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Tampa police are refusing to work a Beyoncé concert

Police in Tampa, Florida, may offer a chilly reception to Beyoncé — if any reception at all — when she hits the city on her Formation World Tour. Reportedly, Tampa officers are still smarting over her Super Bowl halftime show and refusing to sign up to work security at Bey’s April 29 concert. In related news, this pales in comparison to one Tennessee sheriff’s recent Beyoncé scapegoating.

Leeteuk and Onew Cosmopolitan Interview

Q: The two of you have been on a hiatus for a while. How have you been?

L: It has been 5 months since I was discharged from the army. Right after I returned, we had a comeback and until now, I am still having trouble to adapt. Recently we have been meeting fans all around the world through Super Junior’s World Tour “Super Show 6”. This time too, right after the magazine photoshoot end, I will be going to Bangkok and then return to Seoul for my schedules. All these schedules makes me excited and full.

O: As you know, because of my health, I’ve been resting for a long time. I was very worried about performing on stage. Fortunately, I was able to continue performing in our concerts last year. Also, SHINee have been preparing hard for our first solo concert in Tokyo Dome this March. With that thought, I rode the plane feeling very excited about it.

Q: Actually before we were leaving, we saw that the two of you seem awkward with each other while we were at the lounge?

L: My relationship with Onew is mainly that of greeting each other. Actually, I feel slightly sorry towards SHINee. For the teams that debuted after Super Junior, EXO andd f(x), I had overlooked their showcases and even EXO’s slogan ‘We Are One’, I had made it together with them. However, for SHINee, it was unfortunate that the timing did not match at that time. That is why this time, I had some worries of how it will be like being with Onew together. Onew-ya, I have deep meanings of you~.

O: Hahaha. I know how it felt being with Teukie hyung for these past few days. On the first day, once we boarded the plane, because of the awkwardness, we just kept watching movies. However, it seems that this fresh combination of the two of us is expected to receive a lot of fans love. And because I was just resting, I just really wanted to go too. It was awkward at first but I felt comfortable because hyung lead me well and it was fun.

Q: For the two of you travelling together for the first time, how do you feel about it?

L: It does not feel like work but like a real vacation for me. For me, everytime I go on a vacation, I am the type that will complain a lot at first but eventually am the one who takes the most photos. Recently, for my vacation in Switzerland, I actually took 3000 photos hahaha. Actually this photoshoot is easier than when I was taking photos by myself. Especially, I like it that this place, Sentosa Island, is quiet and private. Especially the place we stayed at, Capella, gives a kind of healing feeling? There were completely no worries while we were there.

O: Of course I have been to Singapore for concert performances before, but this is the first time I am here for a holiday. I have always liked warm places. Which is why when I arrived from the plane wearing a duvet jacket, I cheered “It’s really great!”. I wondered if my throat would hurt though because I shouted too loudly hahaha. Because of the rainy season, it rained during the 4 days here. It was a pity but staying in a warm country, the feeling is great.

 Q: During the 4 days 3 nights vacation, what was the most memorable thing for you?

O: My solo shot at the Movenpick Hotel with the Merlion in the background. That Merlion was the greatest prize. I wanted to take photo with the other Merlion too but because I could not find it, I felt sorry. When we had the free time, the first thing I did was go to the beach and I went swimming too, even though there were many people. I also took the monorail and went to the sky diving place. At the shopping mall, I ate an ice cream. I came into a toy shop and said worriedly “Who is the person that I should pay to?” I wanted to buy everything!

L: For me, I woke up early and was dawdling around my room. I didn’t know that Onew had went around so diligently!

O: Although it was a pity that the schedule was like that, I really spent it meaningfully. The manager and I took the tram and made a mistake, but that’s the fun part about holidays! When we were going back to our accommodation, it was raining heavily and I waited at the station for the van, wondering if it’s the right one. Teukie hyung, what was your most memorable memory?

L: For vacation what else is there other than food. On the first day, once we arrived, the thing I ate was chilli crab and pepper crab. I only thought about the crabs. The feeling when I first ate it at the restaurant with the noisy atmosphere was peculiarly good.  I tend to be timid in asking things like “Can you give me small portion?” Because of that, when I had the meal, I had to keep the words “Can you give me a smaller portion?” to myself. In my SNS, I uploaded a photo with the caption “shrimp ㅠㅠ”.  Singapore is very modern and the Sentosa Island is very charming, it has a shopping centre across the river? Coming from a cold country to the crab temple that is hot, the feeling is good.

Q: The two of you seem to travel in different ways on your own.

O: I was told by others that there is a place I definitely have to visit in Singapore. Directly behind Orchard Road is the Dempsey Hill which is really special. It was really great on the first day that we went there! It was not just a seafood restaurant but it also had like an outdoor cafe atmosphere, which was really good. Ah! It was a pity that I couldn’t go the classic places at night.

Q: The fact the two group leaders are together must be a surprise for your fans.

L: Only the authorized people saw us because this was a fresh issue. So can we come again next time? Hahaha. When we were leaving, Minho asked “Of all people, why does it have to be Onew?” So I laughed saying “There is a deep meaning behind it”. This time I got close with Onew so I’m sure the fans will like it too. We are the SM male group best leaders line!

Q: Please say one last thing to the fans who haven’t seen you for a long time.
L: When I was in the army, I really felt that the time was really long. However, I don’t know whether I have spent the past 5 months to my utmost best. And I also don’t know how long this kind of thoughts will last. I had a wish of “To have the freedom to sleep when I want and to wake up when I want while working” and I’ve gotten this wish while in Singapore. In the past, when I have to go the airport, I will feel tired but now, when I go to the airport, I feel like the time is spent well. Even though I don’t get to sleep a lot because of the schedules, it is good to be busy this way. Please look forward to seeing us and we will greet you through our individual activities such as MC as well as Super Junior and others through our various appearances.

O: It is great to have the two of us here. It would be great if the fans find our different sides from this photoshoot charming. SHINee will be releasing a new album again this year, so please look forward to it. And yes, from March 14 to 15, SHINee will have our concert “SHINee World 2014~I’m Your Boy~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome” in Japan’s Tokyo Dome which we have been preparing diligently for. If there are other chances besides the concert, I would like to present it to you too. In the future too please take care of Onew!


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