world war 1 armor


Aft body experienced Renault FT was different from the production cars
The Renault FT, the first production series. May 15, 1917
Training tanks in the building. Autumn 1917
This tank was poisoned in the UK. Now he is in the tank Museum Bovington
The scheme of installation of the cannon and machine gun armament housed in the turret of the main Seri
Weapons used on tanks main series
All three towers of the Renault FT in one shot. The closest tank with Berliet turret-Girod, center tower Renault, far away — the tower Girod-Renault
The first sample Renault riveted turret mounted on the tank training series
Release Renault tanks move to the front. By the middle of summer 1918, no major operation of the French troops did not do without these machines
Winning the fashion show on the parade in Paris. Renault FT participated in the parade more than deserved. More than half a decade, these were the main tanks of the French armored forces


Adrian Mle1915 Chasseur Helmet

Manufactured in France c.1918-19 for a soldier of the Chasseurs Alpins.
0.7mm steel, horizon blue paint, leather lining, two part comb around a main bomb-shaped piece surmonted by a crest covering a large ventilation hole. Commemorative brass plate.

On the 18th of December 1918, the French government offers a commemorative helmet to any and all soldiers or officers that were stationed on the front during World War 1. This one was left exempt of names.

Duke of Westminster Rescues POWs with Armored Cars

One of the Duke’s armored cars, pictured in April 1916.

March 17 1916, Bir Hakeim–The Senussi presence along the Egyptian coastline had largely been shattered at Agagiya last month, but operations continued against their remnants.  One of the most pressing concerns were around 100 British POWs being held by the Senussi, mostly from the British Navy steamer HMS Tara.  The Tara had been sunk off the Egyptian coast in November by the U-35, whose captain was (unusually) a stickler for prize rules.  He made sure to rescue the crew of the Tara, and handed them over to the Senussi as prisoners.

In mid-March, the Tara prisoners were running short of food, and the Tara’s captain had sent a letter to Turkish officers pleading for an improvement in their conditions.  The British found this letter in a Turkish camp, and the Duke of Westminster set off in his squad of armored cars.  Arriving on March 17 after a 115-mile drive, he was able to rescue them from their few Senussi guards and bring them back to the British camp. 

Today in 1915: UK Reluctantly Encourages Women to Enter War Industries

thecommrade  asked:

I feel like that trailer is a bit hyped. Also, were tanks like that durring WW1? I thought the french had the first proper tank (or tuna can, by todays standards). What other countries had them?

obviously you are mistaken…

…which is good because otherwise history would be boring. WW1 was awesome - we can say it it’s been 100 years and everyone’s (probably) dead - because the tanks went, in two years, from deformed-tuna cans to cute proto-tanks.

Before the war had even started, not only had the idea been entertained by a few visionaries all over Europe, but all the ingredients where there already :

armored cars

tracked vehicles

fucking guns

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