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People hold hands a lot in LOTR and it’s really nice? It’s not just Frodo and Sam, but I never noticed before this reread. Pippin just now took Gandalf’s hand, and earlier he’d taken I think Bergil’s, a kid (ten, so old enough to walk around without help) he just met, as they walked around the city. So it’s apparently not weird, it’s just a Normal Thing.

Vaguely of relevance as well is the fact that Frodo says “he is very dear to me” of Aragorn after, what, about a fortnight of knowing him. I’m not saying he doesn’t have cause; it was a very crowded and busy fortnight. I too would probably call someone very dear to me if they had saved me from dying from stabbery and guided my friends safely through the wilderness.

It’s just all those ‘my dear Sam’ and ‘I love him’ that he and Sam do, even though they’re a product of extreme circumstances, aren’t even out of line with the culture they live in. They’re still just as meaningful, and I don’t think their power is decreased by that. I just think it’s notable that this isn’t even beyond the bounds of “propriety” for really close friends in high stress situations.

This isn’t where I meant this post to go, but I think this is why this story resonated with me so hard specifically as an aro and why I still don’t ship anything romantically in the Tolkienverse, because the world of Middle Earth is one where loving your close platonic friends and companions to the point of being physically and verbally affectionate is a normal occurrence. It’s just how things are. There’s a lot to be said about the cultural implications of that vs here and now, but I’m not really in a position to say it. But I think even before I knew How I Was, I knew that friends were much more important to me than romance seemed to be. And I feel, with the preponderance of love interests in most adult fiction, like Lord of the Rings was the first Grown Up Story where I saw that aspect of myself reflected.
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“.@thinkthin has partnered with the Warner Bros. Pictures Wonder Woman.”

Product tie-ins the world did not need: Wonder Woman and a fucking diet product.

Wonder Woman is all about staying thin.  Not upholding justice or uplifting women, but enforcing beauty standards.  (And judging by the previews, the movie gives Etta Candy, Wonder Woman’s comedy chubby sidekick, a lot more personality and a lot less fat-shaming.)

I interrupt your regularly scheduled posting for some Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 speculations (and maybe pining)

Okay, is it just me, or do you feel like World of Wonder, Hey Qween and other official Drag/Ru Paul productions are featuring a lot of random queens recently? It’s almost like… they want to promote them… before they make a come back or something…. right?!?!?!

Like there’s been a bunch with Gia Gunn, Morgan McMichaels, Ongina, Delta Work, Jiggly Caliente and Manila Luzon recently… and none of them have their own shows, won their respective seasons, OR were on All Stars previously.

Maybe not ALL of them will be on All Stars 3, BUT they will be finishing filming very shortly. And it would make sense for these productions to release these videos of these queens while they are taping so that they can “appear to be busy”, and not holed up in LA filming drag Race for a month.

Personally I would LOVE to see Morgan, Manila and Ongina for some early season representation (plus I love them). And both Gia and Jiggly not only make good TV, but deserve a second chance now that hey are living their Trans Woman truth.

Plus, I can’t wait to see Trixie Mattel on All Stars. Like it’s basically confirmed.

((I’d also LOVE Kim Chi, I know that Willam is also rumored, maybe an Acid Betty too (she deserved better) or Miss Fame… I’d also love Laganja, but that’s because I love her and want to see her do better.))

Who knows who they’re gonna pick from season 9, if anyone. Like I know Valentina has said she wanted to, but no one really stands out to go on All Stars… but I feel like if they pick Valentina, they’ll take Farrah Moan or Aja to create drama (@ Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese)

Either way, I’m super excited.
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This is how the story goes. Steve Trevor dies in a blaze of glory. She does not expect victory to feel this way.

razputinaquatwo  asked:

Hi! I've been wanting to repaint my own psychonauts figures, but I've never done anything like that before. Any suggestions for paint types/brands, etc? Thanks!

Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of undoing the wrongs of mass production!

What I use are super cheap acrylics (like dirt cheap folkart brand from Walmart) and the tiniest brushes i can find. I recommend scrubbing them really well and, if you want to get super fancy, sanding down any rough seams or imperfections (I took a dremel to a few of mine because the seams were so predominate). Depending on how much work you have to do sometimes it’s better to do a layer of white to try to purge the horror beneath. And for the lighter details toward the end of the process (blush,red nose, dark circles near the eyes etc) I use chalk pastels. Just use a razor or sandpaper to get a fine powder and apply it with a paint brush or cotton swab.

