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fall out boy! my chemical romance! taking back sunday! the wonder years! green day! avril lavigne! sum-41! blink-182! all time low! 

all these bands and more are covered to a questionable quality in a video that will remind you that high school, does in fact, never end

a doodle of mine and @s-enja‘s oc, mera, to ease my mind and let up on some stress


i dunno what kind of music my lovely followers listen to , but if any of you are into pop punk then listen up ( if you want, ofc ) !

monday night, i had the pleasure of driving an hour or so across town to see the lovely waterparks on their first headlining tour – and it was epic! the show was great. the merch was great. the venue was great . but the greatest part? after the show! sure, it was a little annoying waiting in the blistering cold for two hours just to hope that the band would make it worth while and come say hi – but it was all worth it in the end!

just as i was about to leave and walk back to my car ( b/c it was now 1 am and i had an hour long drive home and work at 8 am the next morning ), the precious human that is geoff wigington ( aka guitarist & backing vocalist for waterparks ) popped out of the venue and was all ‘hi!’ and then talked to me for like a solid 15/20 minutes before taking a picture and giving me a guitar pick ( and like three hugs! ). then, when it was time to go home, he told me to tweet him when i got home safely and then he followed me back on the band twitter *sobs*

here – have some pictures!

Honestly?? Miss we with that fucking “haha edgy” shit? I don’t fucking care if you think that me listening to Control by Halsey on repeat and drawing OCs with red eyes and black clothes is part of your cringy waterpark wonder world I can’t hear you over how much fun I’m having putting purple streaks through my hair see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya ;0

A list of songs I like #3:

Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra

Oceans (BBC live version) - Seafret

Everyone is gay - A Great Big World

While my guitar gently weeps - The Beatles

Young veins (die tonight) - The Young Veins

Mrs. Potato head - Melanie Martinez

Sorry - Kensington

Made in America - Waterparks

But it’s better if you do (live in Chicago) - Panic! At the Disco

Happy Pills - Weathers

Put the gun down - Andy Black

That’s what you get - Paramore

Amsterdam - Nothing but Thieves

Girl - Anouk

.she’s the prettiest girl at the party, and she can prove it with a solid right hook. - Frank Iero and the Patience

anonymous asked:

hii I loved the Disney world and waterparks headcanon for EMA. So how about Eren, Mikasa, and Armin at a haunted house? Btw take your time doing these we understand if you guys are busy c:

Thanks so much for the kind words, anon! I hope these suffice. <3 


  • The idea is probably Eren’s. He seems an advertisement for a haunted house that was refurbished from an old funeral home and knows that they have to try it for the Halloween season. 
  • Mikasa readily agrees but only because she’s super stoked to go to a supposedly haunted house. She’s the type who does all the research on the occult occurrences before heading there and even brings a portable box session with her to try out. 
  • Armin is not keen on going to this, but he can see the sheer excitement from Mikasa and the curiosity from Eren so it reluctantly agrees. 
  • The actual people dressed up in outfits don’t really affect Mikasa, but Eren gets a little jumpy a few times and Armin yells a couple of times. He’s not really scared, but he doesn’t appreciate being jumped scared all the time. 
  • The trio pull away from the tour section and, under Mikasa’s supervision, they find one of the most haunted places in the house according to other paranormal investigators. Eren is stationed on look-out duty, much to Armin’s dismay, because that means that he has to participate in whatever madness Mikasa has planned. 
  • They dabble in asking the room a few open-ended questions before Mikasa suggests that they break out the ouja board she brought along. Before they have a chance to try it out, Eren alerts them to security passing through and they all hide in the shadows until they are free to mingle back in a tour. 
  • Honestly, the hiding bit is the stuff that scares Armin the most. He’s tense and mentally counting backwards and only breathes properly when they leave undetected. 
  • Armin and Mikasa spend the night at Eren’s house because Armin is too jittery to go home and sleep alone and Mikasa is too anxious to explore their evidence. They don’t really find anything of substance, but Mikasa wants to go back and explore during the day if they are granted permission. 

honestly every time someone says like “I don’t think people pay enough attention to Niall” I just think like… speak for yourself bc I’ve paid nothing but love and attention for Niall for the past four years and so have all the Niall stans around me… don’t make out Niall going from the least followed on Twitter to the second most followed, Niall being the person with the loudest screams at many shows… all the things Niall and his fans have achieved for him, don’t make out the past four years to be nothing. we’ve come such a long way since what makes you beautiful and gotta be you, make Niall into someone to be reckoned with over time