watching me carefully. He shuffled forward onto the edge of the seat with his elbows resting comfortably on his knees. I set my hips for a slow 360 degree movement, really dragging Dan’s gaze, but at the same time I was using my hands to be rid of the button that was holding my pants together. The button came undone and the zipper was loosened, giving Dan a sneak peak to my bold floral panties, ones never seen with his eyes before. I turned around, my ass facing towards Dan and then slowly took off my pants, in the sexiest possible way you could take off pants anyway. 

“Is this what you’re after Daddy?”

“Mhmm? I Mean, Yes. This is definitely what I was after, now come here”

I did as he said, turning back around, but before I took my first step, Dan had a smile spread from ear to ear.

“Crawl to me kitten”

“Mhm, Yes Daddy”

I got down on my knees, Taking my shirt off at the same time, Tossing it over to Dan, my hands touched the ground and then seductively I crawled over towards him. When close enough, I sat on my knees and batted my eye lids a little before taking my hands to his belt. 

“Who-ho-hoa, What are you doing there kitten?”

“I’m gonna give Daddy a good pleasuring”

As I said this, I wrapped my hands around his belt and maneuvered it around until it finally came loose. I started to pull on his belt so I could throw it onto the ground, but Dan’s hand stopped me from doing so. His eyes landed on me, narrowing slightly. 

“How about you wait til I can say it’s allowed”

“Oh but Daddy, I want it now, and I know that you do to”

I pushed him back slightly and then unbuttoned his pants. As my fingers traced the zipper to Dan’s jeans, he gave me a look that was pretty much daring me to do it. I’d never really been like this before and I’d never received punishment from Dan before, so this was new and exciting for the both of us, but I definitely wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to give him a good pleasuring, in fact I really loved pleasing Dan. My fingers dragged the zipper down and Dan’s hard on sprang open, still covered by the thin lining of his boxers. I grabbed the hem of his jeans and pulled them down so that they were around his ankles. Dan looked down at me with his arms folded.

“Don’t do it, kitten”

I gave him a smug look and put my hand to his covered member, stroking it back and forth. Dan’s head tilted back as he let out a breath, I could feel him getting harder at my touch, I knew he wanted it. I grabbed the band of his boxers and pulled them down to his jeans, seeing him bare, in all his glory. I smiled like a child in Christmas as I wrapped my hand around him, I slowly started to pump him, stirring a groan from his throat. 

“Does Daddy like this?”


I had him wrapped around my finger, quite literally.  I pulled myself in closer so that I was right between his legs and then brought myself to the base of his cock, dragging my tongue along it until I reached the tip. One of Dan’s hands worked its way into my hair, grabbing onto it as he groaned again. He tried to tell me to stop but once again I ignored his request and kept going. I bent down, bringing my mouth to his tip and proceeded to start sucking on it, swirling my tongue around it slowly, whilst my hand kept stroking him, feeling every throb that came with every stroke. moving down further, I pushed more of him into my mouth, giving a light moan as I did it. I could hear Dan above me, beginning to pant or lose breath, his hand gripping more into my hair.

“S-stop, I don’t want to come yet”

I took his cock out of my mouth and smiled at him whilst I kept my fingers at play. Dan’s eyes ripped towards me, narrowing slightly. I knew I was going to pay for this, it was just a matter of how, but I could tell he was enjoying this, so it wouldn’t be too bad, right? I bent back down, keeping my eyes open and towards Dan as I started kitten licking him, it was only suitable after all. Dan started to shift in his seat a little, like he was trying to pull himself away from me, but I stopped licking his cock over and over and began to just suck on him whole. I put some force behind me with each suck and swirl, Dan started to groan louder than before. I started to get faster and some what rougher than before, the panting of Dan was turning me into my own mess, I was getting so worked up over him. I wanted to taste everything that Daddy had to offer. 

