world savers

What Dark Souls feels like after Bloodborne

Running speed: dramatic meme slow-mo

Estus animation: the slow and inevitable heat death of the universe

dodging: unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling, a whole new world, a new life-saver point of view

rolling: rickrolling

Attack speed of bosses and enemies: can I take a nap in the meantime?


health bar after attacks: where my rally aaat? Where my rally aaat?

shield: now I remember why I had one


scenery: such beautiful polygons,

Sen’s Fortress: three-layered fucked up chalice dungeon with misplaced swinging blades

O&S: nothing has changed about you. Come on and slam and welcome to the jam

Centuries {Peter Maximoff}

unedited. a mess. listen i genuinely don’t know what this is. Peter/Reader soulmate au set sort of during/mostly post-XMA. everyone’s born with a counter on their wrist counting down to when they’ll meet their soulmate. have fun. (TA is teacher’s assistant; reader is mid-20s)


“You’re gonna meet him soon.” You’re on a day trip to Broadway with the drama class you’re TA of when the world goes to shit, and now you’re sitting on a bus as the world is torn apart around you. However, the real problem is your asshole, precognitive, best friend and fellow TA in the seat next to you.

“Yeah right, with my luck, my soulmate’s a moleman and we meet because he’s literally ripped out of the Earth.” Beside you, another building’s metal foundations are torn out and soar off into the horizon. The bus is vibrating ominously.

“Not a moleman.” They grinned knowingly - unsurprising, that vague prick - before they tipped their head thoughtfully, eyes glazing over as they did whenever they were focusing on a vision. “But he is an asshole.” You found yourself stuck between a sarcastic ‘well great’ and ‘don’t joke like that, you know it’s not funny’ but the words stick in your throat, and all you can do is look at the little counter on your wrist.

Unlike most other people you knew, you were pretty sure your soulmate countdown was broken. Since the day you were born, it had never worked right; the clock counted down in hours until you and your soulmate would meet, and your clock had so many numbers that it wrapped around your tiny infant wrist like a tattooed bracelet; the doctors told your disheartened mother that it would be over a century until you found your soulmate. However, some time around August, when you were ten years old, the counter had begun to jump down rapidly, sometimes even months at a time, annoying you and confusing everyone around you. It had been years since the numbers had behaved with any sense of normalcy, and the counter as a whole had become a sore subject that you vehemently denied discussing. Mostly you tried to pretend it didn’t exist, because there was no way it meant anything, and if it did, it couldn’t be good.

It didn’t stop you wondering, as you watched it jump down a few minutes at a time before your very eyes… Still, your best friend’s visions had never been wrong before.


No. This couldn’t be happening. This stupid thing is broken, it must be; it’s been almost a full twenty-four hours since you last saw it jump. Somehow this, above everything else is what you’re concerned with, above finding a crater where your school was, above meeting a CIA agent calling herself Moira proclaiming that Charles is in the hospital and that the world has been saved. Well, those aren’t her exact words, but it’s what she means, and Professor McCoy is by her side, so Charles must be alright. You comply easily as you and your students are hoarded to a nearby lodge that was abandoned in a panic and that the government will totally pay for them to stay at if anyone realises they’re there.

This, of course, means you’re free to brood by a window for as long as you please, glaring at your wrist as it counts down normally. Of course now it makes you wait.

Of course you had pictured in your head what your soulmate like be like; when you were a child, your first thought would be that he would look like your grandfather, which scarred you for a good few years, so instead you pictured a soft-face woman, reminiscent of your grandmother, who would make you cookies and read you bedtime stories. Your understand grew as you did, and as a teenager your imagination runs wild, picturing yourself as a world traveller, adventuring, exploring, and searching for your one true love in the remote corners of the world. You were never sure of their gender, but they were always beautiful and successful, a self-indulgent fantasy that you found sad to even entertain. As an adult, you simply pictured the clock counting down to zero, and looking up into the eyes of someone whose smile felt like home. 


“Are you sure they’re alright to come here so soon?” Moira’s voice was low, talking to Hank in the kitchen when most of the kids were in bed. You hadn’t meant to be eavesdropping, but you’re pretty sure you can hear every second tick by and it’s making you antsy.

“Erik hasn’t left Charles’s side since he was admitted and Charles doesn’t have the strength to keep Erik invisible forever.” Hank sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose, exasperated. Moira clicked her tongue. “And before you ask, even Charles knows not to exert Jean like that after what happened, also she has morals when it comes to mass-murderers.”

“I know I shouldn’t be suggesting this, but-” Moira sounds genuinely nervous as she speaks, but after a brief hesitation she goes on, “could you smuggle out all the equipment, you know, keeping him alive?” From what you know of the rest of the city, it’s a surprise there’s even a hospital standing, but if Erik is the same Erik as Magneto, anything was possible. Hank agrees, but he doesn’t sound like he wants to.


