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Part 2 of Discovery. Dedicated to @zephyrine-gale and their beautiful art-style. Your tags told me that your birthday was on the 26th, so I hope I’m not too late or too early to wish you “Happy Birthday~”
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From what we’ve come to know about Viktor, his life has been colorless for 20-something years. By colorless, I meant that his life didn’t have that resonance or that feeling that made it complete. But when Viktor stumbled upon Yuuri at a banquet party, his world was splashed with a sweet love as he fell for the adorkable Yuuri. The Eros-routine may’ve been inspired by that flirtatious night those two had, but I feel that this song for his FS-program kind of captures how Viktor’s able to open up and experience the highs and lows of a wide range of emotions through Yuuri.

Before, he only knew one note. Through Yuuri, Viktor saw the world.


Splash Mountain, right before the fall by Havoc315


Splash Mountain by Keenan Jones


Splash Mountain’s Magnificence by Matthew Cooper

The signs as Disneyland rides

aries: matterhorn
taurus: thunder mountain
gemini: buzz lightyear astro blasters
cancer: the haunted mansion
leo: pirates of the caribbean
virgo: splash mountain
libra: the teacups
scorpio: autopia
sagittarius: indiana jones adventure
capricorn: space mountain
aquarius: tom sawyer island
pisces: it’s a small world


Zip=A-Dee Lady by Gerardo Franco
Via Flickr:
@ Splash Mountain