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Watched Zootopia again...

1. I love how Bellwether talks to Mrs. Otterton like a friend while having knowingly turned her husband into a mindless savage and she was still none-the-wiser. Master manipulator Bellwether.

2. To be fair to Hopps, it’s technically possible that more than a day had passed since her hiring date when Act 2 begins, but it was about a week at absolute most, because Emmitt was only missing for ten days–which is a week and a half, not two weeks as Nick claimed, to be fair to Bogo–and had already been reported missing to the ZPD by Judy’s first day. Even if we assume it was a week, she was still being quite impatient.

3. Chief Bogo’s expression in the scene where Clawhauser is moved to records is hard to get a read on, but, contextually it seems most likely to be a world-weary expression.

4. Ok, so maybe in the ending dance, Clawhauser doesn’t really “throw” himself at Chief Bogo so much as just “aim” himself at him, but still unsubtle flirting.

4. I wish Flash, Mr. Big, and Gideon were considered for portrait billing. They earned it just as much as Duke Weaselton did, even if Yax, Gazelle, and Mrs. Otterton earned it through sheer star power alone, and aside from the ones who did get portrait billing and “young Judy”, they were the highest billed characters on the cast list.

5. I’m definitely a bigger WildeHopps shipper when I am currently watching Zootopia than I am when producing and consuming fanworks. Which, again, is exactly how I felt about Maxanne in A Goofy Movie and its fandom, even though Judy is way more interesting than Roxanne and Nick is comparable to Max but with a more sympathetic backstory.

She emerges from the same route John had discovered, tottering slightly in a way that accompanies a tip-toe, as well as the burden in her arms.

“Honestly,” M bristles. “Who brings a child to the theatre—?!“

*world weary sigh* maybe the dog can eat the baby..


older!Corvo and older!Daud meeting someplace out-of-the-way for a smoke for @yellowcandy


by reddit user cyfarwyddyd

I grew up in a small town, the kind where there were no strangers and no secrets.

I don’t think I realized then that I had never felt true fear; nothing exciting happened when your town’s population was barely breaking four-digits. The whole place was centered along a mile long strip of road, which housed all of our convenience stores and a few restaurants.

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young me, awed: who are you??
current me, with my sexy butch haircut, world-weary in a leather jacket and smoking two joints at once: i’m you but lesbian 

So I’ve watched fantastic beasts three times now and I finally know why it felt like such a breath of fresh air to me.

I realised, I’ve become so tired of the grumpy, world-weary, bitter anti-hero type!

I needed someone like Newt as a hero and characters like Jacob, Queenie and Tina as his companions. Because, flawed and imperfect as they may be, these people all still beliefe that there is some good in the world and they all want to make it a better place in their own special way. And none of them are even once unkind towards anyone.

* Newt loves his creatures above all else, but despise obviously haveing problems with interacting with people and being told by them that he annoys them, he isn’t hostile or agressive towards anyone. Not even once.

* Porpentina clearly values her possition at the MACUSA and is even called a career woman by her sister, yet she gladly endangered that career when it came to helping a lonely abused boy.

* Queenie can be a little invasive when it comes to using Legilimency, but the knowledge she gains from reading peoples minds would usually grand her enormous material for blackmail. Yet she only seems to use them to push people in the right direction.

* And lastly, there is Jacob, who is a war veteran and works a thanksless monotonous job in a factory, but has the dream of opening a bakery. Not to make lots of money, but to make people happy. They all managed to stay gentle and kind in a harsh and unkind world.

I didn’t even know how much I needed these characters until I met them!

you, foolish and naive: why are you dressing up to go hiking?
me, world weary and wise beyond my years: bigfoot is gay and i crave her affection


So you know how fandom has a number of recurring types of AUs, a lot of them based off a particularly cool or intriguing bit of worldbuilding in a different canon that everybody wants to import into their canon, like daemon AUs or Sentinel AUs …

You know what I would love to see? Not that it would ever catch on, because the fandom this comes from just isn’t big enough, but … Dresden Files soulgaze AUs.

