world war ii: civilians

The men from the Totenkopf Division giving humanitarian aid to the poor and affected people in the Baltic states, as they push towards Leningrad during Operation Barbarossa in 1941.

During training and maneuvers, Tiger crews sometimes gave demonstration of their vehicles to civilians. This Tiger from schwere Panzer-Abteilung 505, camouflaged with brush, is engaged in just this sort of demonstration during the early summer of 1943 in the Orel region.

Bergen-Belsen was the last camp we went to and it was the worst. There was one tap with water but we had no food. I remember digging around in the ground for roots to eat and people around me who collapsed and died with hunger. Cannibalism was rife. I would never do that but I saw it. I still remember the moment we were liberated, one month after we arrived. I was lying on my bunk and somebody shouted, ‘Look, there are Jeeps outside’. I went out and saw British soldiers coming into the camp. It was so wonderful.
—  93-year-old Freddie Knoller