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Ever since President Annoying Orange von GrabbyHands came into office, there’s been a lot of chatter about Orwell, and 1984, and whether this or that is Orwellian. Amazon was actually sold out of copies of 1984 for a few days after Kellyanne Conway said that falsehoods being spread by the administration were “Alternative Facts.”

So today I want to talk about 1984, what “Orwellian” actually means, and how Orwell explores the impact of language on thought and dissent with NewSpeak in his novel. And, at the end, we will look at how these concepts do and don’t apply to today’s political climate

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A rare photo of Noor Inayat Khan,an Allied SOE agent during the Second World War who spied for Britain in Nazi-Occupied France.

She was killed in 1944 in Dachau concentration camp, Germany and posthumously awarded the George Cross, the highest civilian decoration in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations.

“People are dying for your freedom everyday” okay is that why the military invaded 70 countries since 1776. American itself has contributed to the 30 million lives taken away since World War Two. Freedom doesn’t exist in a lot of countries because of America. Color has become a threat, religion has become a fear, and countries have become a war zone.