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“Swords in Fiction”

Some of the greatest, most epic weapons wielded in fiction, whether on the page or on the screen, were swords. This is a poster collecting some of the coolest, showing just how far you can stretch the idea of a super pointy stick when physics isn’t holding you back. Can you name them all?  

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Travis Ishikawa with the game winning home run to send the Giants to the World Series! They are going to be talking about that one for a longggg time.

An exuberant Anthony Rizzo is featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated commemorating the Chicago Cubs’ World Series win. Rizzo’s exuberance is certainly justified by the 108 years it took the Cubs to secure a World Series championship, which they finally did in the early hours of Thursday morning with an 8–7, extra inning victory over the Cleveland Indians after a rain delay. (Al Tielemans)

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aqua’s story - castle of dreams

“A pure heart filled with light… It’s strange, The Master taught me darkness needs to be destroyed. But how, if not with light?”