world war 2 bunker


An interesting contrast between the damage to the flight decks of USS Bunker Hill (top) and HMS Formidable (bottom) after 550lb-bomb-carrying Kamikaze hits amidships.

On Bunker Hill, the exploding bomb and burning fuel killed 389 and put the carrier out of action for four months. On Formidable, the exploding bomb and burning fuel killed nine and put the carrier out of action for six hours. America’s Midway-class aircraft carriers which entered service in late 1945, did so with armoured flight decks.


On this day, 16 January, in 1945, with Berlin under massive Allied bombardment, Adolf Hitler moved into his underground bunker, the so-called Führerbunker. Located beneath Hitler’s New Reich Chancellery in Berlin, it was the last of the Führer Headquarters to be used by Hitler. Here, during the last week of April that year, he married Eva Braun, before they turned to suicide. It was of course a must-see for British Prime Minister Winston Churchill three months later.

German Panzerturm emplacement on the Eastern Front. The turret is a Renault FT Girod turret with a 37mm gun. Hundreds of Renault FT Light Tanks were captured by the Germans after the Fall of France, and many ended up being used as fixed Panzerturm fortifications.


Then and now in pictures: 70 years later, Normandy’s beaches retain memory of D-Day invasion:

Bunker, Omaha beach:

U.S. Army troops congregate around a signal post used by engineers on the site of a captured German bunker overlooking Omaha Beach after the D-Day landings near Saint Laurent sur Mer June 7, 1944, in this handout photo provided by the US National Archives. 70 years later, tourists walk past the same bunker. 


Places I passed by yesterday (^-^)

I made a long walk to a crafts meet up in Hamburg :)
The weather was wonderful and I took many photos that day :3

Hamburg has many different kinds of architecture so it never gets boring to walk along a street :D
You can see a lot of old bunkers too :)
These were built during world war 2 and have been there ever since.
Some have been converted to storage buildings or event spaces other seem to just be there :D
They are quite common int he residential areas of Hamburg :)
I guess they are still around because it is very difficult and expensive to demolish them.

I want to try stand up paddling at some point :3
It looks like fun but that event looked weird because they remained stationary for some time and barely moved :D

Another detail I like on many older houses in Hamburg are their balconies :3
I like those a lot :3
I feel like most modern balconies are not made for use but rather to look nice to the architect which means that if you put up plants or leave something on them they start looking crowded or ugly while the old ones look more endearing once you put something personal on them which makes them more like “your” balcony and “your” flat while those new ones will always remain the architects balcony/flat :D

I liked those forged hinges on the doors of that building and the mosaic on the floor :3

And another happy graffiti :D
I like those too :D
They make me smile ever time I see them (I wouldn’t smile if someone put it on my window though :D

Now I took so many photos that picking the ones to publish is hard (´・_・`)

Anyway last week was quite nice :3
I went to some events and took care of some paperwork :)
I have to do quite a lot of paperwork because I’m still unemployed and because some things about my student status were not quite clear to me but I finished most of it and now most of what I can do is wait for things to reach my mailbox :D
I hope that I’ll get a reply to my applications soon (^-^;)
I need to write more applications too…

Now that I cleared my workbench from most of the things I piled upon it I piled new things on it :D
Soon I’ll share more things with you again :)

I wish everyone a great weekend with sweet dreams and a source of a stable income (^-^)/


Schemes with captured French Bunkers with tank turrets. Type a - the first, calculation climbed through the hatch in the tower. Type In and - later. They calculate could climb through the turret hatch or doors.

Two versions of the German Bunkers with turrets from the tank Pz V Panther. On the left a drawing of the Bunker with the turret of the Pz V Ausf G. on the Right is a mobile Pillbox that could be transported. The mobile version has a turret of the Pz V Ausf D turret without a commander.