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Katy Perry talks 'brave' new album and if there's a response to 'Bad Blood'

It has been nearly four years since Katy Perry released her last album, 2013’s Prism, so fans are more than ready for the pop superstar’s return. After her Prismatic World Tour and her 2015 Super Bowl halftime show performance, the pop star admits she needed a break and retreated to her home base in Santa Barbara, California. “The energy is just totally different — it’s not thirsty or desperate or clingy,” Perry tells EW. “It’s a really beautiful kind of Zen-like feeling place. I just went there to gather myself and I started making a record in June of last year.”

Perry says she wrote about 40 songs and has now whittled that number down to 15 for the album, the title of which is still unknown (fans have theorized that it’s Witness — Perry won’t say). “It’s really quite brave,” says Perry of her latest work. “Sonically, it’s fun and dance-y and dark and light. It’s all of these things. It definitely is a change.”

It’s also an album that reflects the changes in Perry’s own life and her maturation. “I left my 20s and I’ve gone to my 30s,” she says. “I’ve embraced. I’ve surrendered. I’ve healed some of my issues with my family, with my relationships. Today I’m sober but I don’t know about tomorrow! One day at a time, right? [Laughs] It’s all kind of beautiful. I built up Katy Perry and she was so fun. And I still am Katy Perry and I love her so much but, at the core, I’m Katheryn Hudson and I think that’s being revealed as I embrace who I really am.”

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Why can't ELF accept the fact that super junior is not popular anymore? Yeah, they were super popular till 2012, but not anymore! Just accept it! so annoying ._.

I realllyyyy love it when people go around proving just how relevant SJ are by screaming about how irrelevant & unpopular they are ~

P.S * cough cough *

2012–2013: Sexy, Free & Single and the world tour, Super Show 5

Super Junior 6th Album Sexy, Free & Single managed to rank high in iTunes in several countries including Australia, France, Peru and Japan. It also ranked 3rd on Billboard World Albums. The album debuted at 1st place on the South Korean Gaon Chart, selling 335,744 copies in one month. Staying on the chart as 1st place for three weeks in a row, 459,182 copies have been sold in only two months (July–August). Furthermore, Sexy, Free & Single also debuted at 1st on Gaon Album Chart with 356,431 copies sold in year 2012. Super Junior rank 1st place on Hanteo’s “Top 5 K-Pop Artists” 2012 winning Hanteo "Singer Award“ and also rank 1st place in Hanteo "Album Award” 2012 also winning this award.

Sexy, Free & Single was placed 1st for several weeks on Taiwan KKBOX KPOP chart having all album songs charted.The Japanese version of this song, which was released on August 22, has sold over 118,902 units making the single gold certified.

Super Junior were nominated for “Best Asian Act” in MTV Europe Music Awards showing one more time their popularity around the world. In October, Super Junior won “Teen Style Icon” award in Style Icon Awards and on November they also won the “Best Artist Group Award” the 19th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards. On November 30, Super Junior attended the Mnet Asian Music Awards where they won three awards, “Album of the Year”, “Best Global Group - Male” and “Best Line Award”, being the second year in row that Super Junior wins “Album of the Year”. Their Super Show 4 3D movie was awarded with “Work of Art Award” at the International 3D Festival being the only singer together with Glam winning an award.On January 15 Super Junior won “Disk Daesang” at 27th Golden Disk Awards, being the 3rd “Disk Daesang” that Super Junior has won, and the second in a row (winning in 2011 for “Mr Simple”).

Super Junior announced their world tour in February 2013. “The World Tour, Super Show 5” began in March starting with Seoul. The group then went to China, Japan, South America, North America and Europe.

On November 10, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Siwon, and Kyuhyun hold a special lecture at Oxford University. Their special lecture entitled ‘Super Junior: The Last Man Standing’ took place at the Oxford Union Debating Chamber. They were the speakers at this event, which was co-hosted by Oxford University Korea Society (OUKS), Oxford University Asia-Pacific Society (OUAPS), and Oxford Union.

2014: Mamacita and the world tour, Super Show 6

In August 2014, SM Entertainment announced that Leeteuk and Heechul would re-join Super Junior for the group’s seventh album, Mamacita which was released online on August 29 and in stores on September 1. With only three days of sales, Super Junior’s ‘Mamacita’ ranked No.1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart.