In the Dresden Files books, wizards have a particular ability where, the first time they make full eye contact with someone, they see the person as they really are (and vice versa). For example, when the main character soulgazes his friend Murphy, he sees her as a broken and battered avenging angel, as opposed to her slightly world-weary cop exterior.

Can’t you see the fandom possibilities? :D I can think of a lot of fandoms where you could do really fun things with that, especially with characters who don’t like to let their true selves show. I guess it could be implemented in any number of ways – a particular kind of soulbond AU where, when you meet your soulmate, you see the “real them”, which no one else sees; or a world where everyone has that ability when they first meet someone; or, for superpowered canons, a particular character who has that as their superpower.

I just think it should be a thing. :D

I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO: Please. Please Earth Mother. PLEASE Sky Father. Let the other boys, or at the very least Niall show up to celebrate Harry’s birthday. This I summon. For the sake of so weary a world starved for something as good and pure as one direction. I summon it. I summon goodness, friendship, love, and Harry Styles.

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If thou openest not the gate to let me enter,
I will break the door, I will wrench the lock,
I will smash the door-posts, I will force the doors.
I will bring up the dead to eat the living.
And the dead will outnumber the living.

She is the red lipped gun toting madame of a brothel. Battle-weary and world-worn, Ishtar looks for her lost glory days in the bottom of a glass, in the arms of her many lovers, and at the end of a smoking gun. Her tongue is as sharp as any sword and as biting as any bullet. Any given day you’ll find her stepping out in the middle of the road at rush hour just for fun. She takes small comforts in her many cats, her garden and gambling with the poor unfortunate that are stupid enough to bet against her.

Albeit diminished, her altar never disappeared. That’s the thing of it: War and sex never go out of style.

Ida Lupino in Road House  (Jean Negulesco, 1948)

“Of all the actresses associated with film noir, Ida Lupino (1918-1995) seems the most complex. Ms. Lupino could be as sultry and sassy as Lauren Bacall while projecting an aching vulnerability. As world-weary as Gloria Grahame, she never came across as fragile, particularly in her subsequent work as a director…. “Road House” may be Ms. Lupino’s defining vehicle.” - J. Hoberman, New York Times  

see full article in the NYTimes here

White feminists like to pretend that they get it. They get it because they’ve been there. They’ve experienced sexism. They’ve experienced misogyny. They’ve been passed over for promotions, whistled at on the street, and had to listen to boring dudes at parties who require approximately ten years of your time in order to explain how fascinating they actually are. These white women have been down in the feminist trenches for years, and like your world-weary Grandpa, they’ve seen it all. They understand the oppression of all women, ok?

Except not. Intersecting forces of oppression mean that women who are queer, racialized, disabled or trans will experience misogyny in very different (and frequently more deadly) ways than white women do. Saying that just because you’re a woman you totally understand all different ways that women are marginalized is not only wildly inaccurate, it’s also just plain ignorant. Just because you don’t have male privilege doesn’t mean you aren’t the proud owner of a whole host of other types of privilege. And whether you like it or not, those various forms of privilege influence how people treat you.

White women don’t own womanhood, and they don’t get to explain it to women of color. End of story.

There will be fog, it will rise and hide the world from your weary eyes, it will float up silently between you and the light. Remember that it cannot block it, remember that it can only diffuse the shine and bathe you in a soft glow. It can smooth out the shadows and stop the squinting. Fear not the fog, nor its rising, let it come, and when it does, celebrate it.

Due South

So I am whiling away this awful heatwave by sitting in front of the cooler and hooking myself up to YouTube - including watching for the first time ever Due South.

Having watched the pilot and a couple of episodes, here’s what I know so far:

1. Ray Vecchio is the most sarcastic, cynical cinnamon roll to ever cinnamon roll. He comes across as this world-weary, sleazy, cynical son-of-a-bitch, but all Fraser has to do is look mildly unhappy and suddenly Ray is risking life, limb and property to make everything right in the world.

2. OK I am still figuring out Benton Fraser - like is he running the world’s longest con and it’s going to turn out he’s not even a mountie? There’s a darkness there - but he is this very interesting depiction of old-world masculinity that is very carefully crafted to be as non-threatening as possible.

