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So I know Steve is in those school detention videos, but do they ever try to get you to be in any of them too?

they tried. they did not succeed.

this occurred for two reasons. 1. steve made those videos while i was still with hydra, so i wasnt around then. and after i came back and they asked me to do them, i watched steves videos and saw how dumb he looked. so i passed. 

and 2. steve only did them in the first place because he got blackmailed. 

so back during the war, steve had a reputation among the howlies as being terrible with women. which he was. so every so often when we were on leave, one of us would get it into our heads to try and help stevie develop some sort of game, in hopes that we would have to listen to him pine for peggy carter less. 

he did a lot of pining. 

we were all hanging out at a bar near camp after a stressful operation, killing time before the next transport turned up. morita was running late because he was getting a stark update for his radio kit, but the rest of us were already a few drinks in and well on our way to heckling steve into doing something dumb. 

(we didnt have tv back then, so we had to get our entertainment somewhere. and let me tell you, steve is better than the kardashians in terms of just-cant-look-away decision making.)

so dumdum had convinced steve that he had the perfect line, and all steve would have to do was walk up to some dame and say it. steve obviously wasnt interested in anybody but pegs, but he admitted that a bit of practice just holding conversation with a lady would probably do him some good.  dumdum pointed out a lovely dame with long brown hair and a WASP uniform sitting up at the bar, whispered the line in steve’s ear (because he didnt trust the rest of us with his perfect line) and sent steve off. 

we watched as steve made his way over and sat down. he’d never looked more awkwardly enormous as he did wedged into the bar stool next to that tiny dame. he flagged down the bartender, ordered a couple drinks, and turned to deliver dumdum’s line.

except that right then, the bartender slid the drinks down the bar to him, and his arm caught them both as he turned. 

so he delivered the line and then promptly doused the dame in two pints of terrible beer. 

that’s when morita showed up. and just as the lady delivering a really lovely slap across that chiseled-as-rushmore jawline, jim morita says:

“what the hell is steve doing with my wife??”

because it turned out his wife was a civilian pilot who’d joined the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, and happened to be the transport pilot we were waiting for. none of us even knew he was married. he and his wife both kept their rings on their tags under their uniforms. her name was jenny, and she thought the whole thing was pretty damn funny.

she and steve both refused to divluge what exactly the line had been. but it must have been pretty bad, because when jenny and jim morita’s son found steve after the war, he used it as blackmail to get steve to do those videos. turns out he’s a high school principal somewhere in queens. and he’s on some sort of educational board that makes those things. 

but morita never had any blackmail on me to pass along, so i got out home free. 


So close, but so far… by Brett Kiger
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Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom | Transportation and Ticket Center

Dungeons and Dragons is the perfect hobby for millennials

- it doesn’t require any further expenses after the book and dice
- you don’t need to take out a massive loan to learn how to play
- you can use technology/internet to organise meetings and make your game better for free
- you can make your character anything you want without bigots judging you
- old people listen to you if you roll high enough
- your character’s actions can actually have an effect on their world
- it transports you to a world where donald trump, brexit and climate change don’t exist, which is all any of us want really

Skyway” Rudy Lord, 1987

The first Disney skyway made its debut at Disneyland a little under a year after the park’s grand opening. In Disneyland, (as well as Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland) the suspended gondolas shuttled between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Guests could enjoy a breezy aerial view of the parks and give their legs a break from the marathon of visiting a theme park. All three Skyways have gone to Yesterland, making way for Winnie the Pooh, Rapunzel and Flynn, and a galaxy far, far away.

Art ©️ Disney

Sisters of Silence Kharon Pattern Asquistior. 

This thing is so fucking creepy looking. The fact that the ‘Iron Maiden’ style hatches along the side are for stuffing captured psykers into makes me all kinds of tingly.

I swear the Null Maidens give me more chills then even the inquisition does. I am about two inches away from starting an army of these girls. 

I have been in love with them ever since the art work from the old “Visions of” books (for those who don’t know about that, the Visions art books where pretty much the only window we used to have into the 30k universe, and man it was terrifying).


Madrid is taking a cue from NYC transit and asking commuters to mind their manspreading

  • Ah, yes. Manspreading: the delicate art of men splaying out their legs in public spaces to take up as much room as possible.
  • The phenomenon is thusly named because men tend to be its biggest culprits, a detail that hasn’t been lost on Madrid’s transit authority, whose officials recently announced a new initiative to put an end to the habit.
  • According to CNN, new signs are set to appear on Madrid’s buses, depicting a cartoon man intentionally taking up more than one seat with an “x” in the top corner. Read more (6/9/`17)

Analemma Tower Hanging From An Asteroid In Space

In the words of the architects Clouds Architecture Office:

Analemma inverts the traditional diagram of an earth-based foundation, instead depending on a space-based supporting foundation from which the tower is suspended. This system is referred to as the Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS). By placing a large asteroid into orbit over earth, a high strength cable can be lowered towards the surface of earth from which a super tall tower can be suspended. Since this new tower typology is suspended in the air, it can be constructed anywhere in the world and transported to its final location. The proposal calls for Analemma to be constructed over Dubai, which has proven to be a specialist in tall building construction at one fifth the cost of New York City construction.

Posting just to read some reactions: incredibly stupid or visionary genius?

Thanks for the feedback @sirlagsalotzzz & @abraca-awesome!


I was incredibly privileged today to meet Joy Lofthouse, 94, who flew Spitfires in World War 2 as part of the Air Transport Auxiliary, one of the vaunted ‘Spitfire Ladies’ and a hero and inspiration to all ladies everywhere, especially budding pilots. She’s a patron of the charity I support and volunteer for, and came as part of our Veteran’s Day today, to visit with us, drink tea and admire the beautiful Spitfire that did a flyby and landed for us all to have a gander at (the Spitfire itself flew 143 sorties during the war, including D-Day).

I was lucky enough to have 20 minutes or so sat with Joy on the flightline, watching the Spit refuel before it came over to us. Her memory was astounding; we spoke in detail about her wartime experiences as if it had all happened yesterday. 

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Imagine being in a forest. Everything was peaceful until a strange, screeching noise interrupted. When you checked where the noise was coming from, you were shocked to find a monster attacking an innocent man. You did everything you can to save him from that monster until the two of you were suddenly transported to an unknown world. What you didn’t know is the man you saved was Loki and the place you’re transported to is Asgard.

World of Motion” Herb Ryman, 1979

When EPCOT Center opened in 1982, the park’s Transportation Pavilion featured a magnificent dark ride adventure through the history of transportation. Guests boarded Omnimover vehicles and set off on a journey through time, accompanied by the attraction’s theme song, “It’s Fun to Be Free.” Vehicles rode past everything from footpower, to the wheel, to DaVinci’s flying machine to the world’s first traffic jam. The attraction emptied out into the TransCenter, which was full of exhibits and shows about the past, present and future of transportation. Sadly, this iconic attraction was closed in 1996, and Test Track opened in its place in 1999.

Art ©️ Disney

Der Flughafen Frankfurt/Main aka Rhein-Main-Flughafen. Frankfurt Airport located in Hessen at the heart of continental Europe serves as the main hub for Lufthansa German Airlines as well as Condor and AeroLogic. The airport has a capacity of 65 million passengers a year, 4 runways, and extensive logistics facilities. It's by far the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany, 3rd-busiest in Europe (after London & Paris) and 11th-busiest worldwide in 2012. It is also the 2nd-busiest in Europe by cargo traffic. As of winter 2012/2013, Frankfurt Airport served 264 destinations in 113 countries, making it the airport with the most international destinations in the world.