Dan started to choke out, telling me to stop, but I relished in his breathlessness. I kept going, swirling and twirling with some deep throating as well. I pushed him inside me as far as I could allow, gagging on his cock but all of a sudden he cried out and I could feel a warm liquid, shooting down my throat. I pulled him out of my mouth and licked off his remaining come, I wiped my mouth and looked at my Daddy with a devilish smile, he looked hot, bothered, but when he glanced at me, he looked really unimpressed. He took a little while to catch his breath, so in that time I just sat on my knees in front of him.

“I.. I told you not to do that kitten”

I just looked at him, unsure of what to do really. 

“I didn’t want to come yet, and you made me anyway. Looks like I’m going to have to teach you a lesson”

I was a little afraid, but also extremely excited. Dan had never acted this way before, my heart was racing with multiple feelings. 

“Get up”

I did as he said, scrambling to my feet, He sat there for a few minutes, just staring at me, I could see the cogs turn in his head with thought. He stood in front of me, reaching down for his pants. He pulled them back to his waist and buttoned himself up, then started pacing himself around me. 

“well, well. What am I going to have to do with you now”

I didn’t see anything, I already knew I was in for punishment, I didn’t know how far Dan was going to take things, so I didn’t want to make it worse for myself. A smirk washed over his face and he suddenly left the room, telling me to stay put. I grew impatient as he was gone for a while, I could hear him rummaging through things in his room, what did he have in store? He came back with something behind his back, he seemed to be secretive of it. Dan stood before me, a darkness to his eyes , but something about it was incredibly hot. 

“Hands and knees Kitten, just like before”

I got down on my knees and then pressed my hands to the floor, I wasn’t sure where this was going, Was he going to spank me? Dan walked behind behind me, moving out of my view, not that I could see much anyway because my face was rather close to the sofa. I could hear his feet against the floor boards, pacing back and forth until they stopped. I didn’t hear much else after that other than the sound of his breath and his hands on my ass. 

“Ass up”

I did as he said, pushing my ass up by arching my back a little more, by the sounds of it I was definitely in for a spanking of some sort. His hands remained there, just rubbing me down for a few minutes before his fingers reached to the band of my panties, slowly pulling them down to my knees. His fingers let go once they reached their destination and worked up my thighs, making sure they dragged over my wet heat before taking his hands off me. I could hear him rubbing his fingers together with my wetness between them, he chuckled to himself a little and then tapped my right thigh.

“Mhm, Seems someone’s a little wet. Spread your legs apart”

I was starting to get confused by the things he was asking me to do, Why would he want me to spread my legs if he was going to punish me? It just doesn’t add up. But I shouldn’t have predicted things, because what is actual Idea was, I think I would have rather the spanking. Something instantly fills up my insides, causing me to gasp. It’s hard, but it’s not warm, so It wasn’t the member I pleasured so well before. He left it inside me for a minute as he spoke of the rules he was now enforcing. 

“Okay Kitten, Let’s try this again. As punishment for making me come, I think it’s only fair that you receive the same treatment. There will be no talking unless I talk directly do you, so no moaning, no gasps, no words. And secondly. Instead of getting a finish like I did preemptively, You don’t get to come at all, and if you do, you’ll get a worse punishment than before”

My eyes widened as he said this, it was definitely not what I was expecting. Daddy was mean, but I liked it, I think I even kind of craved it a little. I nodded in agreement, but that still wasn’t telling me what he put inside me. Dan pulled most of it out of me, but soon after he pushed it right back in. It was large, so the need to gasp was greatly needed, but I knew I couldn’t afford to be punished more, I already wasn’t allowed to come, and that was more than enough, because I needed to get my rocks off, so to speak. He pulled it out once more and pushed it back in. It wasn’t a straight object, It felt like there was grooves in it, What the hell was this thing. Dan wasn’t being gentle and knew where to hit the right spots, it was actually driving me crazy, my mouth remained hung open just hoping that no sound would escape, but that wasn’t even the beginning of what I was about to feel, 

Vibration started to ripple through my core, That’s when I realised that he brought toys into the situation. Dan always knew that I loved to be fucked with a vibrator, so he really did choose a suitable punishment as I was already horny putty in his hands. I took my hands and rested my elbows on the floor but I  was soon met with the slapping sting of Dan’s hand as a warning. 