And be prepared to get angry because the sculpts are SO GOOD it’s the lousy paint job that destroys them.

Oh! Also light! It’s important to have a good light source on hand to see all those tiny details (good sculpts).

Hopes this helps and I can’t wait to see how you beautify our friends!

daisiesflower  asked:

I know you already answered a question about people in the world of To Belong wearing animal products and things but I was wondering would like a person who can change into a bird ever like use their own feathers to make jewelry or something for example?

Using your own feathers, fur, hair, milk, wool, claws, etc for different purposes is totally a thing. Cows for example will regularly sell their own milk on the market, sheep make clothes out of their own wool, venomous animals use their venom to make poisons, and the list goes on and on.

In more tragic circumstances people will cut off and sell their antlers, horns, and other parts that will never grown back just to that they will survive. Look at it like selling your organs, but not as risky (still sad/embarrassing though). 

encychloepaedia  asked:

Firstly thank you! I have recently showed my friends A Tell Tale Vlog and Kissing in the Rain (Anne and Gilbert caused a lot of fan-girling). We love it :) Secondly, what bits of advice would you give someone thinking of adapting a literary work into vlogs?

Hi, chloraffe!

Thanks so much for spreading the shipwreckedcomedy love and thanks for the question! I’m flattered you’re asking for my input on the subject. I’m sure berniesu and inkingideas would have more to say, as their directing work is more focused in literary vlog adaptations at the moment. But since you asked, here are my thoughts on adapting literary work into vlogs/webisodes, with pictures to keep the commentary interesting!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries made me first fall in love with literary vlog adaptations, but I have to credit periodsfilms for showing me there’s more than one way to vlog a literary adaptation with their Lil Women microseries. (Fun fact, their creators who I’ve never met hello also hail from my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon. Which has no film school, go figure.)

I really loved the way Periods Films used improv actors and the juxtaposition of modern language with period costumes, so I stole that element of their series for A Tell Tale VlogI also loved Mary Kate Wiles in LBD and the spin-off Lydia vlogs, so I stole her for our next series. I guess the takeaway here is to watch as many things as you can, and then steal your favorite parts.

Casting well is key - I love love love working with actors who have strong improv backgrounds, because it makes directing them an adventure and an exercise in the hardest lesson for writer/directors to learn, letting go of your own words to see what you can create with the other awesome people on your team.

Another thing I find important when casting actors is finding someone who can bring a character’s flaws and quirks to life without making them a total caricature, which can be pretty difficult. I think that’s what made me first notice marykatewiles in LBD, that her version of Lydia was at once hilarious and dimensional, something I’d never seen in a P&P adaptation before. Mary Kate is also fantastic at listening to her co-stars and playing off of their performances, which is kind of a rare quality to find in an actor (it really shouldn’t be.)

seanpersaud is similarly brilliant at portraying awkward male leads with unexpected dimensions, and finding new ways to do it every time (very helpful, since I only seem to write male leads of the awkward variety.) Sean is also a phenomenal improviser, and so many of the best lines from Kissing in the Rain and A Tell Tale Vlog can be attributed to something he came up with in the moment. sineadpersaud is also a fantastic improv actress and writer, and pretty terrific singer to boot, so there must be something in the water in that family.

I’d also say as a filmmaker, to always be conscious of what’s in frame and what that says about your characters. Production designers are great, but even when I don’t have one on hand, I usually try to make sure everything in the picture makes sense for the characters.

We like our production design at shipwreckedcomedy to be a little more heightened than production design for the real world in general, but Jen (my wonderful production designer) and I do always try to keep things from seeming “placed” - that is, a prop or set piece that calls attention to itself in frame, in a way that doesn’t make any sense with the characters or story. I don’t mind having statement set pieces like Poe’s massive portrait of himself in A Tell Tale Vlog, I just want to be sure they make sense in the picture.