You had fallen asleep in the common room, waiting for Hank to return to make sure the Professor was okay- which was a total lie, you were secretly terrified that Magneto was your soulmate and were suddenly totally comfortable with the idea of sleeping through that meeting time. 

Woken by a terrifyingly fast and consistent knocking on the front door, you don’t even think to look at your counter as you stand, bleary-eyed and annoyed, to open it.

Open up! The world-savers have arrived!” The voice on the other side is unfamiliar, but annoying and in mild danger of waking up the students.

It’s three in the fucking morning; there is no need for that.” An unfamiliar, lightly accented voice snaps, irritatingly familiar until the door unlocks itself before you get to it and you realise it’s Magneto, voice unchanged from the speech he gave over a decade ago at the Washington Summit. Shit.

Standing dumbfounded in the hallway, you watch as the door swings open of its own accord and you’re suddenly overcome by a yawn, scrubbing a hand over your weary face. Stopping dead, mid-yawn, your attention looks at the counter as it clicks down the final seconds, and you hear the annoying voice from before.

“Did I wake you?” He’s not a moleman, he’s a silver-haired guy with his leg in a cast and crutches under his arms, eyes bright in a way that means he’s on some sort of pain medication and low on sleep. You shake your head, mouth still half-open in shock, and he steps over the threshold, letting Magneto, holy shit, pass by, and Hank roll in the Professor, along with a heavy-duty array of machinery that Jean is squinting at furiously, making it follow Charles telekinetically, greeting you with a half-aware hand wave. Like a bolt of lightning had hit him, Peter’s moving at the speed of light, rolling up the sleeve of his jacket.

“I think I’m meant to be meeting my soulmate soon,” he’s definitely on something, as his mouth is moving a mile a minute, and he’s squinting at the wrong wrist, “I hope its not a student,” he half laughs, “that would be weird!” He’s holding out his non-counter hand out to you, trying to pull back the sleeve of his other wrist with his teeth, “I’m Peter, by the way-” bemusedly, you shake his hand, but he’s suddenly gone very stiff.

“I’m [Y/N].” You say, slowly, shaking his hand weakly as his gaze lifts to meet yours, incredulous smile on his face. Already you can feel a blush work it’s way up your cheeks, but the look in his eyes isn’t creepy or dangerous, it’s something almost grateful, bordering on adoration and… relief. “I’m your soulmate.”

Friendship IS Magic

Modern fiction is sorely lacking in friendships - and I don’t count friendships that evolve into romantic relationships. I’m talking about a real old-fashioned friendship that has no romantic connotations or potential whatsoever. Romance and sex are great, but they’re not the end-all, be-all.

Types of Friendship

  • You’re OK. That person that you talk to rarely, but you’ve heard good things about them. You talk to share opinions on stuff sometimes, but you don’t have a lot of shared interests and you never hang out. Anyway, you don’t mind working with them on group projects.
  • Acquaintance. That person who you make small talk with on a fairly regular basis. You know the basics of their life and they know the basics of yours. You get along well and you’ll work together if your better friends aren’t around. You have a mild interest in each other but rarely hang out.
  • Friend. That person who you hang out with on a fairly regular basis. You share many interests, such as humor, media (books, shows, etc.), sports, hobbies, and/or opinions. You, at least, have a strong interest in their life and they ideally have a mild to strong interest in theirs. However, there are things you keep from each other and you would probably not help them bury a body.
  • Life companion. That person who you hang out with as much as you can. You share many interests, have a strong interest in each others’ life, and keep very little from each other. You always work together when you have the chance. You would probably help them murder someone.

Basically, you don’t need to make friendships only people your MC grunts at in greeting or besties 4ever. There’s a whole spectrum and I invite you to play with it. 

Problems with Friendships in Fiction

  • No friends. The character literally has no friends, even if they have ample exposure to people their own age or sharing the same interests. I understand that a lot of your characters are introverts. So am I. I spend an unhealthy amount of time blogging and I still miraculously have friends on the outside. Even total jerks will probably have some jerk friends.
  • Shallow friends. The friends the character does make are rather one-dimensional. They don’t seem to do anything when the MC isn’t around. If they have a life outside the MC, they are usually dating or hanging out with other friends, making them little better than acquaintances. 
  • Sycophants. This applies chiefly the the MC’s enemies but also the MC. The MC’s enemy has an inexplicably large amount of followers without a reason for it. I would get it if the enemy has wealth or power, but surely there are some people in there that the enemy likes or something about the enemy that makes them charismatic. If the MC has a large following, their friends will fawn over them and/or drop anything to help them, without a real reason why. I often don’t understand why the MC has so many friends, especially if they’re angst-ridden world-savers.
  • Friendship = romance. NO IT DOESN’T. Astoundingly, you can be friends with someone of a compatible gender without experiencing sexual attraction to them. As a pansexual, it would be very awkward if I was sexually attracted to everyone I befriended. Also, whenever I hear the phrase, “Marry your best friend”, I puke. I would not marry my best friend, thank you very much (incompatible orientations aside) because our friendship is built on a different kind of intimacy. Romance can develop from friendship - especially if your character is demisexual - but please stop making every single friendship of compatible genders turn romantic.
  • “Like a brother/sister to me.” This is the plague of male/female friendships. Listen, guys, friendship and fraternity are two different bonds. They’re like apples and oranges, especially considering the bond you have with your siblings rarely maps directly to a bond you have with one of your friends. You’re also discrediting the entire idea of friendship, as if it can’t exist without a familial vibe.