“Hands on the floor Kitten, no elbows”

I nodded and retreated to my original position, I would have said Yes Daddy in return, but I knew I was going to moan it out, so I couldn’t risk it. Dan had such large hands so the coverage on my ass was rather filled. He started to get rougher in the way he worked the toy and decided to just jack up the volume to it’s highest setting. I could feel myself getting so hot and bothered with my own juices sliding down my thighs. I began to pant from a loss of breath, hopefully he wouldn’t punish me for that because I needed to breathe. The feeling inside me began to rise and I had no idea how to repress it. I accidentally let out a moan as I thought about the finish line, and almost instantly the toy was ripped out from inside me. Dan turned it off and tossed it over to the sofa. I knew it was only down hill from here. 

Dan got up from his knees, pulling me up with him. He didn’t look to impressed with me, this time I actually didn’t mean to break the rules, but I guess I was going to find out what happens if I continually screw the pooch. Dan looked into my eyes and pointed to the living room door.

“Bedroom, Now”

His tone was stern, one he had never used before, I felt a little strange. It wasn’t cold, but it sounded like he was a little unsure of himself, I mean. Neither of us had ever done this sort of thing before so I guess a certain level of uncertainty was okay. I turned towards the door and started making my way to the bedroom. As I left the room, I heard the sound of metal being grated against the floor, it didn’t take long for me to recognize that it was the belt buckle from his jeans. I clenched at the thought of leather touching my skin, but I did break the rules, now I knew that what Daddy says, goes. 

I faced towards the bed, not sure of what to expect from Dan, but I freaked out a little when I was met with the sudden darkness around me. I could feel cloth touching my nose, so obviously Dan had blindfolded me. He tied the cloth together at the back of my head and then snaked his arm around my waist, directing me onto the bed. He positioned me so that I was in the same position as before, just on the bed, but this time my legs were together. He told me to stay still as he back away, what was he doing? A certain cracking sound appeared in the background and it honestly made me a little nervous. I didn’t know If I could handle this. His fingers ran up my spine, causing me to shiver, and then I could feel his breath along the nape of my neck. 

“So, I wish I didn’t have to punish you like this, but maybe after you will finally get the lesson to listen to your Daddy,” 

I took a breath out, I was starting to feel uneasy. I felt the bed dip beside me with Dan’s face never leaving around my ear. 

“I don’t want to really hurt you, so you and I need to come up with something. A safe word for now and future sexual expeditions, so if ever the pain get’s to be too much, we can stop, because your well being comes before anything else, okay Kitten?”

“Okay Daddy”

“So what would be a suitable word for you?”

“Uhm. Dog?”

He laughed a little and got up from the bed, before going back to being serious. 

“Dog it is. Now, You disobeyed me, twice. I think every time you break a rule, it’s 3 strokes”

That instantly meant 6 right now. Shit. I used my hands to grip the bed sheets and then just focused my breathing. 

“Okay Daddy”

The first one wasn’t too bad, but it definitely wasn’t as hard as he could go, but in saying that, 6 of those would send me through the roof in pain. The pain resided on one side, so I was grateful that he was taking it cheek to cheek, even though I could still feel the slight sting. The second hit was to the other cheek, slightly harder than the first, I could tell that he was building up the pain with each stroke. The sting seemed to last a little longer than the other, but it was still at a bearable point. I could hear him shuffle around before cracking me the third time, once again, a little more than before, but this time Dan hit me across both cheeks which landed over both previous slaps with the belt. I winced a little and gripped the sheets again, this one seemed to hurt, probably because the first two had never really settled before. The fourth hit seemed to scale from 30-70 which was a big shift in the pain scale. I cried out and clenched my cheeks together, but it wasn’t subsiding the pain any less. I breathed in and out multiple times out loud, I could really collapse onto the bed right now, but I knew I had to keep going, only two more after all, but that fifth one was it. The pain became too much and I could feel the tears coming from my eyes. 