I have no picture for this next one, but sound is important. Audience members can’t always tell when you’ve lit a scene imperfectly or if there was a camera jitter, but if your sound is bad then even my mom will bring it up when she calls to talk about the latest episode. Invest in basic sound rentals if you can - if you can’t, then try and get a camera with decent on-board sound and enhance it in post.

With regards to cameras, always go for good lighting/experienced cinematographers over just a fancy expensive camera package. A little light will do wonders, and onthewallnow can talk about that much more intelligently than me. Color correction in post is also a thing that can help, and something people forget about too often. Color profiles can define and completely change the look/tone of your video, so your job to pay attention to everything you see in your picture doesn’t end after you finish shooting.

Speaking of post-production, I favor fast edits and short episodes. There are so many great lines that I’ve cut from A Tell Tale Vlog/A Tell Tale Birthday and unused takes of Kissing in the Rain, mostly because funny doesn’t always service the story as well as fast, and if you have too many punchlines/one-liners, it can get a little indulgent. I’d always rather leave the audience wanting more than run the risk of overstaying our welcome. Same goes for editing kissing scenes, incidentally.

With literary adaptation specifically, I try to keep the essence of the characters in mind without staying too married to the source material. It frees up the actors to make their own creative choices, and it also keeps me from worrying that I’m trying and likely failing to live up to the many adaptations that have come before me.

You’d have to ask rachelkiley or berniesu or inkingideas about their thoughts on adapting longer-form source material, since my own literary adaptations have all been fairly episodically contained so far. (I have commitment issues, though I’d take the plunge for the right project, given the right resources.) From what I can tell, long-form adaptation is a tricky thing to pull off and great writing is essential (as it always is.)

And finally, transmedia! That’s a fun new vocab word and it does fascinate me. What I think is so so so inherently cool about this corner of the internet is that there’s an audience that’s willing to go the extra mile and engage in real life with these universes we create, long after the videos end. pemberleydigital and eyrequotes have done a great job with using social media to add another dimension to their characters. We have a pretty small transmedia team at shipwreckedcomedy (read: I am our transmedia team, with assistance from emilyhopebunny on fan-canon summaries), so we do things a bit differently. We used our official Shipwrecked Comedy twitter/tumblr/youtube comments to respond in-character during the run of A Tell Tale Vlog, but that didn’t feel like the right route for our characters in Kissing in the Rain.

But that’s the great thing about having a fanbase this engaged and social media that’s so brand new - there’s more than one way to transmedia. Hence, the Kissing in the Rain Fan-Canon Tumblr Experiment, which has so far exceeded my expectations in so so many ways, I can’t even. It’s given us the opportunity to expand the KitR story universe in ways that wouldn’t have ever been possible in video form, and it’s given us a way to collaborate with our audience in a way that actively plays with the power and talent of fandom. Anyone who hasn’t yet explored our experiment in transmedia should consider checking out this rad post by belovedcreation, which is pretty helpful and cool and I like it.

That’s about all the advice I feel qualified to give at this point, so I hope it’s been helpful and thanks again for asking! Keep watching and commenting, I love hearing from you! As always, if any other questions come up, my ask box is open and I also answer quick questions on Twitter.

Much love,

Yulin Kuang

I am so over RuPaul’s Drag Race right now. I am completely shocked and offended that Milk was sent home and not Darienne. First of all, as far as versatility goes, Milk constantly delivers. I mean she’s been a bearded lady, Pinocchio, pregnant, and had the balls to walk down that runway in boy drag. What does Darrienne do? Wears a sparkly trash bag every fucking week. But apparently Milk is the one who lacks versatility and not Darienne ForceFlex trash bag Lake. Also in the rap challenge, Milk actually showed personality and added her own humor to the rap even though it wasn’t her forte. Darienne showed up in yet again another trash bag (not sparkly this time. Yippee!) and completely bombed. She didn’t even try to add any flavor to it. That alone should have landed her in the bottom two. However, this show is becoming more and more predictable, artificial, and overproduced as the seasons progress. They obviously kept Darienne around in order drag on this forced BenDelaCreme/Darienne drama that nobody gives a shit about. Milk was sent home because she’s not an annoying, flaming queen who will add pointless drama for TV and god knows the World of Wonder production crew eats that shit up. I am completely livid right now and so done.