Benefits of Friendship

  • Shoulder to cry on
  • OK with touching each other
  • Long-running inside jokes
  • Trust
  • Shared interests
  • No judgement - if there is a disagreement, you ideally agree to disagree or have a controlled debate about it
  • Exposure to new things

But, you cry, that is exactly like a good romantic relationship without the sex! That’s the point. You can have all the good emotional/intimate things about a romantic relationship without the sex! And you should have important relationships without sex, because they are real and do happen IRL. Also, chances are - especially if your characters are young or unmarried - their closest relationships will be with friends. 

Awesomeness of Friendship (Plotwise)

  • Friendships don’t tend to end or begin with a bang. So you can have your character slowly deal with the creeping fear their friends are abandoning them or deal with the creeping realization that someone is becoming closer to them in a good way.
  • Your MC has difficulty budgeting time between their significant other and their friends
  • Friends make great secondary characters and interactions with the MC will bring out their character as well as the MC’s
  • Killing off good, well-developed friends really will motivate your MC instead of blase, kind-of-friends the author usually opts for
  • BrOTPs (although make sure they are BrOTPs and not a form of queerbaiting)
  • Gives your character a larger network of people to emote with, other than the usual lover, mentor, and friend the MC abuses a lot
  • Toxic friendships that drive the MC into dangerous situations

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i'm actually so emotional that kara has canonically watched all of got because it means that she's seen so much shit happen to people and also that she definitely has started yelling about how badass daenerys is and you just KNOW she makes references to it every 2 seconds ("hey alex can you- *eyes become clouded over and misty* hold the door" ; (while in a fight w an alien) "i am kar-supergirl of the house of el, saver of worlds, rescuer of citizens, and breaker of glass ceilings")

YES YES Y E S YESSS YES!!!!! pls this is so Perfect, i’m crying skdjskdjs and just imagine like:

they’re talking about a new alien threat or smth at the deo and kara says ‘i will answer injustice with justice’ before she dramatically takes off to go fight the bad guy of the day;

kara talking about how ‘fear cuts deeper than swords’;

kara saying 'a bruise is a lesson and each lesson makes us better’ in her most serious voice when she’s full of bruises because she keeps accidentally hurting herself when she blows out her powers & alex making fun of her for it;

kara always using the 'woman? is that meant to insult me?’ quote or some variation of it when the bad guys (or anyone else) makes comments about her being a girl/fighting like a girl/etc


It’s time to save the digital world from a digital crisis once more! Digimon World Next Order is almost here guys.
Let’s have another adventure with our digimon and help them save the digital world!

Thought Adventure Tri and Cyber Sleuth/Next 0rder were all the new Digimon content you’d get? Think again. This month’s V-Jump has announced Digimon Universe: App Monsters. It’s a new cross-media project spanning a TV anime from Toei, toys from Bandai, and games from Bandai Namco. It’ll debut in Japan this fall. More info June 9th at the Tokyo Toy Show.


So I found a name for my class of delinquent world savers. I wanted something meaning, to take vengeance for those who have gone before us, but I couldn’t choose the obvious one, because… ya know… copywrite. But I found another that fits perfectly! They are the Vindicators. Also, the fox is Charlie’s personal tag, that kind of became the symbol of the Vindicators by accident. It’s not what she intended, but if people find hope and righteous fury by rallying behind it, then she’ll let them.

Imagine Sam Jones, nineties teen.

No, seriously, Sam Jones, openly queer, unfeminine, outspoken environmentalist, sjw – in highschool in the nineties. Sam Jones picking fights with school bullies, being the girl no one would share a locker room with, being isolated, starved for queer role models, living in the aftermath of Thatcherite Britain. Sam Jones the teenaged survivor, exhausted at how damn hard it was to be out in the nineties, to be feminist, to be the annoying chick who never shut up about the ozone layer.

Now imagine Sam Jones meets a strange alien, queer, beautiful, more passionately invested in justice and equality than she even knows how to be, saver of worlds, discoverer of new and strange and wonderful places and people. And that strange and beautiful alien says “come away with me. come and see the universe, we’ll save people and right wrongs together, you can see a future where you don’t have to hide, or fight, just to exist.”

How on Earth could she not fall in love?