Super Junior began their world tour Super Show 6 in September 2014, with the first stop at Seoul. Super Junior successfully completed their three-day concert at Jamsil Arena, Seoul from 19 to 21 September 2014 and marked their 100th concert worldwide on the 21 September 2014. Super Junior are the first Korean artist to perform 100 concerts worldwide.[100]

On October 27, Super Junior released the special edition for Mamacita called This Is Love. There is a total of 13 tracks, including 9 tracks from the 7th album, rearranged “This Is Love (Stage Version)” as well as three songs. This Is Love ranked number one on the real time charts of Hanteo Chart, Sinnara Records and more as soon as it was released.

2015–present: DevilMagic and Label SJ

On 8 July 2015, SM Entertainment announced that Yesung would re-join Super Junior for the special album, Devil which was released online and in stores on July 16 to celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary. The song clinched No.1 on the iTunes chart in over 10 countries and also had received praise from Billboard as group’s “Best Single In Years”. The album also had clinched the best selling album for the week in the United World Charts.

Super Junior first showcased its song during its encore concert Super Show 6 in Seoul, over two days from July 11 to 12. Super Junior performed 4 songs from the album, including the title song “Devil”, “We Can”, “Don’t Wake Me Up” and “Alright”. On 16 August, Super Junior won 2 awards, “International Arist” and “Best Fandom” in the Teen Choice Awawrds.

On 10 September 2015, SM Entertainment announced that Super Junior released part 2 of its special 10th anniversary album, Magic on September 16. The album was planned to thank the fans who loved and supported the group, included the 10 previously-released tracks from the original special album, Devil as well as lead single “Magic”, “You Got It”, “Dorothy” and “Sarang♥” for a total of 14 tracks. It was the last album released before EunhyukDonghae and Siwon entered the military.

On 6 November, Super Junior’s 10th anniversary since their debut, SM Entertainment announced that Super Junior had their own exclusive label management, Label SJ.SM stated, “We established Label SJ to give Super Junior our wholehearted support and an ideal system for managing the group.” Though the new label will be affiliated with SM, it will be independently and wholly responsible for Super Junior’s management, producing their albums, and all group, unit, and individual activities.

* I marked the words: “first”, “world” ,“won”,“number one”, “1st” and “award” for you ^^

[STARCAST] ‘SUPER SHOW’ How far did you go in the whole world – From 140226

SuperJunior world tour ‘SUPER SHOW’ set a record of holding 97 sets of performances in 26 cities for about 73 months since 2008. The traces of ‘SUPER SHOW’ that is creating new history every time and every year and glorious records, from the moment of leaving the airport after finishing ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ finale “SUPER SHOW5” in BEIJING successfully and to hot performances, be with STARCAST for all those~!!

Through ‘SUPER SHOW’ for past 6 years, SuperJunior went to not only Asia but South America and Europe and met with various fans around the world. The driving force that was able to spread new performance culture in many countries that has different languages and cultures might be because of the endless development of ‘SUPER SHOW’ that is fully equipped with SuperJunior’s passion, teamwork and cheerfulness. ‘SUPER SHOW’ was held in various cities around the world for 6 years and recorded accumulated audiences of 1.35 million and became the center of attention with the biggest South America 4 countries tour out of all Korean singers, holding first exclusive concert in France first time ever as Korean group, special lecture at University of Oxford in England and they made not only ‘SuperJunior’ known, but also Republic of Korea to the world.

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Translation | Yes/No #1 Super Junior has many great members but the most outstanding visual is me, Eunhyuk style!

KI: wait members. We have to predict what he answered. He would definitely choose this (yes)
SW: But I don’t think Eunhyuk-ee is arrogant
SD: I think the ‘most’ part is wrong?
HC: It doesn’t matter what we think, right? Guessing how he answered? I don’t really wanna answer this.
RW(while walking to no side, trying to confuse hj): This side is ‘yes’ right?
KH: If he says ‘yes’, this side is correct
SW(clueless that KHRW are trying to trick HJ): No, if he says ‘no’, we’re correct.
KH: ..Ai.. Really.. (judging siwon)
HJ: My answer is… No!
SW: I believed in you ㅋㅋㅋ
HJ: I’m just being honest. I make jokes when I say, I’m handsome and cool.. the handsomest member is Siwon, and I think I’m after him
SD: What
SW: you’re more handsome than Ryeowook-ssi?
KI: Wait. Eunhyuk-ah, who do you think are below you
HJ: I’m below Siwon-ee, so (everybody else) is below me

/HJ turns around to look at them/

SW: I believed in you ㅋㅋㅋ
HJ: What is this side? the good side?
SM: This side is the ‘yes’
KI: We are the ones who thought you are the most handsome
HC: we thought ‘you’re the only one’
DH: We thought that you’re the only one who can show a great visual like that in our team
HC: Who else would there be
DH: I’m disappointed in you

Yes/No #2 Who is the most powerful (has most authority) member in Super Junior? It is me, Ryeowook

HC: Ya, (he will hold onto this) for an year (standing at Yes side) Ryeowook-ee makes my food. I cannot eat without him.
RW: There are two dorms, and in one, I am in charge of making the food.
HJ: If we’re talking about that (as the standard)
KI: Ryeowook-ah, you have the loudest voice in the team
HJ: what’s the standard of ‘authority’
SD: (Goes to No side) We can still eat without him. We can just order food. Order delivered food. Make ramen.


