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How the Venus signs want to be loved

*use venus but check moon as well*

Aries Venus: love me back but don’t chase me lol it’s my job to chase you duh…I’m going to make it obvious what I want. don’t overcomplicate things, love is simple. let’s make it fast. let’s jump into it. let’s make it exciting!!! it’s like a game and I’m going to win you

Taurus Venus: love me by staying the same. please. be there for me. be someone I can count on. be patient. feed me!!!! I like that. give me things!!!! I like that too. okay, okay, fINE I might want to possess you wHOOPS…just don’t push me or…bye

Gemini Venus: wait wait do I like you or do I like this other person????? or that person??? wait wait I’m just going to not think about it oooooh I’m curious about you now idk we can be together for today if you want but it’s chill!!! talk to me!!!! let’s just have fun!!! let’s not label this that’s so serious and boring!!! you can change, I can change, and I mean it’s cool if we want to also date 3 other people too lol like no biggie, it’s vARIETY haha just don’t pin me down or get too deep otherwise I’ll be out the door in 0.03 seconds

Cancer Venus: love me!!!!!!!! I’m so lonely!!!!! :((((( I just want you to be soft and hold me and tell me you’re committed and that you love me!!!!! I need to hear that because I feel like no one loves me ever :’( I want to stay at home and cuddle with you and you can tell me all of the things you’re feeling <3 and maybe I’ll smother you a little haha but dON’T LEAVE PLEASE

Leo Venus: love me back and I’ll show you how much I love you!!! like, all the time!!!! if I love you, know that it’s a compliment because I only settle for the best. you’re all I’m going to brag uM I MEAN talk about!!! if you make me the center of your world, I’ll make you the center of mine!!! we can have fun, all I need is attention and validation jUST A LIL BIT BE PREPARED and I’m the king/queen here so tell me I’m wonderful and amazing because I don’t hear that enough :/ if I don’t take pride in our relationship, see ya. that means you didn’t dESERVE ME

Virgo Venus: love me by letting me help you!! okay oKAY I’M A LIL INSECURE but I’ll do things for you!!!! I’ll make you feel loved without all of that sentimental lovey stuff - we don’t need that! my one flaw is that I see all of the flaws in our relationship and you - and want to fix them!!! and…nagging…sometimes…but just to make you better!! I just want things to be simple and practical!!! nOTHING BIG NOTHING TOO INTENSE THAT’S SCARY I MIGHT FREAK OUT AND LEAVE

Libra Venus: haha you can love me if you want to ;) but I mean only if you want to…like…I’m not trying to force anything here lol!!!! we can be in love…and have a beautiful pure relationship where we sHARE everything <3 and make everything look like we’re perfect :) I’m into equality :) um like don’t freak out but sometimes I’m just trying to be nice and it turns into flirting bUT IT’S OK…I know it’s weird but I really don’t like people who are too pushy I just want someone who’s going to be polite and nice :)))))) so if you’re not that I mean I’ll still be nice to you but just I might not want to be with you idk we’ll see AHHHH decisions are hard for me in relationships!!!!

Scorpio Venus: I’ll love you if you can handle me. I would say I don’t open up easily in love, but then that would be opening up to you. and I can’t do that. what I can do is be in control. I know how to handle this. oh, I’ll commit, it’s just not everyone knows how to figure me out. and I won’t stop until I find someone who’s willing to go deep with me. and I might stare at you for extended periods of time. you call it obsession, I call it intensity.

Sagittarius Venus: we can be in love if you show me the world!!!!! let’s grow!!!!! and expand our horizons!!!!! and laugh!!!!!! and have FUN!!!!! lot’s of FUN!!!!! oooooooohhhhhhh and if you’re foreign then I’ll REALLY like you!!!!!!!! wooooooooo love is an adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only time I’ll leave is if I feel like you’re dragging down my free spirit!!!!!! I’ll find someone who’s more interesting and cultured than you are on my next expedition!!!

Capricorn Venus: okay. we can be in love but first I have to have a plan. I like plans. and feeling competent in love. I like seeing what I want and going for it. nothing crazy or overly gooey. nope. can’t do that. I just need someone who’s going to help me succeed. I’m cautious, but only because I don’t want you to waste my time that I could be using to be better and work harder. I’m always looking ahead, and I need someone to be there with me. let’s put effort into this and make it long-term. if you’re not willing to, then I will turn stone cold.

