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A Brief Guide to 00′s Marvel Crossovers

Yep I’m still attempting to recap every crossover ever…

Marvel: 80s Crossovers, 90s Crossovers

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The Twelve: Apocalypse returns and tries to hunt down a dozen mutants who are philosophized to destroy him, or wage war on mankind, or maybe make him all powerful Or something….  Not even the creative team seemed to know.

Maximum Security: Aliens try to turn Earth into a giant Espcape from New York style prison for their most dangerous criminals.  Not a high point of Kurt Busiek’s otherwise stellar Avengers run. This would be the last major crossover for awhile during the Jemas/Quesada years.

The Kang Dynasty: Not technically a crossover but special notice should be given to Kurt Busiek’s 16-part magnum opus which closed out his Avengers run.  Kang takes on EVERYONE and wins conquering the world and destroying Washington DC to boot. The Avengers meanwhile are out in space and have to contend with the menace of TRIPLE EVIL before they can respond.  Did I mention there’s a fight between giant hologram versions of Captain America and Kang in space?!

Eve of Destruction: The defacto finale of the post Claremont/pre Morrison X-men years that a lot of people fondly remember but I’m not sure why. After the Legacy Virus is cured Magento tries to take over the world again. Writer Scott Lobdell’s most memorably odd moment in this one is the inclusion of a Chibi-Apocalypse from the Mojoverse which he apparently wanted to be the entire focus of the event.

Ultimate War: Our first Ultimate Crossover.  The US Government orders The Ultimates to get in a punch-fest with the Ultimate X-Men.

Avengers Disassembled: The Avengers are attacked by a bizarre series of seemingly random assaults that are revealed to be caused by the Scarlet Witch who has gone insane because of a leftover plot-point from John Byrne’s West Coast Avengers run.  This marks a transitional period in which Bendis moved away from doing beloved thoughtful character driven comics like Ultimate Spider-Man & his Daredevil run to not universally beloved big loud books.

Ultimate Six: The Sinister Six form and attack not only Spider-Man but the White House.  The Ultimates come to the rescue.

Secret War: Not to be confused with Secret Wars (1984) or Secret Wars (2016.) Nick Fury uncovers a plot by the new prime minister of Latvaria to build an army of villains and engages in some dubious tactics to take her down.  Has some beautiful painted art by Gabriele Dell'Otto but it’s still a distant third place among comics with “Secret War” in the title.

Ultimate X4: The Ultimate X-Men meet the Ultimate Fantastic Four and ultimately fight.

House of M: Scarlet Witch magics a kinda neat alternate Earth ruled by Magneto into existence.  Then Marvel editorial decides to throw in the whole “No More Mutants” thing and X-Men line is mucked up for years.

Ultimate Nightmare/Ultimate Secret/Ultimate Extinction: A broadcast that disrupts Earth’s television and radio signals causes people to commit suicide. Both S.H.I.E.LD. and the Ultimate X-Men investigate and the Ultimate version of Vision debuts. It turns out the cause of this is the Ultimate version of Galactus who some kind swarm of robot space locusts that shoot feet lasers. Yeah…

Annihilation: Marvel’s cosmic heroes and villains alike unite to battle a massive inter-dimensional army lead by Annihilus. Easily Marvel’s best crossover of the decade and both a successful Nova series and the Guardians of the Galaxy would spin off from this.

Civil War: Congress passes a law requiring all super powered individuals to register with the American Government. Both the pro and anti-sides react in pretty stupid ways.  Some genuine thrilling action pieces but the plot is a hot mess. Needless to say the movie’s a lot better.

Ultimate Power: Linkara’s having a field day with this one. The Ultimate Universe Reed Richards sends inter-dimensional probes to the Squadron Supreme’s Universe and things go horribly wrong. Like Greg Land’s art…

World War Hulk: Hulk returns from space after his “Planet Hulk” adventure and is kind of steamed but responds in a dumb way.  Read Planet Hulk instead.

One More Day:  Spider-Man sells his marriage to the Devil and J. Michael Straczynski’s popular run on the Spider-Man ends in a story so awful that he almost had his name removed from the book.

Annihilation: Conquest: Ultron seizes control of the Phalanx and becomes a threat to the whole galaxy.  Not as good as the first Annihilation but worth checking out.

Messiah CompleX: Cable wants to save a baby so he can prevent his horrible apocalypse future.  Bishop wants to kill the same baby to prevent his horrible apocalypse future.  Wackiness ensues.

Secret Invasion: The Skrulls spend years putting together a well thought out infiltration of Earth’s super hero teams and then blows it by engaging an attack on New York in broad daylight.  Good dumb fun.

War of Kings: Hey remember Vulcan that third Summers brother that they tried so hard to make us care about?  Well here he is going to war with The Inhumans. You care about the Inhumans right?

Ultimatum: Hey remember when Marvel’s Ultimate Universe was the hottest thing in comics?  Remember when the line was so popular Marvel actually billed them as the gold standard by which the rest of their books were judged?  Remember how all it took was one bad Ultimates series and a miserable gorefest of a crossover to send the whole brand tumbling to irreversible decline? Could this possibly be the dumbest thing Marvel ever did?

Messiah War: Cable & Bishop are still fighting over Baby Hope.  Cyclops decides to send the brand new All-Stabby X-Force to Bishop’s timeline and… dear god.  I feel like I’m coming to the crushing realization that X-Men Crossovers always suck.

Uptopia: At the height of Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign period he decides to form his own evil team of X-Men.  This doesn’t go over well with the real X-Men, the All Stabby X-Force, or even his own Cabal team-mates.

Necrosha: See Blackest Night

Fall of the Hulks/Hulked Out Heroes/World War Hulks: The end of Jeff Loeb’s Hulk run is a big, confusion, ridiculous mess about Modok forming an evil team of super geniuses. Among other things their plot revolves around turning several superheroes into Hulks.  I see no way that could possibly backfire. Still it’s a lot better than Ultimatum.