NEW VIDEO! Ya gurl took ova DragCon with logotv and World of Wonder interviewing the Drag Race queens, vendors and their fans! PLUS A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Awkward selfie, but… look, you guys, look! Makeup and hair done for my *last day of work* over here. Because someone was determined to go out in style!

It sort of doesn’t feel real, and if I’m being honest, I’m sort of nervous to wake up tomorrow and not head straight to this desk.

I’m sure going to miss this place. Especially the cheese draw (hmm fromage), the Thursday beer o’clocks, the massive sunny patio, my walking commute, the bottomless box of tampons in the bathroom (such a sweet office perk),  the four Starbucks surrounding this office (options!), going to the “cheap place,” and most importantly, the people I’ve met here.

This was my first job where I became good friends with work colleagues outside of work, and it was the first place where I would count the hours down on Sunday night (yes, I know, it seems crazy!).  I will always have the fondest memories of this company, especially as it was the one that gave me my kick start into the wonderful world of product management and technology - for that I will forever be grateful. 

Today ends another chapter of nearly two years in my life book, but as they say, as one door closes, another opens, and so here’s to an exciting new routine and role and location and colleagues!  

Thank you dear company, it’s been swell! xoxo


Before I dive into the chocolate and cheese and yodel-ay-eee-ooo magic that Switzerland was, I first wanted to touch base on the reason I flew to Europe in the first place; the Product Management Festival Conference. 

I threw in that selfie because my jet lag had no mercy. 

Although without doubt I strongly believe my experience previous to becoming a Product Manager counts for a lot, I am fairly new to the wonderful world of Product Management (just over two years).  

The wonderful world of Product Management I hadn’t even heard of a few years ago, and now a career choice I live n’ breath each day. I spend my nights reading Product Management (not to be confused with Project Management) books, and online trying to learn and research and build up my skill set.  

It’s a career choice I sort of stumbled upon, wished I had known about earlier, and one that I am so thankful for day in and day out. 

So what exactly is it? Because I get asked that question a lot. The easiest way for me to explain it is by saying this:  Think of Facebook. There are the Designers who design what it looks like. There are the Developers who code it. And then there’s another position that decides what new feature should be launched and built. Someone who thinks threw the logistics of everything. A fairly simple example (as Product Management is anything, but simple) is if you think of a photo on Facebook with 5,000 comments, someone has to define when those comments collapse and show a “show more” link. And then if that “see more” link is clicked, how many comments are then displayed? And what if one of those comments is essay-length, should comments individually be cut off after a certain character limit? And so on. Still with me?  See, it’s not the easiest thing to explain, but it’s a critical role on all websites you visit, because most websites have lots of good ideas, so it’s deciding what to build that’s critical to the success of the company. Everything needs to be aligned to to the company’s vision, and working towards the product roadmap and strategy (which PMs also often do). The pros and cons need to be evaluated and thought through, and most importantly data (mass amounts of data) need to be looked at. 

ANYWHO, I hope you haven’t drifted off to sleep, but that’s a very simplistic view of what I do, and regardless of Switzerland, I was all high kicks and fist pumps about the conference.  It was the first time I was surrounded by people in my field, and it was so wonderful to discuss the ins and outs and struggles and triumphs with people who instantly got it. Super cool indeed. 

Plus, the conference had some exceptional speakers. Speakers from Spotify to Google to name a few. So it was amazing to hear them talk.  So thankful I got to go. 

The conference was Tuesday through Thursday during the day, and then as I had never been to Switzerland before I decided to take three days to see what Switzerland had to offer.  For those who know Switzerland, or are thinking about heading there themselves, here’s the road trip I ended up doing: Zurich - Lucern - Thun - Bern - Fribourg - Bulle - Montreux - Lausanne - Geneva. 

Overall my trip was amazing. I spent four nights in Zurich for the conference, picked up a rental car with my friend Jen on Friday morning, and then headed off across the tiny country of Switzerland - it was wunderbar! And oh yes, you better prepare yourself, because I may or may not (I will) explode my photos onto your screens shortly. 


Happy Birthday, RuPaul! 🎉🎂🎶🎈 (at World of Wonder Productions)

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