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Trans people can "appear" to be cishet too, and they are still LGBTQ and welcome in LGBTQ spaces, it is meant for us. No one said anything about "appearing cishet people" not welcome in LGBTQ spaces. It is the fact that cishet people do not belong in these spaces, they are the ones who have created this divide and are the reason we have safe spaces. They have oppressed us and continue to do so, meanwhile ace and aro people are not oppressed systemically, economically, nor socially.

how is an asexual or aromantic person straight, though? please do explain to me how a lack of romantic attraction makes someone automatically heteroromantic, and how a lack of sexual attraction makes someone heterosexual. 

also ace people do experience systemic, economic and social oppression. maybe some younger ace people in this day and age and in very accepting circles won’t feel it as much (note: it’s not entirely absent by any means) from all directions, but on a world wide scale? you think sex and marriage is something we all have the opportunity to opt out of? anyone who can be put through a corrective rape is under oppression and deserves protection.

Battle for Azeroth Details

6 zones spanning 2 continents.
Level up in your faction’s zones
Pick the zone you want to start in
Rest of the world opens at level 120
Epic War Campaign arc woven throughout 
Max level world quests and emissaries

Allied Races - 

Bring a new ally to your faction and unlock the ability to play that race
New racial abilities, varied customization
Allied races begin at 20
If you level an allied race from 20 to max, unlock transmog gear

6 allied races at launch -

Highmountain Tauren
Zandalar trolls


Void Elves
Lightforged Draenei
Dark Iron Dwarves

Leveling Improvements:

Scaling Zones everywhere
Zones have level ranges with caps
Flexible expansion order
Outland scales 60-80
Northrend scales 60-80
More player choice for leveling
Applies to dungeons and raids
Patch 7.3.5 start implementing these

Island Expeditions - 

Searching for resources
Horde and Alliance clash to get these
Explore uncharted islands across the Great Sea
3-player cooperative gameplay
Complete varied and dynamic objectives
Race against advanced AI opponents
Pvp options

Warfronts - 

Large scale battles on the home front
Fantasy anchored in Warcraft 3, RTS roots
20 player VS NPC army
Build structures, research upgrade, recruit troops


★ Another week, another miniature scene ★

This is what I imagine my future study to look like, complete with a non-functioning old timey telephone and spinny globe. Everything is handmade with the exception of the telephone, which I modified a teeny tiny bit.

I’ve also improved on my globe design (the dramatic arc of the first one and thick black lines just weren’t working, ya know?), and am now offering it in my etsy shop for all your miniature decor and gifting needs. 

Lastly, I’m running a small giveaway on my instagram (@honey.thistle) for one of these globes and a few other minis until May 22nd 2017, so check that out for some free miniature swag :)

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What's your philosophy on life?

There are many people in the world, who don’t care about the world, yet they want the world to care about them - don’t be one of these people. Instead live life as selflessly as you can. Don’t allow your life to be directed by other people’s opinions, but do take into consideration how your actions may directly or indirectly affect them. Good people chose the path of goodness, because they have known pain deeply, they have experienced the result of human selfishness. They want to minimise this in the world as much as possible, by having awareness and being conscious of their intentions, motives, flaws, desires, thoughts, emotions, what they do and the things they say. Their life purpose is motivated by the intention to benefit all, to improve something in the world, to give existence a gift only their existence could give.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, whether you’re more talented then others, how much money you have, how intelligent you are, how attractive you look, how much attention you get. What truly matters is knowing that your life makes a difference, and being active in making sure the difference you make is true to your soul, that it’s bringing good into this world.

If your life is centred around self-feeding interests, by only personal desires, you’ll fail. You’ll fail 100 times over. Yes you’ll get the fancy car, the flashy career, the superficial power-couple relationship status, the large bank account. But if that’s all ones life has amounted up to, without giving any lasting positive contribution back to the world, you’ve failed. For in the end you’ll realise fulfilment will never be yours. Fulfilment happens only when we devote ourself to something bigger than ourselves, and let our life be example of that loving devotion. We see our intentions manifest tenfold when it comes from a place of love, goodness and truth. If our life isn’t going the way we planned, it’s probably because it’s not in alignment with these three things. Thus life is constantly redirecting us, it’s supporting our souls, but causing anxiety to our mind as we feel opposed.

In order to actually live this philosophy in the practical world, one must constantly centre themselves on what’s important, to be aware of what makes life worth living. They must be conscious of these aspects of their life, and then apply them to the world on a grand scale. If family is important to you, as it brings love and belonging to many of us, how can you make the world more aware of the importance of family? How can we contribute to the social dynamic of family life? How can we help people improve their family life? How can bring meaning into the world through family? The amount of psychological impact the family structure has on an individual is paramount. By improving this, you improve the individual, when the individual improves so does the society, when the society improves the humanity follows.

You don’t need to be a genius to make a unique contribution in the world, you just need to be aware of what humans need, it’s really that simple. And it gets even simpler when you realise you are human; the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and vice versa. Thus just be aware of your own deepest needs; it’s the source of both your happiness and psychological anguish when those needs remained unmet. When you know these within yourself, you know these within the psychological structure of all humans. Contemplate on your internal life, and see how that’s impacted your external life. Then transform the internal, to see transformation in the external, and allow your life through example to transform the lives of others. All great people were great because they set an example, they lead by example. And where someone leads, others follow.