world of warcraft posting

As you all know, I am an endless well of knowledge and advice. Well it’s time to take some of my own advice and come clean about something very important. 

Legendaries don’t actually drop. It is a lie created by the Warcraft community bourgeois, like myself, in partnership with the Illuminati (AKA Blizzard Entertainment). Every player who claims to have a legendary is in on it and is lying to you in order to increase WoW subs. We are all on Blizzard’s payroll.

The payment is Legendaries.

I am no longer GM of the KKL

As the title states, I have officially stepped down as leader of the Kor’kron Legion. Suota is now in charge alongside Vaknosh. It’s a bittersweet feeling; I’ve lead for 4 years, been part of the guild for like 6. I do know however they will make KKL shine, and I am proud of the guild for everything it’s become, with or without me.

I’d like to think I did okay as GM. But now it’s time for a new lead. Thank you everyone.

{Not blog related in the slightest unless I make a nintendask version for this guy asididwithsomanyocs, but I’ll be giving my night elf druid guy in WoW a server/faction change in the near future and since I like pressing the borders with my personal designs for my characters I decided to make him a troll/worgen hybrit, cause, you know, it doesn’t sound too mighty unlikely in the circle of hippies.His original name was Mharloh, although I think I’ll keep them seperate characters and choose a dif name for this guy once I get to it.}