RW: The most powerful member in Super Junior is… Eunhyuk! (so my answer is) No.
DH: Love for Eunhyuk
SW: His love for Eunhyuk. Ai~ boring boring~
DH: Ah it must be nice for Ryeowook-ee~ must be nice for Eunhyuk-ee~
HC: It’s like the saying “The rabbit pretending to be a king while the tiger is out” Aren’t you overusing your power while Leeteuk is out? ㅋㅋ
HJ: Don’t return, Leeteuk~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Yes/No #3 There is a member that I think has gotten more handsome while I was gone for army.

HJ: Not just ‘become more handsome’ but ‘more handsome than hyung’ right?
SD: What if the member was originally more handsome than hyung?
HJ: I want to know hyung’s standards first
HC: Firstly, I didn’t have a member that I thought was more handsome than me. You can make your decision by that standard.
KI: Sorry, but is this a 몽둥이 (club/stick you hit people with)? Can I hit him with this?

HC: 1 2 3 YES. Kangin Kangin! Because!
RW: Kangin-ee hyung~
HC: To be honest, if there is Kangin, Siwon, and Donghae.. Siwon-ee has gotten too greasy, Donghae was originally handsome, and Kangin-ee has become handsome after losing weight
KI: /unbuttons a button from his shirt and starts posing/
HJ: What is that!? What is that!? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yes/No #4 out of Super Junior members, I am most dignified/elegant

/Everyone stands on No/
SW: Yes
Members: WHAT?
SD: what are you doing!?
KH: Saying such nonsense.
SW: I think I am most elegant
KH: A person should know to be humble
HC: What are you doing, Siwon-ah
HJ: I know you are elegant, but I didn’t know you’d be the one to say that
SD: We..
SM: I didn’t know you’d be the one to do that
HJ: We knew you are elegant, but we thought you’d say ‘no’
SD: The moment you said ‘yes’ is when you lost your elegance
SW: I knew they’d stand at the Noㅋㅋㅋ

Yes/No #5

/Donghae’s turn/
SD: What
HC: Donghae always does his best at cosplaying too
KI: But (what he cosplay as) isn’t what he thought up, he’s just does it because someone told him to
HC: His ‘participation’ is enough

DH: In Super Junior..
EH: susususuper jrjrjn
DH: Q. In Super Junior, there is a member that does many aegyos and easily feels lonely more than me…. Yes…
Members: ??
SW: Why is he talking to himself?
DH: You guys, move please… Starting now! YES!
SD: Who?
DH: I think.. Kangin-ee hyung.
SW: Yes, I thought of him too.
RW: Lonely~
SW: I thought of him~
KI: I’m not lonely~ ㅋㅋ

Yes/No #6 My aegyo is the best in Super Junior, but recently, there is a member that’s threatening my position.

KI: the question is wrong. It should be “My butt is the best in Super Junior”
HC: “There is a butt that’s threatening my butt’s position”
KH: “I am worrying about my butt growing bigger”
HC: Because I’m back /shakes butt/ my butt. If you say aegyo, it’s Kim Heechul
KI: no, it’s Sungmin
RW: Sungmin-ee hyung, look at the camera and show (aegyo)
HC: Good
SD: So we can see how good he is
SM: I cannot ㅋㅋ
KI: Try try
Members: 1 2 3
SM: Bbuing bbuing
HC: No good. People change; I have changed too

SM: No. There isn’t anyone~
EH: Heechul-ee hyung is very cute! /Heechul starts doing aegyos/ Look at that! He’s very cute!… I will now… Give up. I think I have gotten every one of them wrong.
SM: All?
EH: I’m answering them seriously but I’m getting them wrong. ㅋㅋ

Yes/No #7: I am the visual of Super Junior

KI: Shindong-ssi, are you going to be serious or funny?
SD: Serious
HC: Funny or-
SD: If I say (yes) I am the visual, that means I am thinking myself as one of the top 3
DH: Shindong-ssi, there’s something hyung said yesterday
SD: Something I said?
DH: In the car
EH: Why would you talk about that now?

