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SMOKE AND MIRRORS; a trans!stiles mix

i. true trans soul rebel - against me! | ii. take on the world - wavves | iii. someone purer - mystery jets | iv. my body is a cage - arcade fire | v. soul meets body - death cab for cutie | vi. smoke and mirrors - gotye | vii. we exist - arcade fire | viii. a better son/daughter - rilo kiley

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My 2015 albums of the year

A Disclaimer: This is a very personal list. I’m not a critic and I don’t claim to be. This list is for me to explore and round up the albums that made the biggest impression on me this year, and to share them with you! If any of you listen to something new off here, do let me know, that would be really cool! So without further ado, here we go…

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july jams

fun songs that make u feel like u can take on the world B^)

skeleton - the front bottoms ★ wake bake skate - fidlar ★ see ya, sucker - modern baseball ★ high school roaches - bass drum of death ★ victoria - joyce manor ★ passing out pieces - mac demarco ★ faces in the dark - generationals ★ rock ‘n’ roll high school - the ramones ★ glenn the dawg - cherry glazerr ★ boneyard - nobunny ★ coca cola - pity sex ★ what would you do - tigers jaw ★ so young - splashh ★ fightboat - the world is a beautiful place & i am no longer afraid to die ★ take on the world - wavves 

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