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they’ve been swallowing bullets and drinking poison for three years
the water coming from your sink shouldn’t resemble beer
over one thousand days spent fearing they’ll drop dead
over eight thousand children exposed to lead
so, pardon my french, but this is some fuckery
when did clean water become a luxury? 
add insult to injury and make them pay for this shit
“the water is safe, just don’t drink it”
how are they expected to survive?
you’re making them pay for illness and hives
making them pay for their neighbors falling ill
making them consider writing out their will
twelve gone already; may not seem like much
but twelve is far too many and enough is enough
maybe in two years things will be okay, maybe being okay won’t sound so insane
or maybe in two years i’ll be saying all of this again
we can’t keep quiet, there’s gotta be something we can do
so when will you care? when it’s happening to you?
—  it’s #WorldWaterDay and Flint, MI still does not have clean water
(cc, 2017)
"I want to have a baby with you." *Michael Clifford*

Michael had been acting different lately. You couldn’t point out what it was but you clearly could tell that something was off. It was either him randomly confessing which baby names he likes or him randomly buying a little stuffed lion, saying that it would be perfect for if you were pregnant for your son or daughter to play with. And things got even weirder when you couldn’t find your pill pack.

“Michael?!” you yelled loudly. “Yes?!” “Do you happen to know where I put my pill pack?!” “Uh, no? Why?” “Because I can’t find it…" “Nevermind, I’ll just take another one!” The second those words left your mouth, Michael appeared in the doorway of the bathroom with furrowed eyebrows. “You have more pill packs?” “Uh-yes, in case I lose-” “Where is that other pill pack?” “In our bedroom, top drawer of the nightstand but Micha-” He had already rushed out and it left you all confused.

“Nope, it’s uh not in there,” Michael says casually as he walks back inside the bathroom. “Huh? What do you mean? It must be in there. Let me have a look,” you mutter but Michael quickly blocks the passageway. “I just checked it. It’s not in there.” “Michael, that’s impossible.”

You watch him swallow deeply and fiddle with his fingers. He’s once again acting weird. This is it. You’ve had enough. “Baby, it’s not impossible that you lost this second pill pack as well. I mean, you’re a very chaotic person…” You let out a long sigh and looked up at him again. “Okay, Michael, what’s going on?” “What do you mean?” “Lately, you’ve been acting different and now you’re lying. My pills are in that drawer for sure because I bought new ones a week ago. I definitely put them in the topdrawer so what’s going on?” “I-It’s nothing… What makes you think that?” “Michael. I know you. I can tell when you’re lying or hiding something, so please, tell me about it? You’ll feel better-” “I want to have a baby with you,” he blurts out. His cheeks turn red and he looks down at the floor.

“Y-you want what?” “I want to have a baby… with you.” “M-Michael-” “Y/N, I think I’m ready to be a dad and I know that you’ll be a great mum, so why not skip taking the pill today?“ Michael asks with pink cheeks. Instead of replying, you press your lips against his and passionately kiss him.

"Is that a ‘yes’?" Michael grins and you immediately nod confirming. "I want to have a baby with you too, Mikey.” “You don’t know how happy you’re making me feel right now,” he comments and reattaches his lips to yours.

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Let's turn the tables from this sad news day & shipper week (my heart goes out to all in London & all you girls who have been personally threatened here. Events like today remind us not to take threats lightly. Stay safe <3) & have some superficial talk to change pace. He always looks good but am I the only one excited to see Sam beefing up again? He seems to be building muscle w/ workouts he's doing + how he looks now compared to a year ago when he was super lean. Bring on the arm porn S3!

Very well said, sweets. These are some sad, scary times both out there in the world and on these Tumblr streets. 

As far as the superficial, I’m a double cheeseburger kind of girl, so some extra muscles are just fine by me. 

Two all-beef patties and special sauce? Yes, please.

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The Ask Box Questions

Good morning from this side, loved ones! Hello to new followers and hello, too, to those who have been sticking around :)

This blog received only two concerns/questions from the Ask Box. Both from anonymous readers. Both interesting ones as well. I’m sorry I double checked the Ask Box just today but yes, I will respond. First I have to pray and seek God’s Word on how I can help the best way I can.

For now, make time to search answers yourself in God’s Word. Pray as needed, it’s our breath since redeemed by the Lord Jesus.

I’ll get back to you on the concerns in God’s time :) Thanks for sending and sharing the concern! God bless your midweek.

nightly pointless scribbles

Consider my plight,
listen to this stopped heart.
I fall short just one
syllable of a haiku, that second line
there, did you see it?
Perhaps not, I leave my iambs there
hanging - did you see that line?
Perhaps not, cursed is my pen
robbed of all flowing thought,
all the poetic force of the written word.
What then is the use
when all that pours forth is rubbish?
Yet even the nothingness in me
I must excrete onto paper,
for it tumbles and roils within
eating at my sensibilities.
Perfection is false, a good day
a rare thing, we are all fallen,
collections of memories, dead
yet alive somehow, looking
for a hope, giving vent to words
aimless yet true, how greatly wretched
is our truth.