“Dog, Dog, holy shit” 

Dan dropped the belt and walked over to me, taking the blindfold off of my head. He pulled me off the bed and then pulled me into him as we both sat on the edge of the bed. His arms wrapped around me and one of his hands started to wipe the tears from my eyes, he looked so concerned, like he had hurt me bad, but this pain wouldn’t be permanent. He placed my head into his chest and started to rock back and forth slightly. 

“Oh god baby, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay Daddy, The pain will go away”

“I guess I’m just a little scared of hurting you. This is new for me after all.”

“It’s new for me too, I’ve never done this kind of thing with anyone before, and really you’re the only person I trust, so I guess we’re gonna have to learn together.”

He smiled and kissed my forehead delicately. He pulled back and got me to turn around so he could look at the marks he had created. My tender skin was already starting to welt a little and bruise, but I didn’t mind it, it was all worth it for him. Dan climbed onto the bed properly and laid there, patting for me to join him. I fit into the space carefully so he could wrap his arms around me and we remained like that for a while, just silently, that was until he broke the silence. 

“So, two things. One is, Why do you want the safe word to be dog?”

“Well, I’m your kitten right? Danger to a kitten would be a dog”

“Oh that’s smart”

“And two?”

“Oh. I wasn’t kidding about you not finishing, and until I’m satisfied, You’re not allowed to touch yourself at all either”

“I am old enough to know that victory is often a thing deferred, and rarely at the summit of courage… What is at the summit of courage, I think, is freedom. The freedom that comes with the knowledge that no earthly think can break you.”

Paula Giddings has made her name and reputation carrying out a simple but formidable project, recovering the lost voices of silent generations of American black women. Giddings has put her strongest efforts into restoring and understanding the perspective of others in her two well-received, major books of social history, When and Where I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America and In Search of Sisterhood: Delta Sigma Theta and the Challenge of the Black Sorority Movement.Giddings credits her interest in language to her mother who taught her the importance of having a voice. Giddings has been recognized for her hard work by many group, including the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, the New York Urban League, and Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina–awarded her an honorary doctorate in human letters in 1990.

In Essence Giddings recalled one particularly formative experience from her childhood in the 1950s. She was the first black child to go to her privately run elementary school; the other children made fun of her African looks and taunted her with racial epithets, but Giddings did not respond. Her diffidence bothers her to this day. She wrote in Essence,”It was my first experience with the politics of difference, and my reaction, I am ashamed to say, was one of stunned silence.” In a process similar to ones she would document in her later work, she found her voice suddenly muted.

The white administrators were sympathetic enough to Giddings plight but were ineffectual in dealing with the childrens’ cruelty. Not knowing what to do, they approached Giddings’s mother, perhaps silently hoping she would remove her daughter from the school. Instead Mrs. Giddings asked to address the class. For the future writer, it was an important lesson. The author recollected inEssence, “She exuded such authority… that the kids fell in line right away.” Her mother a children’s book about dealing with differences to the class.

After finishing the book, Mrs. Giddings encouraged the children to speak up about their feelings of race. The youngsters, un-used to receiving such respect from an adult on such an important issue, were allowed to express openly the fears and prejudices that they were usually forced to suppress. The mother who had come in to help her daughter “find her voice” also performed the same service for her child’s tormentors.

When the dark feelings of the other children were brought out into the open and dealt with, they lost most of their virulence. Giddings compared what her mother did to an exorcism of “the monstrous images” that had come to dominate the children’s understanding of black people. It was an extraordinary experience, bringing the children to feel true remorse for the inhuman way they had been treating another human being; and for the little girl, Paula, the encounter between her mother and her classmates became an emblem for the dignity of the human voice and the power of the story teller’s art.

