world war 2


Ahoo! And here’s a few in-game shots of a game of Bolt Action in progress against Joe. It’s actually nearly 1500 pts, as we’ve added a bunch of new stuff (Puma, Tiger, and Waffen SS for me, Bren Gun Carrier, Greyhound, and Sherman Firefly for Joe, and a couple of additional Lieutenants also). These’re actually from random points in the game so they don’t make any sense chronologically or anything :P Might actually do a battle report sometime, but I’ve tried that before and after a couple of minutes of writing down what’s happening all good intentions go out the window…

Anyways I’m losing this Attrition game at the moment of writing, due to my Hanomag and the Lieutenant that was on board being blown up by a *very* lucky Light Mortar team in turn two. Oh, and the Greyhound mercilessly machine-gunning an infantry squad to pieces :(

The phrase "Like water off a duck's back" does not refer to the animal, but the DUKW, a WW2 era amphibious car, which was notoriously watertight. Actual animal ducks are very absorbent, and were used as sponges by the ancient Greeks.