Aquarius Venus: I would say we could be in love but let’s not call it love!!! let’s call it whatever!!!! something we can’t label!!!! let’s mix it up because this world is so dull without us!!!! um…what’s attachment??? could you explain that word to me, please??? all I know is that we can be friends, you know??? and I’ll choose the terms, okay?? haha let’s be intellectual that’s pretty cool there’s no attachment there I know that and um sorry but eW FEELINGS lol not in a rELATIONSHIP if you want to bring that stuff up I’m not right for you I guess :/ find someone more boring

Pisces Venus: looooooooooveeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! uh, sorry, what were you saying? oh, I’m just projecting all of my ideals onto you. no, it’s a compliment!!!!!! I accept all of your flaws!!!!!! aw let’s be romantic that’s so cuuuute <3 and yeah I’ll forgive you, it’s okay!!!! but sorry um I like you and all but it’s hard for me to commit sometimes because I see all of the possibilities!!! um, who am I??? I guess it doesn’t matter!!!! let’s live in a world of rainbows and unicorns together!!!!! but I mean it’s not really nice if you take advantage of me :((((


This week on Things that Surprise No One, Leslie’s sketches keep getting messier and messier

Yvonne vs. The Predator

BOOM! goes the dynamite!

Yvonne Strahovski Joins Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’

“Strahovski will play the mother to Tremblay, a troubled boy who is accidentally drawn into the conflict with the fierce alien creatures by her ex-husband, played by Holbrook. 

Strahovski, who has had runs on Dexter and 24: Live Another Day, next co-stars in Hulu’s buzzy Margaret Atwood adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale with Elizabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes. She also has two movies in the can: Dennis Iliadis-directed He’s Out There and the Marc Forster-directed drama All I See is You, the latter with Blake Lively.“ [x]

stanzicapparatireplayers  asked:

Suggestion: it's strongly suspected that there's a unicorn herd somewhere in Cape Breton. The place is weird and not entirely temporospatially correct. But the Seattle opinion is that it's best left for whoever's over there to deal with.

I’m decreeing (because this is MY universe now, and my headcanons are CANONS), that there is a whole colony of unicorns on Cape Breton, becuase Unicorns really like nasty cold weather and dense forests, and do badly around cars and domestic dogs.  

Most unicorns live in coastal Canada, Alaska, Scandanavia and Russia, but every so often one is spotted south of the 49th parallel, usually in Olymic National Park or the San Juans, but its always a cause for local panic-  Unicrons can radically alter the ambient magical atmosphere and have a tenuous relationship with space-time, so they have a side effect of making existing magical phenomena much more severe.

There is some (not totally inaccurate) speculation that Wizards sometimes purchase Unicorns on the black market to power magical experiments, which is probably where most Seattle-area unicorns come from


Lay taking care of his the NCT Chinese babies is my new aesthetic

Her Finding Out He’s in the Mafia and Him Finding Out She’s an Assassin: BTS


He would think that his life was a lie, stuttering incomprehensible words as you took out your gun from under your vest. He couldn’t believe that you’d react so calmly to him coming out with what he does, but was struck absolutely speechless when you pulled out your own dark card.


His trust would be shattered and you’d have to be very, very careful of what you do, or say, next since he might just go ahead and explode in anger and frustration at being lied to. Unlike you who said that you worked in a normal office, YoonGi had always hinted to his own occupation.


He would pretend to be surprised by what you said, though when you turned away and continued on with your speech, he was smirking, nodding to himself to again confirm his gained knowledge. 

HoSeok was a careful man, so he knew about your occupation even before you two begun to date.

Rap Monster:

He. Would not. Be. Happy. Not at all. As the leader of his group, he had always needed to be on top of everything, knowing about everything, you included. He’d be so angry, but also feel so stupid and betrayed that he might ask to take a small break between you two.


He wouldn’t make it as obvious, since he still loved you a lot, but it was his top priority ti look up your actual background now that he knew your code name. While looking for your information, he would try and keep distance between you two.


He thought that he already knew everything about you, so that’s why he wanted to share with you his own `occupation`. However, after hearing your shocking words, his little world of pink and unicorns would shatter, leaving him in pure bewilderment.


Confused? Yeah. But more than that he would feel relief because:

1) You won’t leave him and that’s a 100% worth of fact;

2) You weren’t after his ass, so that meant that he wouldn’t need to hurt you.


I actually have had more dogs in my life than cats I would say. When I was… In our house… as a family we had both, we had a dog and two cats. We had a golden retriever called Muffin, named after her mother Crumpet, who was my best friend in the world… And she was around for ten or twelve years, and we had two cats called Orlando and Grace. (…) I love dogs too, I’ve always wanted to have a dog actually as, you know, for myself but… I travel too much, it wouldn’t be right.”


“Like master, like dog”

a secret thing I never managed to write into Witch’s Vein: Anam is actually a unicorn his horn was sawed off centuries ago for magical properties and he was saved from hunters by a witch and has chilled with them ever since masquerading as a freaky horse. He’s not ‘blind’ all unicorns have eyes like that, he just sees things on a different plane of visibility more relevant to his unicorn interests. Unicorns are thought to be extinct. He is lonely but so old he doesn’t remember what it was like to not be. Is it loneliness if you don’t recognise the feeling for what it is?