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1935 Chevrolet Master by Greg Gjerdingen
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50th Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels US Bank Stadium 401 Chicago Avenue Minneapolis Minnesota March 2017 ******************************************************************************* Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site. Or here for my Car Crazy Tumblr site.


Eddie’s Wheels is a company created by Eddie and Lesley Grinnell, a married couple who were inspired to create this ingenious endeavour after their Doberman, Buddha, became partially paralysed in 1989. After not being able to find any form of help for his companion, Eddie invented a attachable cart for Buddha so that he could still enjoy his life to the very fullest. From that point onward, Eddie and Lesley dedicated their time to creating carts, harnesses, and wheelchairs for disabled dogs worldwide.

Running into former high school classmates at the bars

You guys.

I just finished The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (the first book in the highly acclaimed Wheel of Time series) and oh my god.

That was brilliant. I loved it so much! It was such classic fantasy and took me right back to the feelings I had when I first read The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally start this series but wow it was so great and I highly recommend it! Now I just have to treat the internet carefully and avoid series spoilers…. Who else has read this book/series? 

A very bittersweet Sherlock end

If you want to sit and cry for the remainder of the day allow me to present to you an incredibly sad/sweet way that S4 of Sherlock could end. This is Sherlolly related, so if you’re not here for that, no need to read.  I’m sure all the other ships have their own posts, in their own tags, filled with tearful speculation and perfect endings.  Here is mine, for my beautiful ship: Sherlolly.

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“And yet… ‘What do you see when you look at…the rest of us?’
‘All sorts of things,’ Min said, with a grin as if she knew what he really wanted to asked. ‘The War…ah…Master Andra has seven ruined towers around his head, and a babe in a cradle holding a sword, and…’ She shook her head. ‘Men like him—you understand?—always have so many images the crow one another. The strongest images around the gleeman are a man—not him—juggling fire, and the White Tower, and that doesn’t make any sense at for a man. The strongest thing I see about the big, curly-haired fellow are a wolf, and a broken crown, and tress flowering all around him. And the other one—a red eagle, an eye on a balance scale, a dagger with a ruby, a horn, and a laughing face. There are other things, buy you see what I mean. This  time can’t make up or down out of any of it.’ She waited then, still grinning, until he finally cleared his throat and asked.
‘What about me?’
Her grin stopped just short of outright laughter. ‘The same kind of things as the rest. A sword that isn’t a sword, a golden crown of laurel leaves, a beggar’s staff, you pouring water on sand, a blood hang and a white-hot iron, three women standing over a funeral bier with you on it, black rock with blood—’”—The Eye of the World, Pages 215-216

I’m sure that this body of text won’t be important at all.

The signs as places you may find yourself, according to the Talking Heads

Living in a shotgun shack: Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius

In another part of the world: Taurus, Sagittarius, Gemini

Behind the wheel of a large automobile: Aries, Leo, Capricorn

In a beautiful house with a beautiful wife: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

(Part 2) (Part 3)

Here’s how I think the Twister game would go:

-McGucket wins. Hands down, he lasts the longest, he can contort his body all sorts of ways to reach the different parts of the wheel. Plus, his beard counts as an extra limb and can stand in if he couldn’t quite reach something before.

-Robbie Valentino gets out pretty fast, despite his good reach, because he lacks upper body strength and couldn’t support the weight on his arms for very long.

-Wendy was awesome at it, but got out when Soos accidentally fell on her when reaching for “Right Hand on the (what, what is that, the fish thing? Oh, no wait it’s the Six-Fingered Hand–hey, Sixer, you gotta get better at drawing these things, I could barely tell what it was!) Six-Fingered Hand, because Bill couldn’t decide what it was and the constant back and forth caused Soos to fall over. 

–”Sorry, dude. You could have won the game.”
—”That’s alright, Soos. Now we can trash talk the rest of these guys better.”

-Gideon lasts longer than anyone could have expected, because similar to McGucket, his hair became an extra limb and he used it to reach the spaces on the Wheel better. He still got out after Stan purposely kicked him while reaching for the Shooting Star, though. (Stan had waited half the game for that opportunity. It felt good to kick him on behalf of what he did to Mabel earlier this summer, and what he did to the rest of them).

-Pacifica is extremely competitive, and lasts the longest of the kids, but eventually gets out because she was grossed out by the hillbilly’s sweat that dripped too close to her on one turn.

-Dipper and Mabel get out together, both falling on purpose, because while they had been competitive to start out with, they had been having fun and were ready to watch the rest of the game without the pressure to win messing with them. 

-Stan and Ford were trading insults the whole game. Mostly silly things (That’s the fish not the llama/clean your glasses/you can’t draw/It’s not fair your hands reach further because of the sixth finger/How do your chicken legs support you Stanley, etc.) and they lasted to the final three with McGucket. Both refused to go out until they’d beaten the other.

-McGucket saw they were getting nowhere, and everyone on the sidelines had started taking sides between the Stans except for Dipper and Mabel.

-McGucket made eye contact with Dipper and they both nodded at the same time. On the next call, McGucket knocked into Ford as he reached for the Pine Tree, knocking him off balance and careening into Stanley, making them both fall onto the ground. 

-Stan got up and called that as Ford cheating, Ford was sputtering and looking at McGucket, and everyone else was cracking up too hard to care.

-Stan shook hands with Fiddleford for beating him. Ford was not as gracious in loss but shook his hand too.

-The Stans said they’d have to have a rematch after this was all over, and the whole room groaned at how crazy that’d be. Bill almost jumped back into the Nightmare Dimension to get away from their arguing. “Anything’s better than listening to you two!”

(Bill jumped back into the Nightmare Dimension bc he couldn’t stand the arguing from the game of Twister. Is that how the shitty art twister au ends?).

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