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Superman is not just a guy who can fly and is super strong who punches things to death. He considers all life precious, even the life of villains. And he cares very deeply for not just his friends and family, but all people. Clark Kent is mortal, he makes mistakes, he makes bad choices sometimes. He has worries, and fears. He’s hardly “perfect”. But what he is, is a symbol. He stands for something. And in a real world gone increasingly wrong, we need what he stands for worse than ever. The real world badly needs a Superman.

And that is why the depiction of Superman in the “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman” sucks. Because those movies show a Clark Kent who is selfish, who is brash and reckless, who charges into battle, kills enemies, and destroys property, endangering innocent lives without a second thought. They depict a Clark Kent who barely ever saves anyone. He’s not a hero. And that’s not who Superman is. Superman is a hero, the epitome of a hero. He does what’s right, even though what’s right is rarely ever easy. Doing what’s right has cost Clark a lot.

But Clark helps people, he stands up for the little guy. He doesn’t just save millions from alien invasions and natural disasters. He helps the homeless woman on the street. He helps a kid who’s kitten is in a tree. He takes the time to talk to a stranger who just might be thinking of jumping to their death. Superman loves saving people, because he loves people, he has a lot of compassion and empathy. And THAT’S the difference. What these panels show, illustrates perfectly the kind of person that Clark Kent is. The Clark in those new Superman films, would never even bother with this.


Ruby Rose - Red Roses

While Red Roses are often associated with love and passion, they are also a symbol of courage. This seems to reflect Ruby’s drive throughout Volume 4 to make her journey to Mistral while mourning the deaths of Pyrrha and Penny.

Weiss Schnee - White Lilies

White Lilies are a symbol of innocence, purity, renewal and royalty. The flower alludes to Weiss’s privileged yet abusive background and her journey to finally abandoning that lifestyle in the Volume 4 finale.

Blake Belladonna - Bittersweet Nightshades

Bittersweet Nightshades (not to be confused with Deadly Nightshades, also known as “Atropa Belladonna”) are one the most well-known poisonous plants in the world. It is a symbol of misfortune, secrecy, but also truth, bringing to mind Blake being the indirect reason as to Sun and Yang’s injuries as well as concealing her reasons of running from her team.

Yang Xiao Long - Yellow Chrysanthemums

Yellow Chrysanthemums are a symbol of neglected love, sorrow and “recovery from a long trial of hardships”. This alludes to Yang’s abandonment by Raven, and her long recovery from losing her arm in Volume 3.

Yang Xiao Long (Volume 5) - Orange Lilies

In Yang’s new Volume 5 promotional design, there are now Orange Lilies behind her in replacement of the Yellow Chrysanthemums. Although Orange Lilies are a symbol of confidence, they are also a symbol of pride, hatred and revenge. This reflects Yang’s new-found confidence, but also her burning hatred of Adam and her desire to exact as much pain on him after he severed her arm.


SH Characters: A Short Summary: (S2B)  Magnus Bane

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I love this idea that Barry gets more coordinated when he's drunk? Like, if he's sober he trips over his feet constantly, but get him drunk and he can do a whole dance routine on top of several tables

Absolutely. one of the first moments lup realised she was falling for him was when they all went out for drinks and after a couple of shots barry took her out onto the dance floor and was super super good at it like she was looking forward to making fun of drunk barry but now look who has egg on her face. it’s lup and she’s very turned on. 

the compromise, of course, is that barry can’t drink while he’s working bc he’ll forget how to read

Memory Meme

Past experiences help shape who we are currently, how we see the world. Send in a symbol and I’ll write a drabble of one of my muse’s memories. 

❥ - a childhood memory

♣ - a fading memory

✂ - a vivid memory

✖ - a repressed memory

✈ - an eye-opening memory

✤ - a memory that involves romance/love

☤ - a memory of death/loss

✍ - a memory of their mother

☽ - a memory of their father

♘ - a memory of their sibling(s)

✌ - a memory of a relative

↕ - a memory that may or may not have happened

♚ - a memory of something paranormal

✓ - a sexual memory

♬ - a friend/best friend memory

Faery Symbols

Holey Stones

A stone with a naturally formed hole though it. When peered into with one eye closed, you may see through glamours and obtain faery sight. Carry as a connection to the fae, good luck, or as a protection stone.

The Faery Star

The seven points of the faery star represent earth, air, fire, water, above, below and within. It has been used for protection, dreams, opening portals to the faery world, and a symbol of faery land. Be careful what you mark with it as it is very powerful, and sacred to the fae.

The Faery Cross

Said to be faery tears that fell to the ground and crystallised into Staurolite at the news of Christ’s death in one version, and faery tears caused by the destruction of nature, and an omen that iron machines and weapons would be used against the earth in another version. Carry for protection, dreamwork, grounding and anxiety.

The Faery Triad

Oak, Mountain Ash and Hawthorn. Three sacred faery trees, these plants have strong magic qualities. When bound or grown together they form a powerful protection, and when separate they attract fae and may aid one in opening a door to faeryland. Carry as an amulet, or for faery blessings and connection with the fae. Plant by your home to invite fae and provide a strong ward.

Past Life Dreams: Signs

Sings that you have had a past life dream:

  1. Heightened senses.
  2. Extremely vivid.
  3. Unforgettable; easily recalled.
  4. Things are seen in groups of threes.
  5. Presence of circular geometry.
  6. Historical detail.
  7. If the dream reoccurs, the events remain unchanged.
  8. Show origins of physical, spiritual, and/or emotional issues.
  9. You look different.

Pet names.


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