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So, today I found out that Donald Trump is the next president of America, and even though I’m Aussie and “it’s got nothing to do with us”, it does, he can send us into a world wide economic recession… and I’m worried for the safety of hundreds, thousands and millions of the American living people out there that are not apart of the straight, white American race. I am afraid for all the women who are going to have their right to abortion taken away. And oh God, oh my God, I am afraid that the next holocaust is among us. He is just as bad as the man who made Germans pledge allegiance to a community of people that did nothing but hate. He is going to start a WW3, and by God, I didn’t think I would ever live to see it. Just remember to stick together, and if you need help, get it. If you’re alone tonight and you’re afraid, stay with someone you trust and please, please stick together with your friends and families and anyone else that might need your help. Don’t walk away if you see something unjust happening. If you see someone being picked on because of the colour of the skin, stand up! If you see someone being picked on for anything that they cannot control, stand up for them. Don’t let him win.

How does recess in the United States compare to recess in other countries?

On average, American elementary school kids get 27 minutes a day. Their Finnish peers get an average of 75 minutes. In Japan, children get 10- to 15-minute breaks each hour in addition to a longer recess period based on the idea that kids’ attention spans begin to wane after a certain amount of intense instruction.

imagine education in the pokemon world…like teachers on recess duty acting as referee for playground battles and schools only for kids 4yrs-10yrs old and from there you can choose whether or not to continue your studies on the road via pokegear and just imagine young trainers doing homework together by campfires and in pokemon center lobbies (and older teens helping out the 12-13 year olds remember type match-ups and all the different berries) and almost every city has a school where you can pop in for a lesson or if you have questions and it’s a worldwide accepted learn at your own pace attitude

The voice of the immigrant in the UK that no one wants to hear

I am an immigrant in the UK under EU-related laws. And I am terrified I am going to lose my home.

I do not have any family back in America. The few who weren’t abusive are dead now. I have nothing to go back to.

My family is here. My witchy bestie. My partner. What little of a life I have been able to cobble together in the last 18 months.

I am so scared I am going to be homeless again. Alone again.

I’m so scared.

I left America to escape having to fight for my legitimacy all the time, after having spent my seminal years in a town rife with hate crimes.

And now I have to fight for it again in a place I thought would accept me. I’ve done nothing wrong. And now they’ve decided they are so determined to get rid of me that they’d rather plunge the world into recession and rip themselves from the EU than let me stay. They hate me that much. What have I done?

I can hear fireworks. They’re celebrating. They’re celebrating how much they hate me and how excited they are to make me homeless.

I am so scared.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. Someone needs to..

If you can spare some good vibes, or you are in this trench with me and want to talk, please do.