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SMOKE AND MIRRORS; a trans!stiles mix

i. true trans soul rebel - against me! | ii. take on the world - wavves | iii. someone purer - mystery jets | iv. my body is a cage - arcade fire | v. soul meets body - death cab for cutie | vi. smoke and mirrors - gotye | vii. we exist - arcade fire | viii. a better son/daughter - rilo kiley

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Our world revolves around music. It’s actually pretty crazy how sounds can inflict so many emotions. Music can have such an impact on a person’s personality, and people often base their judgement of people on their music taste. The music every child is raised on makes each and every generation stand out. Listening to a good song can inhibit such a euphoric experience, or can even make you bawl your eyes out! Songs can unintentionally remind you of anything you’ve seen/experienced or a special person in your heart. The variety of sounds that can be produced is unbelievable. Kids can make music in their bedrooms using only a smartphone. A smartphone! Music is just an amazing concept, and it continues to blow my mind every day.

Thanks for reading, Sophia xx

[pictured artists: mac demarco, julia cumming (sunflower bean), miniature tigers, clementine creevy (cherry glazerr), kid cudi, earl sweatshirt, kali uchis, tyler the creator, nathan williams (wavves), brooks (of the growlers), wiki (also of ratking), archy marshall (also referred to as king krule), richard araiza (the buttertones), dylAn, and max kuehn (FIDLAR and the squirmers)]