3. This show goes from cutesy funny ha ha look at the naive Canadian guy to SHIT JUST GOT REAL on the turn of a dime.  In the pilot Ray’s in the fucking hospital, nearly killed by a bomb blast, Fraser must confront his dead father’s secret corruption and the lifelong friend WHO HAD HIM MURDERED, and in an episode whimsically titled “Diefenbaker’s Day Off” a father has to fling his 8 year-old daughter safely into Fraser’s arms while being run down by an evil insurance scheming organised crime involved doctor.

you know all those fucking magical soulmate aus where there’s a mark on your body (usually your wrist) that clues you into your soulmate? whether it’s their first word or their name or their hair color or whatever. ANY of those AUs, take your pick.

just imagine. IMAGINE. imagine it with micheoff. imagine the first TWELVE YEARS of geoff’s life. everyone around him being BORN with their marks, or getting their mark so early in their lives that they can’t even remember a time without it.

geoff bonding in fourth or fifth grade with other kids who don’t have a mark yet. and then slowly… they each get theirs. and geoff tries to be excited for them. but the older they get, the meaner kids are about him not having a soul mate mark. by the time he’s in sixth grade, the party line on geoff is that he’s so goddamn unlovable that a soulmate for him doesn’t exist and never will. 

and geoff just being sad and world-weary at ELEVEN because this stupid magical soul mate system has fucking fucked him over and all he wants is to be a kid and not worry about who he’s going to love when he’s an adult but it’s the topic of conversation for everyone around him and goddamn it he just doesn’t wanna be a freak anymore.

and then during the summer after he turns twelve, he wakes up one morning WITH A MARK. and he’s so relieved and so happy and he doesn’t even think about the fact that the mark indicates that there’s another person out there with his mark–he’s just so relieved that he’s not an outcast and finally he’s going to stride into the first day of the seventh grade and show off his mark and prove to everybody that he’s not unlovable and he’s just like everybody else. 

and then when he shows up on the first day and rolls up his sleeve to show everybody his brand new mark, the first thing out of their mouths is “HAH geoff’s soul mate is a BABY” and geoff is internally screaming just like “holy shit they’re right, fuck, my soul mate is like a month old, what the fuck kind of fucking system is this, god i cannot goddamn win” 

geoff in high school realizing that he’s not legally or morally gonna be able to fuck his soul mate–even if he meets them–until he’s GODDAMN THIRTY YEARS OLD. 

and so fifteen year old geoff is like “you know what? fuck it. fuck the soul mate system. my soul mate has been fucking me over my whole life and i hope i never even meet them” 

and as soon as he’s old enough, he starts getting tattooed because he doesn’t even want to acknowledge the mark system, fuck this stupid thing that defines him, fuck this stupid mark that’s been messing up his life, he’d rather be covered in ink than even acknowledge the stupid thing. and his whole worldview and view of love is colored by this fucking mark and how it has fucked him over as a kid and how arbitrary and stupid it is. 

and while his peers are going on these epic journies to find their soul mates, he just goes where he wants and doesn’t pay attention to the mark and does what he wants and sneers at the fucking wedding announcements and facebook posts about finding true love–and it’s a HUGE part of society since the vast majority of people have marks, it’s just built into what you do–so the older he gets, the weirder it is that he doesn’t have a soul mate and he’s not looking for one, and he just keeps cutting all ties and moving every year, he’s so mad, he’s furious about this whole unfair stupid system. 

and then when he’s in his late thirties, some kid shows up on his doorstep with suitcases, scowling at him when he opens the door, like “YOU ARE THE MOST ENORMOUS FUCKING ASSHOLE ON EARTH, YOU TATTOOED HIPSTER PIECE OF SHIT” and geoff just like “sorry, do i know you?” and michael (because of course it’s michael) frowning and rolling up his sleeve and shoving his mark in geoff’s face like “YEAH I’M YOUR SOULMATE YOU FUCKING DEADBEAT, DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW HARD YOU MADE IT TO FIND YOU?”