Giddings mother was no stranger to the educational system. The Giddings family had been active in education and civil rights for generations. Paula’s great-great-grandmother, a slave and daughter of her Virginia slave master, was taught “the rudiments of education, fine embroidery, and music, as well as the harsher lessons of being black and a woman in America,” according to the preface to Giddings’ Where and When I Enter. Both Paul’s parents were college educated, and both taught in the public school system. Her father also founded the local chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in Yonkers, New York. From a young age, Paula knew she wanted to write. She went to Howard University in Washington, DC, and became editor of the literary magazine Afro-American Review, but about this time she also began to move away from her own creative writing towards journalism and social history. Giddings graduated with an undergraduate degree in English in 1969.

The 1970s were a period of search for Giddings. After graduating, she worked as a Random House copy editor during an exciting time there, when its authors included the black political activists, Angela Davis and Stokely Carmichael. Toni Morrison, the eventual author of such acclaimed novels as Beloved, was also an editor there at the same time. After a couple of years Giddings and her mentor at Random House, Charles Harris, went to Howard University Press where she helped develop book ideas and took part in deciding what should be published as well as performing the usual grunge work associated with preparing a manuscript for publication.

The job was satisfying to her in many way, but Giddings remained restless. A desire to work overseas led her to open the Paris bureau of Encore American & World Wide News for famed publisher Ida Lewis in 1975. From Paris, Giddings not only covered Europe, she also traveled through Africa, reporting on news and interviewing such personages as Uganda’s notorious dictator, Idi Amin, and South African activist under apartheid, Winnie Mandela. Encore brought her back to New York in 1977 to work as an associate editor.

In 1979 Giddings reached an important turning point. While working on a program initiated by the U.S. government to produce a series of books on the historical experience of black women in America, Giddings came to realize how dramatically small was the documentation of the black female voice in our history. She became determined to do what she could to rectify the situation, and so began the research into the book that five years later would come out under the title, When and Where I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America.To write the book, Giddings searched out the hidden primary sources of the past, from diaries to letters and even to obscure novels. Along the way she received a Ford Foundation Grant to help her complete the project.

In the preface to When and Where I Enter Giddings noted that “despite the range and significance of our [black women’s] history, we have been perceived as token women in black texts and as token blacks in feminist ones.” Emergent themes in Giddings work include the relationship between sexism and racism, the effect of “double discrimination” on the basis of gender and race on black women, and the relevance of historical issues to contemporary life. Writing in the New York Times Book Review, Gloria Naylor described When and Where I Enter as the “narrative history of black women from the seventeenth century to the present” as “a labor of commitment and love—and it shows.” Naylor went on in her glowing review to call the work “jarringly fresh and challenging….” In fitting tribute to the woman who had protected her voice, Paula Giddings dedicated the book to her mother.

The response to the book was strong and very favorable. Her former colleague, Toni Morrison called When and WherelEnter, “History at its best.” Publishers Weekly predicted correctly that it would become a standard in its field and The Women’s Review of Books went so far as to call it the “best interpretation of black women and race and sex that we have.” The Book of the Month Club made it an alternate selection, and When and Where I Enter  was translated into several foreign languages. The success of the book not only made her a speaker much in demand on the lecture circuit, it also launched an academic career for her.

Giddings first academic post came in the mid-1980s at Atlanta’s Spelman College, where she was a United Negro College Fund Distinguished Scholar. Giddings also deeply immersed herself in traditional journalistic work. She went to work at Essence, a magazine aimed at black women, as both a contributing editor and editor of the publication’s book section. In 1987, the prestigious journalHarper’s, edited by Lewis Lapham, invited Giddings to take part in a forum on whether or not conditions for African Americans in the United States were improving.

Giddings comments inHarper’s tended to focus on the wedge that was perceived to be growing between middle class blacks and their underclass brothers and sisters. Troubled by this development, she pointed out that the differences between the classes were to some degree illusory since the “fate of all blacks is inseparable by class…. The black middle class will remain fragile as long as there’s a large and growing underclass.”

