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Unexpected – Chapter 3

His mom has, he believes, six different faces.  He’s grown used to them through the years.  Well-tuned at reading them.  Maybe damn near perfect at it.  He considers it a gift.  

There are your normal, happy and sad faces.  There’s worried and angry.  Then there are his favorites.  Her “straighten your ass up before I do it for you” face, which, perhaps, he’s seen far too many times in his lifetime.  And there is the one he’s seeing right now.  The one that has been resting upon her for the past thirty minutes.  Her “I’m skeptical as fuck” face.  

He called it that to her once.  When he was 16 years old and he asked her if he could borrow her car so he could go to his friend Lauren James’s house to study.  She had looked at him, her eyes narrowed, her face a shade darker than her normal shade.  Study, she had said as she planted her hands firmly on her hips and tilted her head to the side.  His stomach had turned, tightening into what felt like a knot when he uttered a not so convincing yes.  When those eyes narrowed on him even more, he had thrown his hands up in the air and found himself spewing words like “you don’t trust me” and “it’s just studying” before he added “why are you looking at me like you are skeptical as fuck.”  

His mouth had clamped shut the moment those idiotic words escaped his lips and he spent the rest of the evening and the next two weeks grounded to his room.  He knew long before that, though he had apparently had temporary amnesia that night, and he’s known every day since then that Lisa Evans was no fool.  She knew every trick in the book.  She knew her kid’s personalities, their ways of doing things, to a tee.  She could see every emotion, every intent, every action in the faces around her regardless of what was being said or done.  She was a reader.  She is a reader.  

And right now, she’s reading him like a novel she can’t put down.

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Players To Appear on Season Finale of “Chicago Fire”

Chicago Cubs meet Chicago Fire. Cubs players Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta will make their acting debut in the season finale of Chicago Fire.

In the episode, a young Cubs fan is injured and loses his entire baseball card collection in a serious accident.

The firefighters try to cheer the boy up by giving him an experience he’ll never forget. Yes, that’s code for a visit from the World Series champs aka the other “hometown heroes.” Catch your boys and NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico in the May 16th episode.