SD: Answer! … NO!
EH: That-
SD: I said by ‘visual’, it should be members in top 3
EH: You are in the top 3!
SD: And you are near the bottomㅋㅋㅋ
EH: Siwon-ee, me, hyung! Us three (are the top 3)!!

Yes/No #8 I think of myself as the strongest man in Super Junior, but there’s actually someone stronger

DH: Kangin-ssi, by strength or overall?
RW: Mental?
HC: By mental, Kangin-ee is the weakest.
KI: I was the weakest (by mental), but I have become strong
HC: In the time of 2 years..
HJ: Just by physical strength? Stamina?
KI: But stamina has many types too. Fine stamina
RW: This is hard.
HC: The one that will be called by Kangin will be (considered) the (strongest) ㅋㅋㅋ
RW: Does he have to tell us (which member)?
HC: He has to

KI: Yes!
SD: Really?
HC: Who?
KI: you guys added lots of factors.
HC: Who is stronger in stamina?
KI: In stamina, I think
DH: Masi?
KI: Sungmin-ee… Sungmin-ee, Eunhyuk-ee, and Donghae.
HC: What about me?
KI: hyung, you don’t have many physical movements. Siwon-ee, I think has weakened from schedules.
HC: He (Eunhyuk) really isn’t (stronger)!
KI: Anchovy, fish, and butt (works out) regularly.

Yes/No #9: I feel relieved that I am Super Junior’s maknae

EH: Relieved?
SM: But he sometimes feel, “Ah, If only I was a hyung!”
HC: He acts like a hyung even if he’s not one.
KI: Kyuhyun-ah, you define the word.
EH: What do you mean by ‘relieved’
HC: Like I have many responsibilities as the eldest… though it may not look like it ㅋㅋ
EH: Relieved that you aren’t a hyung? or relieved that you aren’t a maknae of another group?
KH: I won’t think of other groups
HC: I wonder if he thinks it’s good or bad (that he’s a maknae) when he thinks of Teuk-ee..

KH: No.
SW: ALL 100%! Everyone got it right!!
KH: How did you all know?
SW: We know all your thoughts!! You’re one that wants to have us in your palms
KH: I answered no because if I was a hyung, I would have taken care of the members well, treated them cutely…
/Members start complaining/
KH: but because I am a maknae, I have to force myself to do aegyos. Many times I have to do that
/Members complain again/
SD: What aegyos ?
SW: I’m glad you aren’t a hyung
SD: Do you know what ‘aegyo’ means?
SM: I’m relieved that he’s a maknae.

Yes/No #10:
They decided to ask one more question. Since Siwon got the most correct, they had Siwon answer.

Q. I have seriously thought of getting a plastic surgery

SW: I will answer this honestly. Very honestly.

/Members don’t stand anywhere, but signal the staffs to say that they are ready/

KI: really?
/members all leaving the room/
KI: a plastic surgery!

SW: You’re(Kyuhyun) the only one left. ㅋㅋ It has been Super Junior (bow)


[TRENDING] Super Junior to open their very own school?

Recently Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk held a press conference alongside with news reporters from thirty different countries. And from what he said in the press conference, Super Junior is planning to open their very own school!

During the press conference Leeteuk announced “Super Junior will be showing their very best to the public, and of course have our own goal as a group; which is to give love to the society. Although there are many ideas and plans, however it is decided that we will be opening a Super Junior School. Meanwhile we will be concentrating on our solo activities, and when all Super Junior members return from the military, we will be releasing a full length album as a group; continuing our world tour Super Show!

Are you excited for Super Junior’s School?


Eunhyuk Twitter & Weibo Update | 140226 

@AllRiseSilver: Tada

@AllRiseSilver: YoonJoon-ee hyung~ Thank you!!!ㅜㅜ

장수돌 → long lasting idol

엘프 → ELF

쵸코아빠 → Choco’s father

슈주은혁 → Suju Eunhyuk (c)

haohaohyuk: Super Show 5 world tour has finally ended~ It was even better to have performed last performance with Beijing fans! Thank you so much to fans who have waited and been with us for a long time.. Sorry for being unable to say goodbye well ㅜㅜ There were many disappointing parts, but if you guys enjoyed, and were happy through Super Show, and when you have aged, can remember it as a happy memory, then it’s enough for me! What I felt while doing the tour this time is that we and you guys have feelings more than (those between) a singer-fans, and so I was happy ^^ Thank you so so much, and I love you~ Please anticipate for SJM’s new album that will be released soon! This year will become the year of Super Junior, so please be with us with a happy heart!!! Beijing, China fans, always thank you and sorry~