In 1988, Giddings followed up When and Where I Enter with In Search of Sisterhood: Delta Sigma Theta and the Challenge of the Black Sorority. The sorority differed from the “Greek” organization stereotype of initiation rituals, or hazing and raucous toga parties. Instead, Delta Sigma Theta, founded at Howard University in 1913, took the education of its members concerning political change and civil rights legislation as its mission from the very beginning

In the first year of its existence, the “Delts” joined 5,000 female protesters marching up Washington, DC’s Pennsylvania Avenue to bring to the government their demand that women receive the right to vote. A member herself, other famous members of Delta Sigma Theta include Barbara Jordan, a professor and former con-gresswoman from Texas, singer Lena Home, and the opera diva Leontyne Price. A more obscure but no less impressive alumna of the sorority is Sadie T. M. Alexander, the first woman of color to earn a doctorate in the United States.

Critics were quick to praise In Search of Sisterhood.Writing in The Washington Post, Dorothy Gilliam gave Giddings “a hearty cheer for bringing to the fore yet another piece of overlooked black women’s history.” The Los Angeles Times said, the book “succeeds as a detailed study of an organization that has touched the lives of some of the most prominent black women in The Los Angeles Times said, the book “succeeds as a detailed study of an organization that has touched the lives of some of the most prominent black women in America.”

In the early 1990s, Giddings continued to juggle writing and teaching, beginning with a three-year fellowship at the Barnard Center for Research on Women. In 1991, the Women’s Project Productions of New York City commissioned her to write a one-act play, The Reunion, which was given a staged reading at one of New York City’s most famous theaters, the Judith Anderson. The same year, Giddings was invited back to Spelman as a visiting scholar, Rutgers University’s Douglass College asked her to chair their women’s studies program, and she was honored with a fellowship at the New York University Institute for Humanities.

Giddings spent 1992 as a visiting professor at Princeton University, a distinct honor in light of the fact she’d never earned an advanced degree and most Ivy League institutions usually hire graduate-degree wielding scholars. Other fellowships were bestowed upon her during the next few years, including one-year associations with the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and the National Humanities Center in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. The culmination of these experiences was an academic year spent as a visiting scholar with Phi Beta Kappa in 1995 to 1996.

An energetic woman, Giddings still found the time throughout her career participate as a high ranking member of such esteemed organizations as the International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists (PEN); the Author’s League Foundation; the Author’s Guild of America; and Women’s WORLD (World Organization for Rights, Literature and Development), the latter being an anti-censorship group that she cofounded. After helping the National Book Award committee judge the nonfiction output of 1989, she also sat on the judging committee’s for PEN’s Gerard Fund Award in 1992 and the National Association of Colored People (NAACP) ACT-SO award as well as serving on various advisory committees for a number of academic institutions.

Despite all her other obligations, expressing herself with words remained Giddings number one priority and love. “For a black woman to write about black women is at once personal and an objective undertaking. It is personal,” she explained in the preface to When and Where I En ter, “because the women whose blood runs through my veins breathe admist the statistics. [It] is also an objective enterprise because one must put such experiences into historical context, find in them a rational meaning so that the forces that shape our own lives may be understood.” With that ethic in mind, Giddings was planning a biography of the former slave, outspoken journalist, and anti-lynching crusader Ida B. Wells-Bar-nett, who died in 1931. Always in the midst of a project, she also co-edited, with social critic Cornel West, an anthology of essays about Malcolm X entitled Regarding Malcolm X.As Giddings noted in an interview with Notable Black American Women, “I will write ‘till I say goodbye to this world. “

But Captain America going down with a plane to save hundreds of thousands of lives?

Captain America missing in action and presumed dead?

That would’ve been world wide news. It would’ve been huge.

It probably would’ve made it to media outlets within the Axis powers, because goddamn that guy fucked their shit up, if he’s out of the way that’s a solid morale boost.

Maybe it found its way to an old little radio in a dingy lab hidden away somewhere in the Alps.

Maybe Bucky was holding up just fine until then: it had only been a few days, he’d gone through worse the first time and then Steve came and rescued him.

But he’s started picking up some German (he mostly recognizes the words that mean he’s going to feel pain very very soon) so when he hears on the radio that Steve won’t be coming to get him this time

That’s when he gives in.

What happened after Ted held up the blue French horn:

Ted runs up to Robin’s apartment with the blue french horn and they begin a short-lived relationship after Ted realizes that he can’t uproot his children’s lives nor can he make her get rid of her dogs again because he knew he would and he’s not willing to lose contact with her again, he doesn’t want to be back at the beginning and go through it all again, and they break up after a few weeks.
After they break up, Ted is walking down the street with Penny and Luke and they see a woman with brown hair, about the same age as their father, walking toward them. Ted sees her too and immediately pulls Penny and Luke around the corner to reveal that the woman is Victoria- the third most important love of his life. Penny, not willing to hear another story, walks away and brings Victoria over, reintroduces her to Ted and watches them hit it off. Victoria makes a comment about Robin being so successful and Ted says that “he never truly got her” which leads to Victoria and Ted going out on a date the next night.
Victoria tells Ted that she was recently widowed by a German whom she married about 15 years ago and Ted shares this pain and they begin to spend more time with each other, eventually rekindling their relationship even though neither one intends to marry again and they are very happy even though they are not with their first-choice relationships and Penny and Luke love their new kind-of-stepmom and still have a good long distance relationship with their Aunt Robin.
Marshall is completely satisfied with his judgeship and he and Lily have their three kids- we learn the name of their third child- and that is their last child. The Captain has rehired Lily part-time as an art consultant and she has gone back to painting and teaching. They move out to Long Island and live in the Hamptons only a short drive to Ted’s house where they spend long hours on Ted’s front porch with Victoria and Ted and sometimes with Barney and Robin.
Ellie becomes best friends with Marshall and Lily’s third child, a daughter, which means that Barney spends a lot of time with the group. Ted and Barney’s friendship is strong and all of their kids spend time together every few weekends and each summer.
Number 31 - I have a headcanon that it was Robyn with a “Y”, just go with it - shares joint-custody of Ellie and Barney has her every third weekend.
Robin has one or two short-lived relationships but neither are serious because of her work schedule and in about 2033 she decides that she’s seen the world and accepts a higher job at World Wide News that is stationed in NYC with one or two international trips each year and begins to spend a lot of time with the group. She still has the blue french horn sitting on her mantle to honor Ted as her best friend and someone she did and always will love, whether it be in the same way.
One evening in 2033, Lily and Marshall invite the entire gang to their house and while the kids that are still young enough to be there are in the house or sleeping, they sit outside at the table with a bottle of Glen McKenna scotch and reminisce about their days at the bar and Ted comments that, “This is why our booth is where ever the five of us are.” Victoria comes out and sits next to Ted, Barney and Robin are sitting next to each other and Lily and Marshall across from them.
Later that year, Barney, who is still living in New York, drunk-calls Robin after have a horrible day. She comes over feeling sorry for him after giving him the cold shoulder for so many years. They talk and laugh and eventually Barney pulls out their wedding video from the back of his closet. They sit on his couch for a while debating if they want to watch it and eventually Barney asks, “Should i just put it in?” and Robin laughs and they watch it. History repeats itself and Barney and Robin begin a casual relationship that eventually returns to their previous intimacy, Robin falling in love with Ellie and all five members of the gang rekindle their friendship including Victoria.
Only Lily and Marshall remain married, but everyone ends up in a relationship with someone they love. Robin and Ted continue to be close friends and Victoria finally realizes that Ted will never stop loving her as a person and that’s just Ted. He’s a romantic. But he also will never stop loving Tracy and Victoria is fine sharing a little bit of Ted with both of them.
In 2035, the gang goes to see Robots vs Wrestlers and then goes back to MacLaren’s. Victoria goes to the bathroom and the final scene is Carl bringing over a pitcher of beer and some glasses and the gang toasts everything they’ve done and all the good times and all the bad times right in their booth. Their booth for over thirty years.